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What are the best EPOS systems for charities? If you run a charity, getting an EPOS system can help you keep track of everything going on on your premises and further afield. However, many EPOS systems popular with other businesses don’t work as well for charities. It’s because they don’t have some of the crucial features of more specialised systems.

Of course, charities don’t work like traditional businesses – so why should EPOS systems be for charities? Because of this, modern EPOS systems have specialised features for these kinds of businesses. You can get EPOS systems for charities that calculate gift aid, store donor information and specific features to improve revenue. As a result, you can make the most vital impact for whoever your charity is trying to help.

At Business Quotes, we want to make an impact too. It’s why we created our easy quote comparison tool, which allows you to compare prices for a range of EPOS systems for charities. Therefore, we can give your charity a system for a more competitive price, and we offer quotes for leading brands. Here’s a look at what some of the leading EPOS systems for charities can offer your business:

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ePOS Direct EPOS Systems for Charities

ePOS Direct is one of the leading providers of EPOS systems for charities. It has created an app called Charity, specifically for charities, to manage their business operations. As a result, it can work well for a charity of any size, whether you have a single-site operation or a regional charity or a high-street retailer. Fully compatible with keyboard and touch devices, this system simplifies the sales process for charities. The system develops a single barcode that holds data for both the product and the donor. And, when the item is processed, gift aid is calculated automatically.

Charity Retail Systems EPOS Systems for Charities

Alternatively, Charity Retail Systems has developed an EPOS system for charities specifically. It’s called CHARiot, and is feature-rich while being straightforward. CHARiot prides itself on simple store management, making complex systems easy, connected and automated. With EPOS systems for charities like these, you’ll get a cloud server for head office and an installed system on till points. You’ll also get real-time reports from dashboards that update instantly with sales, profits, gift aid and KPI information. You’ll also get HMRC-recognised auditing tools as standard!

Eproductive EPOS Systems for Charities

You could also take a look at Eproductive‘s range of EPOS systems for charities. Eproductive’s systems are popular, with hundreds installed in the UK, and can help you improve your stock control and sales reporting, all while maximising gift aid revenue. It’s easy to integrate and use and gives you full control of your business. Not only that, you’ll get more from this than most EPOS systems for charities. For example, the system helps with donor engagement and manages training for staff and volunteers. You also have 100% control of gift aid revenue!

CSY EPOS Systems for Charities

CSY are another provider of EPOS Systems for charities. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, CSY has created a system called VectorCharity, which promises to freshen up your business operations. It combines classic EPOS processes with charity-specific features, including gift aid and donor management. Vector can manage point-of-sale, serving customers quickly and responsively. Not only that, the system can manage and recommend order quantities to your suppliers. And, with so many different items in charities, VectorCharity has multiple selling methods for each type.

Cybertill EPOS Systems for Charities

Our final focus is Cybertill’s range of EPOS systems for charities. CharityStore, Cybertill’s bespoke platform, is widely used by several charities in the UK. Over a third of charities are using CharityStore, meaning it is a popular option embraced across the country. It could be because Cybertill’s platform is based on the cloud, meaning all aspects of the system are managed digitally. As a result, charities don’t need to invest in central servers, reducing costs and administration fees. You’ll also save more money as Cybertill offer software updates and data back-ups for free as well.

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EPOS Systems for Charities Prices

All of these EPOS systems for charities could improve the way you manage your operations. However, it’s hard to know which is right for you. Not only that, the prices can vary wildly, making it a tricky decision to make. But, with Business Quotes, you can make the right call by comparing prices in minutes to find the best possible deal on EPOS systems for charities.

If you’d like to see which of the EPOS systems for charities on the market could work for you, start your quote comparison today. You’ll get several quotes quickly, allowing you to compare your options with ease. And, if you’d like to learn more, you can always give our team a call on 01223 776 104. We look forward to helping you!

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