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Why should you compare vehicle tracking systems? With the right system, you can do more than just track vehicles. If you run a courier service, starting up a delivery operation or sending people out on jobs, then vehicle tracking can help in multiple ways. That’s because modern systems can tell you not only where vehicles are, but their speeds, fuel consumption and routes.

With real-time data on your side, you can work out ways to use less fuel, reduce idling driver times, and make your whole operation as effective, and cost-effective, as possible. No matter the size of your business, there’s a vehicle tracking system on the market that can help you become more profitable.

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Why Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems?

But, to maximise your profits, it’s important to compare which vehicle tracking systems offer the best deal for your business. Some companies offer services that work well if you have a large fleet, while others are better for smaller operations. Not only that, but the length of the contract and the equipment they use can be a factor.

All of these things drive up the cost of vehicle tracking systems. But, with Business Quotes, you can compare vehicle tracking systems to drive the price down. Not only that, but you can find a system that makes a bigger difference for your business. You could find that it reduces delivery times, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces overheads too.

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Comparing The Best Vehicle Tracking Systems


Movolytics is a great vehicle tracking system for first-time users. That’s because you get free installation and unlimited training. Not only that, though, but you can make the most of real-time data. With patented technology to offer better fuel reporting and a driver scoring system that calculates a rating from more than 150 behaviours, you’ll have more control than ever before.


Quartix, though, could be a more affordable option. It offers three services at different price points, and they come with short contracts. Because of this, you don’t have to commit to years of fees straight away. Not only that, but you can see how well your drivers perform from day one. You’ll get detailed daily logs, as well as reporting of harmful materials to meet FORS standards.

RAM Tracking

You could save more money in the long run with the RAM Tracking system. RAM is the only provider to report on cost-saving specifically, helping you streamline your business. It can also help you manage a small fleet brilliantly, as it focuses on only the key features. You’ll even get crash report data should anything go awry during a delivery.


Samsara’s vehicle tracking system helps you keep your business moving. If plans change, you can alert drivers to a new route within as little as 30 seconds. You’ll also get intelligent routing functions that use real-time data to optimise each journey, and extensive driver messaging to keep your team in the loop. That way, you can react to the fast-paced world in a fast-paced way.

UK Fuels – Kinesis Telematics

If fuel is important to you, then the UK Fuels vehicle tracking service could be very helpful. It specialises in working out your fuel costs, and it fully integrates fuel card data within the system. It also provides each of your drivers a score for economical driving, helping you figure out where you can save the most. And, with transparent charges, you’ll also know how much you pay for it.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a trusted name for vehicle tracking systems. The Verizon service is comprehensive, offering a range of features, and comes from a reputable supplier. While it can be more costly, it’s great value if you have a larger fleet. With its services including diagnostic alerts, custom reports and a dedicated smartphone app, you’ll always know what’s happening.

Vodafone Fleet Telematics

Go global with the Vodafone Fleet Telematics vehicle tracking system. With full integration into Vodafone’s global telecommunications network, you can move your fleet across the world with no additional roaming charges. Packages are modular too, meaning you can pay only for the services you want. Although, with real-time telemetry, driver data and eFNOL, there’s a lot to pick from.

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Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems with Business Quotes

You could compare a lot of vehicle tracking systems to find the right one. Due to this, doing it on your own can take time. But, when you compare vehicle tracking systems with Business Quotes, you can find the best deal in seconds. We offer a range of quotes from the leading systems on the market, including many listed above.

As a result, you’ll be able to compare more than just price. You can consider the length of their contracts, the quality of their service, and the features they have. From there, you can make a more informed decision on the vehicle tracking system that works best for you. That way, you’ll save money today to save even more in the long run.

Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems Prices

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