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What are the benefits of restaurant till systems? At your restaurant, you might be tired of waiting for your guests to split the bill or dealing with refunds in case something’s wrong with their meal. However, when it comes to restaurant till systems, you don’t have to wait. You can install a better way to get paid for the work of your staff with ease when you compare prices for a range of systems from Business Quotes.

At Business Quotes, we know what makes great restaurant till systems tick. We know that the ideal system offers table management, meaning you always know what everybody at your tables needs. Additionally, your system should have integrated bookings, meaning you don’t have to rely on a diary or a timetable. And, finally, we think a good restaurant till system should be modern, which is why it should come with a dedicated order and pay app.

We’ve identified a few of these restaurant till systems for your restaurant to help you make the right choice. And, while we show them to you, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of restaurant till systems. If you want to save money on these systems now, you can always use our online price comparison tool to start your free online quote. From there, you can compare costs to save money on restaurant till systems in minutes.

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What Restaurant Till Systems Do I Need?

Small Restaurants

If you own a small eatery or just starting, you’ll want restaurant till systems that help you get up to speed. Because of this, you could go with Square for Restaurants, a system designed for growing companies and start-ups. Designed by Square, a leader in card readers for merchant accounts in this space, this system gives you all the equipment you need to get your restaurant up and running. From iPads to terminals to card readers, you’ll have everything you want.

Not only that, this restaurant till system integrates with Square’s POS software. Square works well with third-party applications, too – for example, it can integrate into your Squarespace site if you have one for your business. You’ll also benefit from high-quality table management features, and you’ll get integrated booking tools and delivery apps. Not only that, you can get transaction fees of as little as 1.75% and payment in less than 48 hours.

Growing Restaurants

If you’re finding your feet in the food business, you’ll need restaurant till systems with scalability. One system that can grow alongside your restaurant business is Lightspeed, which has many features available for any eatery. Lightspeed works well for casual dining, quick service, and even fine dining, meaning Lightspeed tailors its services to whatever you do. Not only that, you can create separate menus and generate quick orders to make service run smoothly.

Lightspeed speeds everything up, which all great restaurant till systems should do. For example, the system can automatically split the bill for each table by seat, meaning you won’t have to wait for your customers to do the maths themselves. Additionally, you can integrate their POS software with ordering apps, delivery software, supplier management and even customer loyalty software. Because of this, Lightspeed keeps track of your restaurant, however much it grows.

Large Restaurants

If you’re already established, you’ll need restaurant till systems that can do it all. Fortunately, EPOS Now is probably your best bet if you have a large restaurant. EPOS Now’s systems are ideal for dealing with COVID-19 concerns, such as table-side ordering and integrating with delivery apps. Not only that, the system has advanced stock-taking capabilities to help you keep track of your spending and automate purchase orders for your supplies.

EPOS Now also offers in-depth reporting features, helping you find more about the food your customers eat than ever before. You can see what’s selling and what’s not at the touch of a button, and you can even tailor and time your promotions based on high-quality data. EPOS Now’s restaurant till systems even offer FOH/BOH synchronisation, kitchen management and workplace management features. And, for a one-off payment of just £1,199, you won’t have to pay any additional costs over time.

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Restaurant Till Systems Prices

Use Business Quotes to compare quotes for restaurant till systems at prices that you can trust. When you use our simple price comparison tool, you can see the prices of leading providers to work out which is the best deal for your company. Whether you own a small, growing or large restaurant, we can help you find till systems to match and for a lower price. Start your comparison today, or contact our friendly team online or over the phone on 01223 776 104 to find out more.

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