Best Card Reader for Small Businesses

You can find the best card reader for your small business today with Business Quotes! When you search for a new card reader with us, you can get lower quotes for a range of designs. But, if you need a card reader that works for your business, which one is the best option? After all, several card readers are out there, all of which have different costs, fees and services. It’s worth spending some time figuring out whether you want a limited but cheap card reader, or something pricier and more versatile.

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Do you already have a Card Machine?

Whichever you do choose, though, you’ll be able to benefit your business. If you haven’t yet moved to card payments, then you can enhance the business that your company can bring in. Not only that, but you could improve even if you already have a card machine. That’s because many card readers for small businesses are incredibly functional and flexible.

So, what are the main card readers for small businesses out there? And how do you find out which is right for your business? At Business Quotes, we’ve set about making a handy guide into what you should look for in a card reader. That way, you can see just how much taking card payment will benefit you before they have to take your payment.

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Types of Card Reader for Small Businesses

There are a few different types of card readers on the market. But you can divide them into two main categories: those that are rentals, and those that are one-off payments. Rental card readers are brilliant as an initial investment, helping you bring machines into your business cheaply. However, the costs can stack up over time, and you could be forced into a long contract.

Alternatively, you could choose a card reader that you pay for straight away to keep. With starting prices as low as £19, it doesn’t cost much at all to bring a card reader to your small business. But the downside of that is that you could pay hidden fees throughout the time to the company.

Whichever card reader you get for your small business, though, you’ll be able to give people more ways to pay. Most leading card readers accept all the major companies, including Visa, Mastercard and even American Express with contactless and chip and pin payment. You’ll most likely get support for Apple and Google Pay, and some readers can take other options like Diners Club International cards!

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Card Reader Functionality for Small Businesses

When you get a card reader for your small business, one question might spring to mind. What’s the card reader like to use? For a start, fees can come into account. With many companies, such as WorldPay, you’ll need to be PCI compliant for instance. Failure to meet this can lead to a monthly £9.99 non-compliance fee.

Another factor to consider is transaction rates. When you accept payment, the card reader’s company will take a small slice of each transaction. With PayPal’s iZettle card reader, the UK’s most popular for small businesses, the fee is 1.75%. However, you could get lower fees with some readers. SumUp 3G, for example, offers a 1.69% rate, saving you money over time.

Finally, the contract is a key thing to consider with a card reader for small businesses. Most companies offer an 18-month contract as standard, which is quite a long period to commit your business too. But you don’t have to accept a long contract if you don’t need to. Companies like TakePayments offer 12-month contracts, giving you more flexibility.

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Cost of a Card Reader for Small Businesses

But the main factor on which card reader is right for small businesses is usually the cost. Once you’ve decided whether you’d like to go with a monthly rental plan or an outright purchase, you can start to weigh up the cost of your card reader. The cheapest options, such as Square, start from around £19. You can also get the iZettle reader at that cost, although that’s a discounted price.

With a monthly rental, the prices can be harder to find. However, with many companies, you can get custom rates that suit the size of your business. WorldPay can be very flexible with its fees, giving you more control over how you take payment. Because of this, you’ll have plenty of options for a new card reader.

However, when you invest in a card reader for small businesses with Business Quotes, you could save money with no effort at all. We can get you competitive quotes for a new card reader in minutes, without you having to go anywhere. We offer a range of leading options, too, meaning you should be able to find the ideal card reader for less when you search with us!

Compare Card Reader Prices for Small Businesses

Don’t delay, compare card machines and find low prices for a brand-new card reader that’s perfect for small businesses today with Business Quotes! Whether you’re looking for a cheap card reader, or a more elaborate and expensive one, we can help. Get your free card reader comparison today using our network, and find out how much you could save.

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