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At Business Quotes our job is to make your job easier. We are here to make sure your business gets the best deal, at the most competitive price, and with the least amount of fuss. doesn’t cost you anything, and there is no obligation.

Saving you time and money is managed by an experienced team, dedicated to finding the best suppliers and the lowest prices for the full range of business products and services. We bring our knowledge to bear when it comes to sourcing new suppliers and new products and services, so that we can always be sure of providing you with all the means possible that will allow you to compare quotes and get the best possible deal for your company.

We receive a small amount of money from the supplier, not the customer, each time a quote is taken up. This means that it’s in our interest to make sure that the suppliers who provide your quotes are not only reputable and well established, but are able to offer you the most competitive quotes possible.

The time you save by not having to source all of the suppliers yourself, and then contacting each one individually and repeating the same details ad nauseum can be considerable. And of course, by choosing from up to four competitive quotes, there is every chance you stand to make a significant saving as well.

How does work?

To get competitive quotes from up to four trusted suppliers, first, you need to select the product or service you are looking for. Whether you need a new photocopier for the office, or are thinking of using a tracking system so that you can stay on top of your company’s fleet of vehicles, or perhaps you are looking to start a merchant account and accept card payments, has these and other products and services covered.

After selecting the area you are interested in, you will need to fill in a short online form. This is so we can get the details we need in order to provide you with the best possible service. There are huge differences in the types of photocopiers available, for example, just as there is an enormous range of franking machines and EPOS systems and so on. The more we know, the better able will be to provide you with relevant and realistic quotes from suppliers.

Once the form has been completed, you will be contacted by telephone to verify your details, and we will then process your information and make it available to suppliers in the field you are interested in. As a result of this, we will be able to supply you with up to four of the most competitive quotes possible for the product or service you need.

It’s now up to you to compare the quotes and make your choice. If you are not tempted by any of them, that’s fine: you are under no obligation to do anything. If you do like the look of one of the quotes, you are at liberty to follow it up in your own time, with no pressure from us.

Always remember: the cost of using is absolutely nothing, whether you take up a quote or not. It’s really that straightforward.

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