What’s the Best EPOS System in the UK?

Here in the UK, small businesses are spoilt for choice on what the best EPOS system is going to be for them. The question is not an easy one to answer however, as each EPOS system has its own unique strengths that leave it optimised for a particular sector or a particular amount of traffic. 

EPOS systems have the potential to truly level up your business, taking it up a notch in terms of the amount of sales you are able to process and how effectively you can provide your customers with the service that they’re looking for. 

However, you don’t want to be bogged down by systems or features that you don’t actually need to help your small business run smoothly. As a result, the best POS software in the UK is one that is going to be specific to you and your small business. Here at Business Quotes, we provide advice across a variety of business services and products whilst also comparing a host of prices of all of these products and services so that you can sit back and relax, and choose the best option for you. 

Today we decided to compile a list of the best EPOS systems and break down their particular strengths so that you can start to think about what it is your business needs, and what kind of POS software you’re going to be looking out for. 


As an industry leader, it is hard to deny that EPOSNow is likely the best POS system in the UK. Certainly when looking at overall performance. With an excellent trustpilot rating and completely transparent pricing, it’s no surprise that EPOSNow has become the UK’s largest supplier of point of sale systems since its entrance to the market. Offering both retail and hospitality packages, their CRM (customer relationship management) service is the real stand out feature, allowing you to actively attract repeat customers through marketing campaigns. For a growing business, you can hardly go wrong with EPOSNow. Whilst the add ons selection can get a bit pricey, sooner or later, as you grow you’re going to have to decide if it’s time to jump in with the industry leader, or stick with one of the other options.

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For growing restaurant businesses that don’t need the add ons and all round functionality of EPOSNow, TouchBistro is an excellent alternative. Completely dedicated to the hospitality industry, TouchBistro is cloud-based, keeping all important information stored securely online, saving you from dealing with excessive amounts of paper at the end of the evening during close down. Back office reporting and analytics functions are all accessible at any time through the iPad that the system is linked to. TouchBistro offers tailored packages from full service restaurants to food trucks. An extremely flexible EPOS solution that is absolutely the best EPOS system in the UK for restaurants.


Looking for something a bit quicker? Lightspeed, as is suggested by the name, is renowned for its high speed and intuitive layout that allows you to get sales through quickly so that you can get to the next customer. Ideal for the fast paced bar, Lightspeed is completely customisable so you can create a bespoke system that works best for you. Whether you use iPads or Windows tablets, lightspeed allows you to use their system on either, so you can stop worrying about functionality and get to slinging drinks! For fast paced bars, Lightspeed is the best retail business system in the UK.

Best epos system in the UK


But what if you’re just starting out? What if you aren’t a fast paced bar or a restaurant and don’t need all the add ons and features that come with EPOSNow? Well then Square is the best option for you. At completely free, it’s hard to pass up Square’s value for money. You still have to pay 1.75% per transaction but as a small business with little in the way of start-up finance to dive into, Square is a wonderful place to start. Not really viable for the business that has made its way out of the start up phase, and the cost per transaction is quite high compared to others on this list. However, if you’re just starting out as a small business, Square is absolutely the best Electronic Point Of Sale system in the United Kingdom for retail business.

It all depends on what you need from your Electronic POS system as to which one is going to be best for your small business. Each system has its own pros to offer and you’ll need to assess what your business is looking for before deciding on one for sure. That is why epos system prices can vary so it is important to compare quotes. Here at Business Quotes, we offer advice and price comparisons across the best EPOS systems in the UK as well as for a variety of other business services and products. Start your quote with us today!

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