Vehicle Tracking Prices in the UK

An advanced vehicle tracking system can cost around £300 to buy and £20 per month to lease per vehicle. While that might seem steep, though, that price offers superb value for all the benefits vehicle tracking can give you. If you run a business with its own fleet, saving as much money as you can on transport is crucial. A vehicle tracking system can make each vehicle much more efficient. Research by Motornaut, a vehicle tracking company, suggests that fitting one of these systems across your fleet could save you £660 a year on average. However, that’s £660 per car. So, if you have a large fleet of 50+ cars, you could be saving tens of thousands a year.

At Business Quotes, we help businesses invest in vehicle tracking systems for their fleets at low prices across the UK. Using our service, you can compare quotes for a range of trackers, from basic options to advanced systems, to find the best deal for you. Because of this, your new vehicle tracking will save you money in more ways than one.

vehicle tracking prices uk

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system can help you see exactly what’s going on in your business. Each vehicle will have real-time tracking, meaning you can evaluate their speed, fuel consumption and route. And, with advanced systems, you can stay in close contact with all your drivers. Your systems can even suggest alternative routes on the fly to save time and fuel.

Fuel-saving is a crucial part of why vehicle tracking systems are so useful. On average, each vehicle in a fleet can spend 86 minutes of the day idling with the engine on, meaning five litres of fuel a day is wasted. However, efficient vehicle tracking systems can tell drivers how best to save fuel and suggest new methods that make each journey as efficient as possible.

You won’t only make your vehicles more efficient either. Some providers offer cost-saving reports, helping you streamline your business. Not only that, some vehicle tracking systems can calculate driver scores from hundreds of metrics, meaning you can get the big picture of which drivers are doing their jobs well. From there, you can make better, more informed business decisions.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems Providers UK

You can choose from a wide range of vehicle tracking systems at low prices in the UK. On the cheaper side, you could choose Quartix, which offer three kinds of plans at different price points to suit your business’s size. Alternatively, you could get a tracking system that works to save you money, with RAM providing a unique cost-saving service for your business.

Other providers put a greater emphasis on responsiveness and real-time tracking. Samsara can present drivers with alternative routes in just 30 seconds if plans change, helping you react to a fast-paced world. And, with vehicle tracking from Movolytics or UK Fuels, you’ll get real-time fuel data that helps you get more from each fill-up. Movolytics offers free installation and unlimited support, too, perfect for first-time users.

Finally, you could choose vehicle tracking systems from international suppliers to make your business go global. Verizon and Vodafone, sister companies, offer worldwide vehicle tracking at great value for large, international transport. With a plethora of real-time data and analytics to sift through, you’ll know more about your business than your competition.

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Save Money on Vehicle Tracking Systems Prices

With so many vehicle tracking systems to choose from, it can be hard to know if you’re getting good value. But, when you search for new vehicle tracking prices from Business Quotes, you’ll be able to compare offers from a wide range of suppliers across the UK. As a result, you’ll get the big picture of what your business should pay for an advanced vehicle tracking system.

By searching through us, you can save money by figuring out which providers are offering better bang for your buck. Also, you can compare each tracking system more closely, evaluating whether its features and benefits suit your business. Because of this, you’ll have near-total control of your budget, and you’ll get a vehicle tracking system that suits your needs.

And, because of real-time data, you’ll be able to save more money in the long run as well. Intelligent fuel-saving, route planning and even driver scores can help you control your fleet fully, changing the way you do business forever. You’ll make your business more efficient and more cost-effective at the same time, turning it into a lean machine.

Vehicle Tracking Prices UK

Find out how much you could save on intelligent vehicle tracking prices in the UK when you get in touch with Business Quotes today!

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