Taxi Drivers And Card Machines

Are you looking for a card machine for your taxi service? As a taxi driver, the ability to accept card payments can boost your business and it is the law in certain areas, especially in London. With so many options, choosing the best payment service provider can be difficult. 

Taxi drivers need to keep up with the digital world and the days of just accepting cash payments are a thing of the past. It is important to compare products available on the market and make an informed decision for the future success of your taxi business. 

Credit and debit card payments are the most used payment method in the UK today. Taxi businesses with card machines are keeping up with modern customers and technology. There is no need to turn business away when you have a card machine in your taxi. 

Accepting card payments is easier than ever before, with many contactless payment options available at a reasonable price. 

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Benefits Of Card Machines For Taxi Drivers

Improved Safety For Taxi Drivers

Carrying cash in a taxi can put drivers at a higher risk of theft and lead to dangerous situations. By becoming a ‘cashless’ taxi, potential thieves will be deterred, keeping you and your paying customers safe.

Reduced Risk Of Spreading Germs

Cash payments carry the risk of spreading germs from clients to taxi drivers. With contactless payments, your exposure to germs can be minimised, keeping you healthy and behind the wheel. Less germs mean fewer sick days and more business for your taxi firm. 

Save Time

How many times have you been left patiently waiting for a client to count out their loose change to pay their fare? It is not uncommon for taxi drivers to take a detour to an ATM or be left waiting while a group struggles to split their money and pay their taxi driver following a night out. Card machines for taxi drivers are the perfect solution, payments can be made in just a few seconds. You can say goodbye to watching your customers fumble around in their pockets for cash and say hello to a quick and easy payment system. 

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Boost Business

No one wants to turn business away but the truth is, the majority of people do not carry cash on them anymore. If your taxi does not accept card payments, you may find yourself having to turn customers away. A card machine is 100% a worthwhile investment for your taxi business. Many customers prefer the ease of contactless payments and having a card machine to hand means you will never have to say no to business.

Comply With Current Regulations

Laws are changing and taxi drivers will need to accept card payments to stay in line with changing legislation. In London, taxis must comply with Transport For London regulations and be fitted with an approved card payment device. The card machine must be able to print receipts and be installed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Unfortunately, not all handheld card machines comply with licensing requirements and their use can lead to an ‘unfit’ notice for drivers. There are many other areas across the UK where card payments for taxi drivers are mandated. To stay in business and move with the times, a card machine for your taxi is a necessity. 

Types Of Card Machines – Best For Taxi Drivers

There are many different card machines available on the market today and here at Business Quotes, we can help you find the most suitable for you. Here are just three examples of popular card machines for taxi drivers. 

Sumup Air

The Sumup Air is a small and easy-to-use card machine, perfect for taxis. Sadly, this device does not meet the Transport For London specifications but it can still be used by taxi drivers in other areas. 

Key Features:

  • Fixed transaction fee of 1.69%
  • One upfront payment for device 
  • No fixed contract or monthly fees 


This handheld card machine is approved for use in London taxis and black cabs and is available for fleet and individual driver use. Transaction rates vary between 1.5% and 2.5%, plus there is a 5p authorisation charge per payment. CabCard machines are used by thousands of taxi drivers and the payment system is uncomplicated and reasonably priced. 

Key Features: 

  • Tailored packages and payment plans for taxi fleets 
  • Approved for use in London taxis by Transport For London 
  • No monthly fees


Payataxi is a card payment system from PayaCard, specifically designed for taxi drivers and fleets. This card machine can be installed in the passenger compartment and payments are processed using an app on your phone. 

Key Features: 

  • Price includes bluetooth receipt printer 
  • Various price plans available 
  • Works with mobile app 

Taxi Card Machine Prices

When considering the best card machine for your taxi business, it is important to take your available budget into consideration. The cost of card machines can vary significantly and at Business Quotes, we are here to help you find the best price for your taxi business.

There are many price factors to consider when purchasing a card machine. Different companies offer varying set-up costs and transaction fees. While your taxi business can greatly benefit from the addition of a card machine, it’s important that you find the most cost-effective solution. 

Use Business Quotes today to compare card machine prices for taxi drivers. In less than a minute you can see the best card machine prices on the market today. 

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