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Satellite supported GPS vehicle tracking software for a range of businesses

Lower insurance premiums over time with GPS van trackers

Easy installation and straightforward fleet tracking with all systems

Affordable vehicle tracking costs with Business Quotes

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Satellite supported GPS vehicle tracking software for a range of businesses
Lower insurance premiums over time with GPS van trackers
Easy installation and straightforward fleet tracking with all systems
Affordable vehicle tracking costs with Business Quotes

Do you know where your company’s vehicles are at all times? Delivery companies, logistics businesses, taxi firms – in fact, any company that uses vehicles as part of its business – can benefit from a vehicle tracking system. If your company relies on vehicles and drivers a fleet tracking system is a worthwhile investment. Here at Business Quotes we compare vehicle tracking for businesses.

A vehicle tracking system can make sure that you know where your vehicles are at any moment in time. The information you give to customers will be more accurate, Individual drivers’ performance will improve. You will streamline the management of your fleet.

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Our guide gives you all of the information you need. You will be able to make a fully informed decision when it comes to getting competitive quotes for vehicle tracking system prices. We can help you choose the supplier that will suit your business vehicle tracker needs the best.

Vehicle Tracking explained

Vehicle tracking offers cost saving and efficiency improving. Tracking your fleet is certainly important but precisely what does vehicle tracking mean for your business?

A vehicle tracking system uses GPS technology, as with satellite navigation. Each vehicle is fitted with a discreet device that transmits its exact location to a satellite. This information is then relayed to a computer in your office. The information is also available on an app. You will be able to monitor speed, routes covered, the time spent at each stop, as well as the vehicle’s location.

There are two main types of vehicle tracking systems for a variety of prices, known as passive and active. An active system allows you to see what is happening in real time. A passive system records the relevant information so that it can be downloaded at the end of a journey. See below for more detailed information about the differences between passive and active vehicle tracking systems.

Installing a vehicle tracking system for your small business does not require much equipment. Each vehicle will be fitted with a GPS tracking device. There will then be an online interface or software package that is used to receive the tracking information and display it. This is usually displayed in the form of data and maps on a computer screen.

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What are the benefits of Vehicle Tracking?

With a vehicle tracking system, your company will be able to:

Streamline the management of the fleet

Knowing exactly where your fleet of vehicles is at all times is very important in a number of different industries. Not only is each vehicle a significant investment in its own right, but customers, clients and suppliers are all relying on the smooth running of your company’s fleet.


Mileage records, data about the best routes and rest stops, vehicles’ service due dates and faster dispatch times are just a few of the streamlining bonuses a vehicle tracking system can provide. Having accurate and up to date information is essential. It will make sure that your company can respond more quickly and efficiently. This will help to keep you ahead of the competition and fully in control.

Keep customers up to date

Vehicle track means you are able to give your customers accurate information about delivery times and delays. The benefits of this kind of information are enormous, particularly from a customer services point of view. Most people understand that delays with deliveries can occur, it’s being kept in the dark that is infuriating. Informing a customer of precisely what the problem is in advance, and explaining what measures your company is taking to deal with it, will greatly enhance your company’s reputation for customer service. Compare vehicle tracking prices here!

Improve security and get lower insurance premiums

Knowing where each vehicle is at all times means that you can know if a vehicle is being used off-hours or in unusual circumstances. It also means that you will be able to trace a stolen vehicle with ease. The knock-on effect of this is that you are likely to get lower insurance premiums – just one of the many ways a vehicle tracking system can save your business money.

Find the best routes

Sav Nav

The data gathered from a vehicle tracking system allows you to analyse the best, and fastest, routes for your drivers. This will result in your company being better able to meet customers’ needs and improved efficiency, plus lower mileage and therefore lower fuel costs. It also means that your drivers will be able to complete more jobs in a day.

Better communication with drivers

A good driver will always choose the quickest route. A vehicle tracking system is able to help both the company and the drivers understand what those routes are. Knowing where each driver is, and what they are doing, at all times, helps you to know which drivers are the most productive and efficient. It also means that drivers know that you are aware of their situation if any problems arise. You will be better able to help them navigate an alternative route, or deal with a change of plan.

Save time and money!

By knowing and using the shortest routes your company can save considerable amounts of time and money. It will mean the business is spending less on fuel. Vehicle tracking can possibly reduce insurance premiums. It is likely that your company will be able to increase the productivity of drivers. Altogether the fleet efficiency will improve. Sales teams, warehouse staff and customer service departments are just a few parts of a business that benefit from a smooth-running fleet.

Who needs a Business Vehicle Tracker?

Any company that uses vehicles as an integral part of its business can benefit from having a vehicle tracking system installed. Small businesses with one or two vehicles can see significant improvements in their response times and general quickness resulting in improved productivity and more contracts. The same is true of larger organisations. They also benefit from being able to manage and oversee a large number of vehicles at the same time. The route, mileage and performance data that a vehicle tracking system is able to provide is an invaluable resource for any company. With current business costs increasing in so many areas business vehicle tracking can be a beneficial business cost saving.

Installing a Business Vehicle Tracker

Tracking Device

The installation of a business vehicle tracking system is a straightforward process. It doesn’t require any major alterations to vehicles. A small transmitter device is attached to the vehicle somewhere it will not get in the way. The installation of the transmitter will usually be done by the vehicle tracking company.

The drivers don’t have to do anything. They will not need to turn the transmitter on and off when they start and finish journeys. It will always be automatic with an active tracking system.

In the case of an active system, the information the device transmits will then be sent via satellite to your company’s base. This information can be accessed in a number of ways. It can be viewed online via a dedicated web interface. Alternatively software can be downloaded onto your company’s computers. Also an app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet with most vehicle tracking companies. It is very likely that the supplier will be able to provide any necessary training for using the interface/software, so the storage and management of data will be easy to manage and compliant with the latest regulations in terms of data privacy when tracking fleet vehicles. Increasingly, this information is also accessible via smart phones and tablet devices.

Service contracts and monitoring packages are usually offered by good vehicle tracking suppliers, so that you can be sure your package will continue to work effectively for as long as the contract.

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Passive Business Vehicle Tracker

Also known as Log Tracking, this is the cheapest of the two types of tracking system. These systems save and record data that can be downloaded at the end of the journey to be analysed. If you don’t need real time vehicle tracking passive tracking can work well. You can still benefit from having an accurate record of journeys taken.

Active Vehicle Tracking systems

Active vehicle tracking can be referred to as Live GPS Tracking or real-time tracking system. Live information is sent directly from the vehicle to the base via a satellite. In most cases it is updated every few seconds. Any company that needs to be able to respond quickly to road conditions, and keep customers informed of any changes to delivery times can benefit enormously from an active tracking system. Active vehicle tracking is more expensive than passive vehicle tracking because the vehicles are monitored in real time.

Vehicle Tracking prices

Vehicle tracking prices can vary considerably according to the type of system being installed, the number of vehicles to be tracked and the nature of the service contract. The equipment itself is not all that expensive. The more vehicles that require a device the cheaper each individual device will become. If your company has a large fleet and willing to take a long-term lease, it is possible that your company will be able to run a vehicle tracking system for as little as £5.99 each month, per vehicle.

Different suppliers will offer different types of contract. They include pay as you go, short-term contracts and long-term leases. By getting more than one quote for vehicle tracking systems, you will be able to find the most competitive and suitable supplier for your company.

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