Why Is an EPOS Till Better Than A Cash Register?

EPOS systems are far better than a traditional cash register. An EPOS system, also known as a POS system, is the tool your business needs to manage finances better. Whether you need a system for a restaurant, a pub, a takeaway restaurant, a retail shop, a cafe or a charity there are a number of reasons why you should consider an epos system. Read on to find out why an EPOS till is better than a cash register.

EPOS Can Help You Manage Stock

Even the cheapest EPOS systems can act as an inventory tool. While a cash register helps you manage your sales, an EPOS system helps you view and easily manage your stock. Have an easy overview of which products you need to stock up on as you process a payment for your business. Set up notifications to help you top up stock levels before they drop and re-order your top-performing items.

Cash Registers Can’t Track Product Trends

Cash registers can give you an overview of your sales, but EPOS systems can help you track product trends. Get a holistic overview of how your products perform when buying the best EPOS systems for small businesses. An EPOS system can also help you view which products are commonly purchased together, informing what you offer your customers.

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EPOS Helps You Spot Loyal Customers 

An EPOS can help you connect your sales to your customers. This means you can understand which customers buy from you the most and which products they buy. This could help you tailor customer loyalty campaigns and discounts. A cash register cannot track the details of individual customers when they make a purchase.

Cash Registers Don’t Identify Your Top Performers

Most EPOS systems have a dedicated employee login, which allows you to capture granular details on their sales performance. Monitor employee performance and identify your top salespeople with an EPOS system. Cash registers do not tend to have an employee login, limiting your oversight of team performance.

EPOS Can Help You Evaluate Your Business

The best EPOS systems for small businesses in the UK can help you evaluate your business as a whole. It allows you to spot when your company is busiest and quietest. It can help you see which products are and aren’t performing well. An EPOS system has far more potential than a cash register as it can help bring together data on how your business is doing and where it can be improved.

Final Thoughts

An EPOS still is better than a cash register for many reasons. It can help you evaluate the granular detail of your small business. You can gain an insight into how staff and products are performing daily. You can even spot your most loyal customers and help identify where to implement a customer loyalty scheme. An EPOS till is integral to the success of a small business.

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