EPOS Systems for Takeaways

EPOS Systems for Takeaways

EPOS systems for takeaways can completely change the way you run your takeaway business. This is because these systems help you make certain processes more efficient, meaning you can save time and money. Running a busy food service environment like a takeaway means that working as efficiently as possible is key to making money and keeping your customers and staff happy. For this reason, you may be considering an EPOS system for your takeaway.

One of the great things about EPOS systems is that you can choose one that is specifically tailored to your business, making it simple to use and super convenient. With the right till, you can be certain that the way you run your takeaway business will be improved and certain tasks will be made simpler

EPOS Systmes for takeaways

What is an EPOS System for Takeaways?

An EPOS system for takeaways is a type of smart till systems that not only helps you take orders through the till, but offers a whole host of other benefits that can make several business processes more efficient and accurate. EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and it is widely used by a whole host of service businesses, including restaurants, pubs and bars.

An EPOS System for Your Takeaway

EPOS Systems for takeaways have been designed with the idea in mind that no two takeaways are the same. All takeaways have different menus, prices and offers that need to be accounted for in the till system in order for the business to run smoothly. Luckily, your EPOS system for takeaways can be entirely customised so that all of your offerings are available within the all in one system.

What is more, if you have more than one location, your EPOS system can be used across all your takeaways and linked together. Plus, if you have differences from location to location, it can be adjusted to account for this as well. This means that you can really make the most of the system and makes your point of sale process as effective as possible.

Keep and Eye on Stock Levels

There is nothing more disappointing to a customer than looking to order some yummy food and finding out that it is out of stock. Luckily, EPOS systems for takeaways are specifically designed to keep track of stock levels as orders go through the till. This means that when stock levels for a particular product get low, the EPOS system will alert you so that you can order more.

Never worry about sold out food again with and EPOS system to designed to keep you on top of your stock and your customers happy and coming back for more.

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Do you already have a Card Machine?

Take Card Payment with a Handheld Card Machine

Another great benefit of EPOS systems for takeaways is the fact that you can connect your till system to your card machine and take payment easily. One of the key parts of running a busy food environment is making sure your customers are happy and not kept waiting.

Using an EPOS system for takeaways means tahtyou can transmit information directly to your kitchen if the till area and kitchen area are separate, meaning that customers will not have to wait for the till staff to relay an order to the kitchen. It also means your till staff can take more order through the till more quickly.

Special Offers on your EPOS System for Takeaways

Do you offer a special meal deal at your takeaway? Perhaps a 2 for 1 offer? And EPOS system that is specifically designed for a takeaway environment can be programmed to account for any special deals you offer in your business. This means that as your staff put an order through the till, the system will recognise the right price straight away, making it easy to keep your customers satisfied and your prices correct.

Your EPOS system can also account for discounted menu items and help your staff eliminate the possibility of charging customers incorrectly.

Less Back Office Work for your Takeaway

When you get an EPOS system for your takeaway, it is easy to eliminate unnecessary paperwork as much of your information is kept within the all in one system. If you are particularly prone to losing important documents, you can keep information stored in the EPOS system, meaning you never need to worry about losing it.

Simple EPOS Systems for Takeaways

Although they could sound complicated, an EPOS system is actually a really simple device that doesn’t require any significant training for your staff. In face, they could even find it simpler than the system you were using before. This means you don’t need to worry that you need to spend much time training staff, meaning they can work with confidence from the get go.

Find The Perfect EPOS System

Here at Business Quotes, we know it is important to find the perfect EPOS system for your business. That is why we compare the prices of various different EPOS systems for takeaways, helping take the hassle out of finding your perfect system.

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