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What are the best EPOS systems for cafes? If you run a cafe, a restaurant, or any eatery, you want to run it quickly and efficiently. As you try and do that, a high-quality EPOS system could prove to be your best friend. EPOS systems for cafes are all-in-one management systems, helping you take orders, manage accounts and gather data and insights into how your business works.

Nowadays, several EPOS systems are coming onto the market designed for cafes. Because of this, you can get EPOS systems that operate as they should for a cafe, providing you with all the data and management tools you need. But which EPOS systems are best for cafes? Is it the most affordable option, the most compatible and feature-rich, or the one with the most support or software?

At Business Quotes, we can help you find out which EPOS systems for cafes are right for you. We can help you compare prices for a wide range of leading options, and you can see what bang you’ll get for your buck. From there, you can make a more well-informed investment, and you can save time and money. Choose Business Quotes and compare EPOS systems for cafes with ease today!

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EPOS Systems for Cafes Costs

Firstly, the cost of EPOS systems for cafes is usually the big factor in which one you pick. With these EPOS systems, though, you’ll be able to save money at the outset. It’s because the majority of EPOS systems for cafes come with monthly payment fees rather than with an initial one-time fee. Because of this, you’ll save at the start, but finding the right payment fees could save you a lot of money over time.

One of the cheapest EPOS systems on the market for cafes is Zettle Food & Drink. Zettle is backed by PayPal, making it one of the most reliable payment systems on the market, and the EPOS features make it ideal for small cafes with a single till. Zettle Food & Drink is easy to use, and it works offline, so you never miss a trick. And, with a monthly cost of £29, you’ll find you can save money over time with this EPOS system.

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EPOS Systems for Cafes Features

Another benefit of EPOS systems for cafes is the features you get. However, some systems offer much more than others. One great example is TouchBistro, which has a feature-rich EPOS system that is perfect for cafes. For example, table plans, customer tabs, advanced split bills and food menus with modifiers available, and you can also connect to Uber Eats and Deliveroo for an additional cost.

Not only that, you could choose Square for Restaurants as your new EPOS system. Square’s EPOS systems work well for cafes of any size, as the payment plan for Square supports unlimited tills in one location. You can also set individual stock levels in the Square system, and it’ll automatically take any products you’re out of stock on off the menu. Square’s system functions on iPad, too, meaning your staff can take it around with them.

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EPOS Systems for Cafes Support

Another key reason why some EPOS systems are more suited for cafes than others is the support. Not only does this include support from the company itself, but the system’s compatibility with other devices. In terms of the devices you can install EPOS systems on, most systems are iPad only. However, you can get some systems that offer excellent support.

For example, Lightspeed‘s EPOS systems come with 24/7 support, meaning you’ll always be able to check with them if there are any issues. And, with an advanced feature set specialised for cafes and restaurants, you’ll be able to enhance your business in several ways. Support and compatibility are crucial when choosing EPOS systems for cafes. However, what could be even more important is how you choose them.

EPOS Systems for Cafes Quotes

If you’re after quotes for EPOS systems for cafes, it can take a while to find them. Not only that, when you research yourself, you’re never quite sure whether you’re getting the best deal. You might find that you don’t want to pay so much per month or sign up for a 12-month contract that ties you in. However, it can take a lot of time to compare all the options on your own.

So, at Business Quotes, this is where we can step in. We offer a business quote comparison service for EPOS systems for cafes, meaning you can compare leading systems and prices in minutes. You’ll have all of the options at your fingertips, and you can see how each system would be right for your business. And, by comparing prices with us, you could benefit from lower offers that you may not find anywhere else.

Start your comparison today if you’d like to see how much you could save on EPOS systems for cafes with us! And, for further information and advice, you can always call our friendly team on 01123 776 104.

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