Mobile Card Payment Machines

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Mobile Card Payment Machines

Allowing your customers to pay for your services using a credit or debit card is commonplace in most businesses. In the 21st century, card machines are no longer a luxury for large national companies and are widely recognised as methods of payment by even smaller retailers and businesses.

One of the many benefits that card payments has over cash payments is the fact that it is easy and simple for both the customer and the merchant. The ease of making a payment with a credit card can often make customers more willing to part with their money and buy goods and services.

 The demand for mobile card payment machines has exponentially increased over the past few years, from the days of the clunky chip and pin terminal until now. There are a huge range of different businesses that offer card payment machines with much more affordable options, making them great for small and large businesses alike.

Mobile card payment machines are a great way to be able to take payment remotely or away from a main till system. One of the benefits of this machine type is that many can be integrated with apps which allows you to manage your payments with total ease.

Another great benefit of mobile card payment machines is that transaction fees are determined by the payments you take and there are no monthly fees involved, meaning you only need to purchase the machine. The fees are determined by the provider you choose to go with.

How Do Mobile Card Payment Machines Work?

Mobile card payment machines work by linking up with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. These devices must have an internet connection in order to work, either WiFi or 3G/4G/5G. Usually with these mobile card payment machines, you will need to install an app onto the smartphone or tablet which is used as a way to control the card machine. The customer simply needs to tap their contactless card or enter their chip and pin to make a payment.

What Different Mobile Card Payment Machines are Available?

PayPal Here

PayPal here mobile card payment machine

Most business owners and consumers will be familiar with PayPal. The PayaPal Here card reader is a mobile card payment machine that accepts all forms of card payment, including contactless, chip and pin, swiping and signature payments. This makes it a great option for all payment preferences.

If you have a PayPal business account, you can link your card reader to your account which creates an all in one space for you to manage all the payments you take.

Having a PayPal account is integral to this mobile card payment machine as, unlike other readers, the funds will be delivered directly into your PayPal account rather than your bank account.

iZettle Reader

iZettle mobile card payment machine

iZettle Reader is arguably the leading mobile card payment machine provider offering app-based card machines in the UK. It has no setup fee and has fantastic customer ratings.

Signing up for an iZettle Reader includes visiting their website and enter your details. Once a credit check is completed, you can begin using the machine. It is a very versatile machine that accepts all kinds of card payments, including foreign cards and premium cards.

It takes around 1-2 days for a payment via iZettle to appear in your bank account. Refunds are also simple to do through the iZettle app.

SumUp Air

SumUp Mobile Card Payment Machine

Regarded as one of the most economical mobile card payment machines in the UK, SumUp Air is an app-based card machine that is perfect for small businesses on a budget. It has very low transaction fees and has no extra setup costs, just the initial cost of the product and the transaction fees.

SumUp Air accepts most major card payment methods, with the exception of being able to swipe which is accepted by other mobile card payment machines.

A free payment app is also provided by SumUp, making it easy to customise your transactions and monitor them. Like many other mobile card payment machines, the device connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for total ease.

Square Reader

Sqaure Reader Mobile Card Payment Machine

This is the smallest and lightest mobile card payment machine. Where it is so small, it makes it the most convenient device to transport, so small it would fit in your pocket with ease. Unlike the other mobile card payment machines, it does not have a chip and pin system, meaning it will only accept contactless. However, if a pin is required, a customer can enter this on the payment app that comes with the device.

The Square Reader accepts all major credit cards and has one of the most comprehensive payment apps available from a free card payment app.

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