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EPOS Systems for Restaurants

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EPOS for restaurants can transform the way your restaurant business runs, making things more efficient and profitable. Older paper procedures or dated till systems can make running a busy, food service environment more hassle than it needs to be. If you are still managing your restaurant processes this way, you may be considering upgrading to an EPOS system for restaurants.

EPOS Systems for Restaurants

You can get an EPOS system that is designed specifically with the daily needs of a restaurant in mind. With the right till system in place, you can really make the most of your business.

Using the information an EPOS system for restaurants offers can help you achieve your business goals and plan your restaurant operations effectively and efficiently.

Plan your tables effectively

Did you know a targeted EPOS system for restaurants can actually include a table planner system? Gone are the days of trying to keep up with your table management with a paper system. An EPOS system for restaurants will give you an all in one space to manage your tables and eliminate the risk of error or inefficiency.

On you EPOS system for restaurants, this table management systems can be included as a software item to help you manage your restaurant more effectively, regardless of how many tables you have. Whether you have a smaller restaurant with a few tables or a large restaurant with over one hundred tables, your EPOS system for restaurants can be tailored to your business.

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Tailored specifically to your business

No two restaurants are identical. With different layouts, menus and requirements, the right EPOS system for restaurants needs to be used to ensure your restaurant is operating as effectively as possible. EPOS systems for restaurants have been design engineered to cater for any and all restaurant requirements.

If you expand to more than one outlet, the EPOS system for restaurants can be used across all locations and linked together. It can also be adjusted to allow for differences in each location, thus enabling the business manager and restaurant managers to make the most of the system.

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Handheld terminals for convenience

One of the most important elements of running a restaurant is ensuring your customers are completely satisfied, enjoy their experience and are never kept waiting.

When you use an EPOS system designed for restaurants, you can take customer orders using a handheld terminal that is linked to your EPOS till. The orders can be transmitted directly to the kitchen, cutting down on waiting times for customers and ensuring your employees can serve your customers effectively.

Having an electronic system in place such as an EPOS system for restaurants enables you to cut down the time needed between order placed and order served, meaning your waiting staff will only need to visit the kitchen when the food is ready to be delivered to the table.

Keep an eye on Stock Levels

There is nothing more disappointing than deciding to order a particular dish, only to find it is out of stock. With a reliable EPOS system for restaurants in place, you don’t need to focus on looking out for these things.

An EPOS system for restaurants will alert you to low stock so you can order more before it runs out. This minimises the chance of sold out dishes and disappointed customers and it makes the stocktaking and ordering process much easier.

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EPOS System for Restaurant Training

You might think that EPOS systems for restaurants require a significant amount of training, but that isn’t the case. These EPOS systems are easy to get to grips with and integrate with your business, meaning your employees won’t need to spend a lot of time learning. They can start using the handheld devices confidently from the start.

Faster service time and greater efficiency are just two of the perks you can enjoy when you invest in an EPOS system for restaurants. You don’t need to own a huge restaurant chain either. Even a small business in a single location can benefit from an EPOS system, scaled down to meet their unique needs.

Finding an EPOS System for Restaurants

When selecting an EPOS system for restaurants, it is important to find the best system for your business at the best prices. Finding a provider that is capable of understanding both small businesses and large means you can be sure of getting a solution that will suit you. With research you can locate a provider that will understand your requirements to enable you to get a system that will improve your business.

Here at Business Quotes, we compare prices of EPOS systems to restaurants to help you find the best price for your business. Comparing the prices and benefits of EPOS system providers is the most effective way to ensure you are getting the best system for your business. Take the hassle out of research by speaking the the team at Business Quotes today!

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