Comparing the Best Fleet Tracking Systems

We live in an interconnected world. That much is undeniable. All of our products, services and businesses are constantly on the move. Whether you’re ordering a new shipment of products or delivering your products directly to your customers, it is important to make sure that you can keep track of the comings and goings of the vehicles on your payroll. Since the development of satellite GPS technology, keeping track of your assets on the go has never been easier. You can receive a whole host of information from your headquarters, including where your vehicles are in real-time, whether or not they are on route or straying away, live traffic updates, and even vehicle telemetry for maintenance purposes. The benefits far outweigh the initial investment as fleet tracking systems greatly improve the overall efficiency of any business that has drivers on the roads. However, with the advancements in this technology over the last few years, the options available to every business have greatly increased. Here at Business Quotes, we compare the prices of all of the best deals for fleet tracking systems on the market. So, to aid in your awareness of the market for the sake of your company, we have compiled a list of the best currently available fleet tracking systems on the market.

Verizon Connect

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First up is Verizon Connect. Verizon is a huge global company that operates many of the world’s telecommunications services. The UK branch uses its vast network to quickly and efficiently track your company’s vehicles. The key benefit of Verizon Connect is the vast array of alerts they provide on all of your vehicles. Suppose your business is serious about managing data and you have the resources to handle the sheer volume of information that comes through. In that case, Verizon Connect is an excellent choice for you. Verizon is also the perfect option for a business with an exceptionally large fleet. With the amount of data that comes through and is categorised and organised by the system itself, you can more easily keep track of the comings and goings of all of your assets. However, when compared to other providers, Verizon’s price point is particularly high. Furthermore, the contractual obligations are often quite long when you sign with them, meaning you’ll be committed to Verizon for some time at a high price point. The service is absolutely worth the money, especially for those with large fleets; however, Verizon services may provide too many features that won’t be properly valued for smaller businesses.

Quartix Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

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For customers who are conscious of the contract length of Verizon Connect, then Quartix might be the option for you. Quartix Real-Time Vehicle Tracking provides an easily digestible 12-month contract with transparent pricing. Thanks to Quartix’s partnership with Fleetcheck, the company offers Infoplus customers and Corporate plan customers a fuel card report service. With this service, you can keep better track of all of the fuel systems across your entire fleet, ensuring that all of your vehicles are saving you money and not costing you money where they don’t need to. It is also a plus that your business will have a lower carbon footprint than others. Quartix also offers an adequate vehicle data log to all of their customers so that you have a decent amount of data to refer to should any insurance claims arise. Quartix is perfect for a small business that is just starting out and hasn’t had much experience with vehicle tracking. The straightforward system and friendly customer service approach will ensure that you understand exactly what it is you’re getting. Furthermore, the low contractual obligation length benefits those smaller businesses that are still growing and may wish to upgrade in the future.

Ram Tracking

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For the exceptionally budget-conscious business looking for a fleet tracking system, then RAM Tracking is the option for you. RAM offers one of the most affordable prices on the vehicle tracking the market. Their contract lengths are longer than Quartix. However, if you opt for a longer contract, you can get an even lower price month to month. RAM is also unique in that they offer services that are particularly concerned with budgeting and managing profits. Their financial reports system provides an overview of how much each job is costing you, including labour and fuel expenditures. Furthermore, for the business that doesn’t have time for complex data management, like the one that comes with Verizon Connect, you can rest easy that RAM Tracking’s intuitive interface is easy to use and understand. It isn’t designed for huge fleets in the same way Verizon is, making it perfect for the budget-conscious, small fleet.

Those are just three of the many options available on the market today to the modern business. Fleet tracking is a huge sector of the business market, so it is important to make sure that you are fully aware of all the options available to you. Here at Business Quotes, we compare the prices of many different services for the UK’s growing businesses, including fleet vehicle tracking systems. If you would like to see how much money you could be saving with Business Quotes, start your quote today!

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