Compare PDQ Machine Rates 2024

What is a PDQ machine?

Simply put, a PDQ machine (also known as a Point of Sale terminal, credit card terminal or EFTPOS terminal) is a payment devices which connects with payment cards (such as credit and debit cars) to transfer fund electronically.

If you are already taking payments or looking in to a way to accept card payments for the first time you can consider a PDQ machine, chip and pin machine, card reader, card machine and card payment machine to be exactly the same as each other.

Most of us use PDQ machines on a daily or weekly basis, as the majority of food and essential retailers offer PDQ machines as their main method of payment. This was especially prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic when businesses wanted to limit the amount of physical contact with others that would be more common in the exchange of cash

PDQ Machine Rates

What are the benefits of using a PDQ machine?

There are many reasons why a PDQ machine is a hugely advantageous method of accepting payments. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Faster and easier payments
  • Much securer way to transfer funds between a consumer and a merchant
  • Offer your customers multiple ways to pay
  • No need to keep as much cash within your premises
  • Less cash handling, which is particularly beneficial when trying to minimise your contact with others

In 2022, having a PDQ or “chip and pin” machine is really an essential payment device that any business owner who takes payments in person should consider.

Compare PDQ Machine Rates

How much do PDQ machines cost?

If you are considering using a PDQ machine for your business, you may be wondering what the PDQ machine rates and costs are. There are a few things you will need to consider financially when investing in a PDQ machine for your business.  

The Upfront cost of a PDQ machine can vary, so it is difficult to give an exact amount. However, there will be a few costs involved before you can get your chip and pin machine going.

  • Set Up Costs. Most PDQ machines will come with a one-time fee for the installation of new merchant facilities. Depending on the provider, the PDQ machine setup rate can be around £50-£160.
  • Purchase Fees. When considering a PDQ machine for your business, there are two main options that you can choose from. If you want to own your PDQ machine, this can typically cost anywhere between £250 – £800 depending on the device. Your second option is to rent the device on a monthly or annual PDQ machine rate.

Once you have dealt with the upfront cost of these payment devices, the next consideration is monthly costs that you will need to consider. Some of these can depend on whether you choose to purchase or buy the terminal.

  • Hire. If you choose to rent your PDQ machine, you will generally be paying a recurring fee for the rental. The average costs can vary depending on the type of machine you buy:
Fixed Countertop MachinePortable MachineMobile Machine
£15 on average£19 on average£22 on average
  • Authorisation Fees. With each payment that is taken, you will pay an authorisation fee of about 1-3p each time.
  • Merchant Charges. There will be a charge from the merchant on every card transaction you take, which is notably higher for credit card payments over debit card payments.
  • MMSC. There is a charge if your transactions fall under a certain amount. This charge is there to ensure your provider makes back their investment.
PDQ Machines

PDQ Machine Rates

There are a number of different PDQ machine providers who will offer different rates depending on the needs of your business. You can either rent a PDQ machine and pay a monthly fee of between £15 and £25. You can then also buy the machine outright for anywhere between £20 and £50. Here at Business Quotes, we are proud to compare PDQ machine rates across a number of providers, helping you get the best price that is most appropriate to you. Contact us today for a PDQ machine rate tailored to you.

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Do you already have a Card Machine?

PDQ Machine Providers.

There are a few different providers in the UK who will offer a variety of different devices and rates.

Ingenico – This is one of the biggest providers of PDQ machines in the UK. They lead the retail industry throughout the country and are recognised by most big retail companies and businesses.

Verifone – Verifone are not quite as large as Ingenico, but still incredibly successful and growing every year. They offer a range of different terminals that are perfect for all business types.

Spire – Originally known as Hypercom, Spire are another provider of PDQ machines in the UK and throughout Europe. Just like Ingenico and Verifone, this PDQ machine provider has countertop, portable and mobile models, making it a great option for a multitude of businesses.

Zettle by PayPal – Originally known as iZettle. Zettle joined PayPal in 2018. Zettle do not charge a monthly fee which can be a great advantage to companies not using a PDQ machine on a regular basis.

PDQ Machine Rates 2022

Here at Business Quotes, we offer comprehensive PDQ machine rates and quotes for all types of small and larger businesses. Our team can help you compare quotes from a number of different PDQ machine providers, making it easy to find a PDQ machine rate that is tailored to you.

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