EPOS Systems for Pubs

A typical pub will handle hundreds of transactions in a single day, selling a variety of food and drink items to a mixture of regular and first time customers. The staff need to be alert and responsive at all times, and the stock needs to be constantly ‘on tap’. Customers expect to be dealt with quickly and in a friendly way, and feel encouraged to keep coming back. Managing all of this is the publican, whose responsibility is to make sure that the customers are satisfied, the staff are motivated and the stock never runs out. Not an easy job, but it can be made more manageable with the help of an Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) System.

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Offering efficiency, speed and vital data capture, the right EPOS system can turn a well-run pub into a highly productive and profitable operation. Naturally, there are many different kinds of EPOS systems, and not all of them will suit the specific requirements of a pub, which makes finding the right system, and at the best possible price, a potentially problematic process. The good news for publicans is that by comparing quotes from up to four leading IT partners, the best system at the best possible price can be found with ease. Here is a guide to EPOS systems, the benefits they offer to publicans, and how to find the best EPOS systems for pubs.

What are EPOS Systems?

A typical EPOS system comprises a few essential components: a cash register, a touch screen monitor or keyboard, and a credit card swiper or chip and pin terminal. Other pieces of hardware, such an electronic scale, can also come attached if necessary. Added to this is a software package that will feature a variety of functions that will help the smooth running of a pub, and even provide valuable data for marketing opportunities.

When it comes to obtaining a new EPOS system for your pub, you will be faced with a number of choices. It is possible to get an ‘off the shelf’ system that has a software package designed to suit the requirements of a retail or hospitality business. These will be at the lower end of the price range. It is also possible to work with the IT partner you have chosen so that they can develop a system that will be tailored exactly to meet your pub’s specific needs. A bespoke EPOS system will likely be more expensive than a pre-prepared package, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the EPOS system you choose will play a major role in the day to day operations of your pub, and the right system is able to offer considerable savings as well as potential profitability.

EPOS till systems

How can a pub benefit from an EPOS System?

There are many ways in which an EPOS system can help a publican to run a successful and profitable business. In the first instance, face to face transactions become much quicker than with an old-style till. This means more sales, staff who are more productive and less waiting at the bar for customers, who in turn will benefit from a more enjoyable experience visiting your pub, and will be incentivised to make a return visit.

There are also plenty of other ways the software package included in the EPOS system can help with the running of a pub. Stock levels can be updated automatically, so that you can always know exactly which items need to be replenished and how they are performing. Individual staff log-ins allow you to monitor each member of staff’s progress and success rate, so that you can reward those who are performing well, and identify those who need more training.

Furthermore, some EPOS systems also allow you to manage a customer database, including names, contact details and consumer purchasing patterns. Information such as this, as well as the potential for the kind of marketing programs usually run by large chains like customer loyalty cards, will give you the chance to understand your customers preferences and respond to them accordingly. The potential for increased revenue is enormous.

Finding the best EPOS System for your pub

It isn’t always easy to find the best EPOS system UK for your pub or any other business, and it can be hard to know how much you should be spending. The best way to find the right deal for your business is to get a few quotes from leading suppliers and come to a decision having compared their prices and specific offerings. The good news is that you can do this very quickly, and at no expense or obligation. Simply spend a minute of your time filling in a few key details and up to four quotes for EPOS systems for pubs will become available to you.

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