Touch Screen Tills for Restaurants

What are the best touch screen tills for restaurants? There are plenty of tills on the market these days, meaning you’ve got plenty of choices if you’re planning to open a restaurant. Not only that, if you feel like you need a new till, you could upgrade to a system that offers round-the-clock support, lower transaction fees and smaller prices too.

Touch screen tills allow you to take payment smoothly and seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to take cash and card payments. Known as EPOS systems, they’re also easy to use and can be available with low monthly lease prices. EPOS software has revolutionised retail and hospitality, and new systems have taken it a step further.

So, if you want to take your restaurant a step up, why not compare prices for touch screen tills with Business Quotes! We can help you compare offers from a range of suppliers for some of the leading touch screen tills on the market today. That way, you can save money and time, giving you more opportunities to enhance the way your business works.

touch screen tills for restaurants

The Benefits of Touch Screen Tills

Touch screen tills are easier to use for your staff. With a touch screen, the user experience is intuitive and straightforward, with colleagues pushing the right buttons at a good pace. That way, your business can move more quickly and smoothly, allowing you to take payments quicker. Not only that, many of them are cloud-based, bringing your restaurant into the digital age.

Another benefit of some touch screen tills is that they can be flexible to how you like to work. Many designs have an offline mode, meaning you don’t need internet connectivity at all times, and they also offer compatibility with mobile devices. Nearly all systems now have iOS compatibility for Apple Pay, while some can also work with Google Pay.

Finally, many modern touch screen tills come with accounting software integration. That means your finances can update automatically with every payment you take, doing away with the long hours of sorting out paper bills and invoices. Many work with Xero and QuickBooks, meaning you can take more pressure and workload off yourself and your team.

best touch screen tills

The Best Touch Screen Tills

There are many touch screen tills on the market today. But how can you tell which systems are best for your business? For a start, many touch screen tills are designed around the needs of small business owners. So, if you own one restaurant, you could benefit from tills made by Square, Zettle or Nobly.

Square comes with a market-leading 30-day free trial; Zettle is linked with PayPal to give you support from an industry leader, while Nobly offers 24/7 support, with a cost of only £39 per till. However, if you own a larger business, you could consider TouchBistro. Ideal for the restaurant business, it has integrated payments with Barclaycard and only costs £49 per license, meaning multiple till points without additional cost!

However, Lightspeed offers an EPOS system that seems to suit everybody. It works for small businesses and large ones just as well, giving you the flexibility you need to run your business how you want to. It has an offline mode, is compatible with most payment platforms, and has 24/7 support. While it might not be the best option, it’s a good place to start for any restaurant.

touch screen tills prices

Touch Screen Tills from Business Quotes

Touch screen tills have varying price points. For example, Zettle can start from £29, while Square starts at around £69. But not only do the prices vary, but the way they’re priced is also different. In that example, Zettle’s prices are £29 per iPad, but Square’s price covers the whole location. As a result, the best value for your business depends on how busy your restaurant is.

If you want to take payments in multiple places at once, it’s usually better to find a provider that offers their fees as a license or per location. Companies that do this include Lightspeed, TouchBistro and Square, which are all more suited to larger businesses. That way, you won’t have to worry about rising costs if your business begins to grow either.

But, if you’d like to save money on touch screen tills for restaurants, you could always search for prices with Business Quotes. We can help you save on your next system through our price comparison service. You can get a quote from us for a range of touch screen tills, and you can make a more informed investment for your restaurant with ease.

Touch Screen Tills Prices

If you’d like new touch screen tills for your restaurant, and you love competitive prices, why not get in touch with Business Quotes today!

You can get a quote from us in minutes, and you can get the big picture of what you should be paying for brand-new touch screen tills. We look forward to helping you soon!

An advanced vehicle tracking system can cost around £300 to buy and £20 per month to lease per vehicle. While that might seem steep, though, that price offers superb value for all the benefits vehicle tracking can give you. If you run a business with its own fleet, saving as much money as you can on transport is crucial. A vehicle tracking system can make each vehicle much more efficient. Research by Motornaut, a vehicle tracking company, suggests that fitting one of these systems across your fleet could save you £660 a year on average. However, that’s £660 per car. So, if you have a large fleet of 50+ cars, you could be saving tens of thousands a year.

At Business Quotes, we help businesses invest in vehicle tracking systems for their fleets at low prices across the UK. Using our service, you can compare quotes for a range of trackers, from basic options to advanced systems, to find the best deal for you. Because of this, your new vehicle tracking will save you money in more ways than one.

vehicle tracking prices uk

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system can help you see exactly what’s going on in your business. Each vehicle will have real-time tracking, meaning you can evaluate their speed, fuel consumption and route. And, with advanced systems, you can stay in close contact with all your drivers. Your systems can even suggest alternative routes on the fly to save time and fuel.

Fuel-saving is a crucial part of why vehicle tracking systems are so useful. On average, each vehicle in a fleet can spend 86 minutes of the day idling with the engine on, meaning five litres of fuel a day is wasted. However, efficient vehicle tracking systems can tell drivers how best to save fuel and suggest new methods that make each journey as efficient as possible.

You won’t only make your vehicles more efficient either. Some providers offer cost-saving reports, helping you streamline your business. Not only that, some vehicle tracking systems can calculate driver scores from hundreds of metrics, meaning you can get the big picture of which drivers are doing their jobs well. From there, you can make better, more informed business decisions.

vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems Providers UK

You can choose from a wide range of vehicle tracking systems at low prices in the UK. On the cheaper side, you could choose Quartix, which offer three kinds of plans at different price points to suit your business’s size. Alternatively, you could get a tracking system that works to save you money, with RAM providing a unique cost-saving service for your business.

Other providers put a greater emphasis on responsiveness and real-time tracking. Samsara can present drivers with alternative routes in just 30 seconds if plans change, helping you react to a fast-paced world. And, with vehicle tracking from Movolytics or UK Fuels, you’ll get real-time fuel data that helps you get more from each fill-up. Movolytics offers free installation and unlimited support, too, perfect for first-time users.

Finally, you could choose vehicle tracking systems from international suppliers to make your business go global. Verizon and Vodafone, sister companies, offer worldwide vehicle tracking at great value for large, international transport. With a plethora of real-time data and analytics to sift through, you’ll know more about your business than your competition.

vehicle tracking systems prices

Save Money on Vehicle Tracking Systems Prices

With so many vehicle tracking systems to choose from, it can be hard to know if you’re getting good value. But, when you search for new vehicle tracking prices from Business Quotes, you’ll be able to compare offers from a wide range of suppliers across the UK. As a result, you’ll get the big picture of what your business should pay for an advanced vehicle tracking system.

By searching through us, you can save money by figuring out which providers are offering better bang for your buck. Also, you can compare each tracking system more closely, evaluating whether its features and benefits suit your business. Because of this, you’ll have near-total control of your budget, and you’ll get a vehicle tracking system that suits your needs.

And, because of real-time data, you’ll be able to save more money in the long run as well. Intelligent fuel-saving, route planning and even driver scores can help you control your fleet fully, changing the way you do business forever. You’ll make your business more efficient and more cost-effective at the same time, turning it into a lean machine.

Vehicle Tracking Prices UK

Find out how much you could save on intelligent vehicle tracking prices in the UK when you get in touch with Business Quotes today!

Get a quote now to compare suppliers and find the right system for you. We look forward to helping you enhance your business with vehicle tracking systems at low prices!

Should you get cheap business insurance? While we all want to save money, sometimes cheaper insurance isn’t the best way to go. Some insurance packages don’t give you a lot of coverage, meaning something could go wrong and leave you in the lurch. A cheaper insurance plan is less likely to cover you against cyber-risk, credit risk and the loss of key employees.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find cheap business insurance that gives you more comprehensive coverage. You can find packages out there that cover you against all the main factors, including public, employee and premises liabilities, and much more. And, with Business Quotes, you can get fantastic value for money.

With Business Quotes, you can compare prices from a range of business insurance providers. As a result, it’s easy to find better prices for insuring your business. You could find cheaper quotes using our system than you can anywhere else too! Additionally, the process is quick and easy, helping you find cheap business insurance effortlessly.

business insurance

Cheap Employer’s Liability Insurance

As it can be hard to find cheap business insurance, some might choose to eschew it. However, there’s one part of the package you have to have if you have employees. Because it is your duty as a business owner to protect your employees, an employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. You’ll be able to get cover for them as well as cover for you.

With cheap insurance, though, you might only get a basic level of coverage. If one of your staff members falls ill or suffers an injury at work, then you’ll get coverage up to a certain amount of money. However, this is smaller the cheaper your business insurance is, and you may not benefit from some other options that help employees.

For example, you could also benefit from key man insurance. Key man insurance covers you in the event that one of the critical members of your business leaves suddenly or becomes incapacitated. With this, you can get coverage for loss of earnings. As a result, you could operate your business with more certainty and more peace of mind.

cheap business insurance quotes

Cheap Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you have a business that works with professional clients, you always want to give them the best service. However, if they don’t feel you have, you might want coverage against that. If a client presents legal action against you for any reason, then professional indemnity insurance will cover you for the potential costs.

Finding cheap professional indemnity insurance can help you save initially but could hinder you in the long run. If you get embroiled in a lengthy legal battle, the costs can soar, potentially eclipsing your cover. At that point, you’ll have to pour your own money into it, resulting in larger issues for your business. Professional indemnity insurance, then, is something to find value in.

With more comprehensive packages, you can get other coverage for your business too. For example, if you can’t provide your clients services because of unforeseen circumstances, you could get coverage through business interruption insurance. You can cover your loss of income if your premises become unusable or if you have personal situations.

cheap business insurance prices

Cheap Public Liability Insurance

Cheap business insurance covers you against the unexpected. And there’s nothing harder to predict than the public. If you have a public-facing business, then making sure you’re covered against them is vital. Cheap public liability insurance ensures you have cover if a member of the public is injured as a result of your business activity.

With some other packages, this can extend to business premises insurance. You won’t only get cover if your property causes the public issues, but if they cause issues for the property. You can also get cover for repair and rebuilding costs if your premises are damaged by fire and flooding. Because of this, the more you pay for insurance, the better your coverage is.

You could also insure the equipment your business uses. With business assets insurance, you can cover furniture, tools, and more if they become damaged or unusable. As a result, you won’t have to worry about when anything unforeseen happens in your business. Cheap business insurance, though, doesn’t usually give you that peace of mind.

Cheap Business Insurance with Business Quotes

With Business Quotes, though, its easier to find cheap business insurance. We make more expensive plans become cheap thanks to our comparison tools. When you search for insurance with us, you can compare prices from a range of brands. From there, you can find the plan that suits your business and your budget best. You can get more comprehensive business insurance with us, as well. You won’t only be covered for the standard things, but you could get cyber-risk coverage, protecting you for the digital age. And, with our lower prices, you could find that the cost of comprehensive coverage becomes easier to swallow. As a result, you can find value for your business.

Find out how much you could save with cheap business insurance through Business Quotes today! Use our free online comparison service to get started.

What are the best portable credit card machines for your business? If you run a small business that makes under £20k a month in card transactions, then there’s plenty of options on the market. Card machines like these are small, light and easy to manoeuvre, meaning taking payments has never been more flexible. And, with different pay structures across the market, investing in them is flexible too.

But finding the right portable credit card machine for your business is trickier. Some might ask for long-term contracts, potentially putting your business in a bind. Others may only take a small number of credit cards, limiting your options. Also, some may take larger cuts of your transactions, meaning you make less every time somebody puts their card on your machine.

At Business Quotes, though, we can help. Instead of selling you portable credit card machines ourselves, though, we can help you compare the best options on the market. And, with us, you could find lower quotes that help your business save! As a result, you could make a brilliant investment with a smaller payment that allows you to take payments perfectly.

credit card machines

Factors of Portable Credit Card Machines

If you’re comparing portable credit card machines, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the length of the contract can put many off investing in one. While some providers don’t require any form of contract, other machines from more traditional companies could make you commit for up to a year or even longer.

Another factor to consider is the amount of money that the company takes from every transaction. While a low fee could be around 1.75% of each payment, some companies could charge up to 2.5% or even more. If you’d like to take payments online, then card machines could end up costing you around 3% of your earnings, a significant hit.

Finally, the cost of any card machine is crucial. While some card machines are outright payments, you can get others through monthly rental. In most cases, though, a rental card machine comes with a long-term contract, meaning you could end up spending more than you might expect. With Business Quotes, though, you can compare various portable credit card machines to find the right one for you.

portable credit card machines quotes

One-Off Payment Portable Credit Card Machines

Firstly, you could get portable credit card machines with one payment. One example is SumUp’s card machine, which costs £129 to bring to your business. For that outlay, though, you won’t have to commit to a contract or pay any monthly fees. SumUp’s reader also accepts all major brands with an industry-leading 1.69% transaction fee, saving you money in the long run. Without a receipt printer, SumUp’s reader can cost as little as £99 (excl. VAT)!

However, some portable credit card machines cost a lot less than that. Square offer their portable readers for as little as £19 and has many of the same benefits as SumUp give you. You’ll have to take a 1.75% hit with every transaction, but you’ll get value for money in other areas. For example, it’s easy to take mobile payments, and their free POS app has the most features for retail and hospitality businesses!

For the same price, you could invest in the Zettle card reader. Brought to market by PayPal, one of the most respected names in finance, it’s highly versatile and easy to use. You’ll pay no monthly fees, have no contractual commitment, and you can easily send out e-invoices for remote payment. It’s no wonder that the Zettle reader is one of the most popular portable credit card machines for the UK’s small businesses.

portable credit card machines prices

Monthly Rental Portable Credit Card Machines

Alternatively, you can get portable credit card machines for a monthly rental fee. While that means you’ll pay less initially, though, you could be tied into a contract. For example, WorldPay’s popular card machines come with a minimum 18-month commitment. However, for that, you’ll benefit from 24/7 support, custom payment plans, and the peace of mind a traditional payment provider brings.

If you’d like more flexibility, you could consider portable credit card machines from Takepayments. You can get a 12-month rental contract with them, making them one of the few to offer their machines with this short commitment. Not only that, you’ll get low fees on high transaction values, multi-pay terminals for up to 6 users at once, along with the option of mobile, portable and countertop readers!

You can even get portable credit card machines for your small business from a very big one. With a Barclaycard Business machine, you can set up a merchant account directly with them, and they offer fees as low as 1.5%. However, fees can alter depending on expected turnover, and you could be forced to pay a fee if it doesn’t reach an agreed mark. But, if you have certainty, this is a good option.

Portable Credit Card Machines from Business Quotes

If you’d like portable credit card machines for less, get in touch with Business Quotes! We can help you compare the market for all the card readers above and much more.

Use our free comparison service today to find out how much you could save on portable credit card machines for your business!

Get the best landlord insurance in the UK for less with Business Quotes! Using our free comparison service, you could find lower prices for a hatful of insurance plans, covering all of your needs. Not only that, but you’ll get a wide choice of companies, helping you compare what they offer and their prices to get the best insurance for you.

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If you’re renting a property and don’t have landlord insurance, it’s never been a better time to get it. Up to a quarter of homes in the UK will be private rentals in the next few years, meaning that more landlord insurance plans pop up. With the uncertainty in recent months, landlord insurance also gives you something more to rely on with your properties.

But how do you know which is the best landlord insurance in the UK? What should you look out for, and how do you know you’re getting a great deal? At Business Quotes, we’ve created this handy guide to landlord insurance that helps you get a better idea of what you need. Then, you can get competitive quotes for insurance through us for free.

best landlord insurance uk

Why Invest in Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance can cover you for several things. If you have tenants living in one of your homes, it can be not easy to trust them. After all, they might cause damage to parts of your home, or issues could develop over time. Without insurance, though, you could be in a tight spot if things go wrong. You won’t have any cover against problems like damage and theft.

Most landlord insurance plans have both buildings and contents cover, though. Buildings cover makes sure any damage to the house itself is covered, while contents insurance protects things like furniture inside the home, rather than the building. Because of this, if there are problems with either, you won’t have to worry with your landlord insurance.

Also, landlord insurance can help you with short-term issues. If there’s a disruption to the gas, electricity, heating or water supply, then many insurance plans cover you for this. And, if you get into a legal dispute with your tenant, your insurance could cover you for the legal costs as well. All these things are why landlord insurance is a great investment.

best landlord insurance plans

Best Landlord Insurance Plans in the UK

So, what are the best landlord insurance plans in the UK? They should protect you against a range of issues that could occur inside one of your homes for a start. For example, a good insurance plan should have theft cover, rent guarantee insurance and cover for lost rental income due to flood or fire damage. If a plan is missing any of these, it might not be comprehensive enough.

Liability cover is also a huge part of the best landlord insurance plans. With some sites, you can get as much as £5m of cover in the event of any issues. However, some sites only offer around £2m and don’t cover certain problems. It’s always better to get full cover than cover that’s selective.

Other parts of the UK’s best landlord insurance can be cover for malicious damage, white goods, and unauthorised use of utilities. With all of those covered, you’ll be able to rent out your property with much greater peace of mind. Also, there is a way you can invest in the best landlord insurance in the UK for less money than you might think.

best landlord insurance

The Cost of The Best Landlord Insurance

The cost of landlord insurance can put a lot of people off of taking out a plan. But, if you’re willing to invest, you could find that you save a lot of money in the long run. For example, you could get £5m of liability cover, giving you total peace of mind should any issues develop for several reasons in your home. Also, loss of rent guarantees keeps you afloat if your tenants are struggling to.

You could even find that you make your landlord insurance cost back over time, and then some. With the best landlord insurance in the UK, you could get cover against flood and fire damage, buildings and contents. As homeowners have more responsibility, a new insurance plan can cover you against it.

And, when you search for landlord insurance with Business Quotes, you can get cover for less! That’s because you can search through our site to find multiple quotes for a range of landlord insurance plans. You can explore each part of the plan to work out what cover you want and need, and you can pay a much lower price for your insurance!

Compare the Best Landlord Insurance Prices in the UK

Talk to Business Quotes today to find out more about comparing prices for the best landlord insurance in the UK! You can use our free comparison service today to save money on your new plan.

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You can find the best card reader for your small business today with Business Quotes! When you search for a new card reader with us, you can get lower quotes for a range of designs. But, if you need a card reader that works for your business, which one is the best option? After all, several card readers are out there, all of which have different costs, fees and services.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Do you already have a Card Machine?

Whichever you do choose, though, you’ll be able to benefit your business. If you haven’t yet moved to card payments, then you can enhance the business that your company can bring in. Not only that, but you could improve even if you already have a card machine. That’s because many card readers for small businesses are incredibly functional and flexible.

So, what are the main card readers for small businesses out there? And how do you find out which is right for your business? At Business Quotes, we’ve set about making a handy guide into what you should look for in a card reader. That way, you can see just how much taking card payment will benefit you before they have to take your payment.

card reader

Types of Card Reader for Small Businesses

There are a few different types of card readers on the market. But you can divide them into two main categories: those that are rentals, and those that are one-off payments. Rental card readers are brilliant as an initial investment, helping you bring machines into your business cheaply. However, the costs can stack up over time, and you could be forced into a long contract.

Alternatively, you could choose a card reader that you pay for straight away to keep. With starting prices as low as £19, it doesn’t cost much at all to bring a card reader to your small business. But the downside of that is that you could pay hidden fees throughout the time to the company.

Whichever card reader you get for your small business, though, you’ll be able to give people more ways to pay. Most leading card readers accept all the major companies, including Visa, Mastercard and even American Express with contactless and chip and pin payment. You’ll most likely get support for Apple and Google Pay, and some readers can take other options like Diners Club International cards!

small businesses card reader

Card Reader Functionality for Small Businesses

When you get a card reader for your small business, one question might spring to mind. What’s the card reader like to use? For a start, fees can come into account. With many companies, such as WorldPay, you’ll need to be PCI compliant for instance. Failure to meet this can lead to a monthly £9.99 non-compliance fee.

Another factor to consider is transaction rates. When you accept payment, the card reader’s company will take a small slice of each transaction. With PayPal’s iZettle card reader, the UK’s most popular for small businesses, the fee is 1.75%. However, you could get lower fees with some readers. SumUp 3G, for example, offers a 1.69% rate, saving you money over time.

Finally, the contract is a key thing to consider with a card reader for small businesses. Most companies offer an 18-month contract as standard, which is quite a long period to commit your business too. But you don’t have to accept a long contract if you don’t need to. Companies like TakePayments offer 12-month contracts, giving you more flexibility.

card reader for small businesses prices

Cost of a Card Reader for Small Businesses

But the main factor on which card reader is right for small businesses is usually the cost. Once you’ve decided whether you’d like to go with a monthly rental plan or an outright purchase, you can start to weigh up the cost of your card reader. The cheapest options, such as Square, start from around £19. You can also get the iZettle reader at that cost, although that’s a discounted price.

With a monthly rental, the prices can be harder to find. However, with many companies, you can get custom rates that suit the size of your business. WorldPay can be very flexible with its fees, giving you more control over how you take payment. Because of this, you’ll have plenty of options for a new card reader.

However, when you invest in a card reader for small businesses with Business Quotes, you could save money with no effort at all. We can get you competitive quotes for a new card reader in minutes, without you having to go anywhere. We offer a range of leading options, too, meaning you should be able to find the ideal card reader for less when you search with us!

Compare Card Reader Prices for Small Businesses

Don’t delay, and find low prices for a brand-new card reader that’s perfect for small businesses today with Business Quotes! Get your free card reader comparison today using our network, and find out how much you could save.

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Do you already have a Card Machine?

Mobile Card Payment Machines

Allowing your customers to pay for your services using a credit or debit card is commonplace in most businesses. In the 21st century, card machines are no longer a luxury for large national companies and are widely recognised as methods of payment by even smaller retailers and businesses.

One of the many benefits that card payments has over cash payments is the fact that it is easy and simple for both the customer and the merchant. The ease of making a payment with a credit card can often make customers more willing to part with their money and buy goods and services.

 The demand for mobile card payment machines has exponentially increased over the past few years, from the days of the clunky chip and pin terminal until now. There are a huge range of different businesses that offer card payment machines with much more affordable options, making them great for small and large businesses alike.

Mobile card payment machines are a great way to be able to take payment remotely or away from a main till system. One of the benefits of this machine type is that many can be integrated with apps which allows you to manage your payments with total ease.

Another great benefit of mobile card payment machines is that transaction fees are determined by the payments you take and there are no monthly fees involved, meaning you only need to purchase the machine. The fees are determined by the provider you choose to go with.

How Do Mobile Card Payment Machines Work?

Mobile card payment machines work by linking up with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. These devices must have an internet connection in order to work, either WiFi or 3G/4G/5G. Usually with these mobile card payment machines, you will need to install an app onto the smartphone or tablet which is used as a way to control the card machine. The customer simply needs to tap their contactless card or enter their chip and pin to make a payment.

What Different Mobile Card Payment Machines are Available?

PayPal Here

PayPal here mobile card payment machine

Most business owners and consumers will be familiar with PayPal. The PayaPal Here card reader is a mobile card payment machine that accepts all forms of card payment, including contactless, chip and pin, swiping and signature payments. This makes it a great option for all payment preferences.

If you have a PayPal business account, you can link your card reader to your account which creates an all in one space for you to manage all the payments you take.

Having a PayPal account is integral to this mobile card payment machine as, unlike other readers, the funds will be delivered directly into your PayPal account rather than your bank account.

iZettle Reader

iZettle mobile card payment machine

iZettle Reader is arguably the leading mobile card payment machine provider offering app-based card machines in the UK. It has no setup fee and has fantastic customer ratings.

Signing up for an iZettle Reader includes visiting their website and enter your details. Once a credit check is completed, you can begin using the machine. It is a very versatile machine that accepts all kinds of card payments, including foreign cards and premium cards.

It takes around 1-2 days for a payment via iZettle to appear in your bank account. Refunds are also simple to do through the iZettle app.

SumUp Air

SumUp Mobile Card Payment Machine

Regarded as one of the most economical mobile card payment machines in the UK, SumUp Air is an app-based card machine that is perfect for small businesses on a budget. It has very low transaction fees and has no extra setup costs, just the initial cost of the product and the transaction fees.

SumUp Air accepts most major card payment methods, with the exception of being able to swipe which is accepted by other mobile card payment machines.

A free payment app is also provided by SumUp, making it easy to customise your transactions and monitor them. Like many other mobile card payment machines, the device connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for total ease.

Square Reader

Sqaure Reader Mobile Card Payment Machine

This is the smallest and lightest mobile card payment machine. Where it is so small, it makes it the most convenient device to transport, so small it would fit in your pocket with ease. Unlike the other mobile card payment machines, it does not have a chip and pin system, meaning it will only accept contactless. However, if a pin is required, a customer can enter this on the payment app that comes with the device.

The Square Reader accepts all major credit cards and has one of the most comprehensive payment apps available from a free card payment app.

Compare Mobile Card Payment Machine Prices

If you are looking to get a better idea of the cost of a mobile card payment machine, the team at Business Quotes can help. We compare quotes across multiple services for all kinds of businesses in the UK, helping you take the hassle out of finding the best option for you.

Get you free mobile card payment machine comparison today.

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EPOS Systems for Takeaways

EPOS systems for takeaways can completely change the way you run your takeaway business. This is because these systems help you make certain processes more efficient, meaning you can save time and money. Running a busy food service environment like a takeaway means that working as efficiently as possible is key to making money and keeping your customers and staff happy. For this reason, you may be considering an EPOS system for your takeaway.

One of the great things about EPOS systems is that you can choose one that is specifically tailored to your business, making it simple to use and super convenient. With the right till, you can be certain that the way you run your takeaway business will be improved and certain tasks will be made simpler

EPOS Systmes for takeaways

What is an EPOS System for Takeaways?

An EPOS system for takeaways is a type of smart till systems that not only helps you take orders through the till, but offers a whole host of other benefits that can make several business processes more efficient and accurate. EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and it is widely used by a whole host of service businesses, including restaurants, pubs and bars.

An EPOS System for Your Takeaway

EPOS Systems for takeaways have been designed with the idea in mind that no two takeaways are the same. All takeaways have different menus, prices and offers that need to be accounted for in the till system in order for the business to run smoothly. Luckily, your EPOS system for takeaways can be entirely customised so that all of your offerings are available within the all in one system.

What is more, if you have more than one location, your EPOS system can be used across all your takeaways and linked together. Plus, if you have differences from location to location, it can be adjusted to account for this as well. This means that you can really make the most of the system and makes your point of sale process as effective as possible.

Keep and Eye on Stock Levels

There is nothing more disappointing to a customer than looking to order some yummy food and finding out that it is out of stock. Luckily, EPOS systems for takeaways are specifically designed to keep track of stock levels as orders go through the till. This means that when stock levels for a particular product get low, the EPOS system will alert you so that you can order more.

Never worry about sold out food again with and EPOS system to designed to keep you on top of your stock and your customers happy and coming back for more.

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Do you already have a Card Machine?

Take Card Payment with a Handheld Card Machine

Another great benefit of EPOS systems for takeaways is the fact that you can connect your till system to your card machine and take payment easily. One of the key parts of running a busy food environment is making sure your customers are happy and not kept waiting.

Using an EPOS system for takeaways means tahtyou can transmit information directly to your kitchen if the till area and kitchen area are separate, meaning that customers will not have to wait for the till staff to relay an order to the kitchen. It also means your till staff can take more order through the till more quickly.

Special Offers on your EPOS System for Takeaways

Do you offer a special meal deal at your takeaway? Perhaps a 2 for 1 offer? And EPOS system that is specifically designed for a takeaway environment can be programmed to account for any special deals you offer in your business. This means that as your staff put an order through the till, the system will recognise the right price straight away, making it easy to keep your customers satisfied and your prices correct.

Your EPOS system can also account for discounted menu items and help your staff eliminate the possibility of charging customers incorrectly.

Less Back Office Work for your Takeaway

When you get an EPOS system for your takeaway, it is easy to eliminate unnecessary paperwork as much of your information is kept within the all in one system. If you are particularly prone to losing important documents, you can keep information stored in the EPOS system, meaning you never need to worry about losing it.

Simple EPOS Systems for Takeaways

Although they could sound complicated, an EPOS system is actually a really simple device that doesn’t require any significant training for your staff. In face, they could even find it simpler than the system you were using before. This means you don’t need to worry that you need to spend much time training staff, meaning they can work with confidence from the get go.

Find The Perfect EPOS System

Here at Business Quotes, we know it is important to find the perfect EPOS system for your business. That is why we compare the prices of various different EPOS systems for takeaways, helping take the hassle out of finding your perfect system.

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What is a PDQ machine?

Simply put, a PDQ machine (also known as a Point of Sale terminal, credit card terminal or EFTPOS terminal) is a payment devices which connects with payment cards (such as credit and debit cars) to transfer fund electronically.

Most of us use PDQ machines on a daily or weekly basis, as the majority of food and essential retailers offer PDQ machines as their main method of payment. This was especially prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic when businesses wanted to limit the amount of physical contact with others that would be more common in the exchange of cash

PDQ Machine Rates

What are the benefits of using a PDQ machine?

There are many reasons why a PDQ machine is a hugely advantageous method of payment taking in 2021. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Faster and easier payments
  • Much securer way to transfer funds between a consumer and a merchant
  • Offer your customers multiple ways to pay
  • No need to keep as much cash within your premises
  • Less cash handling, which is particularly beneficial when trying to minimise your contact with others

In 2021, having a PDQ or “chip and pin” machine is really an essential payment device that any business owner who takes payments in person should consider.

Compare PDQ Machine Rates

How much do PDQ machines cost?

If you are considering using a PDQ machine for your business, you may be wondering what the PDQ machine rates and costs are. There are a few things you will need to consider financially when investing in a PDQ machine for your business.  

The Upfront cost of a PDQ machine can vary, so it is difficult to give an exact amount. However, there will be a few costs involved before you can get your chip and pin machine going.

  • Set Up Costs. Most PDQ machines will come with a one-time fee for the installation of new merchant facilities. Depending on the provider, the PDQ machine setup rate can be around £50-£160.
  • Purchase Fees. When considering a PDQ machine for your business, there are two main options that you can choose from. If you want to own your PDQ machine, this can typically cost anywhere between £250 – £800 depending on the device. Your second option is to rent the device on a monthly or annual PDQ machine rate.

Once you have dealt with the upfront cost of these payment devices, the next consideration is monthly costs that you will need to consider. Some of these can depend on whether you choose to purchase or buy the terminal.

  • Hire. If you choose to rent your PDQ machine, you will generally be paying a recurring fee for the rental. The average costs can vary depending on the type of machine you buy:
Fixed Countertop MachinePortable MachineMobile Machine
£15 on average£19 on average£22 on average
  • Authorisation Fees. With each payment that is taken, you will pay an authorisation fee of about 1-3p each time.
  • Merchant Charges. There will be a charge from the merchant on every card transaction you take, which is notably higher for credit card payments over debit card payments.
  • MMSC. There is a charge if your transactions fall under a certain amount. This charge is there to ensure your provider makes back their investment.
PDQ Machines

PDQ Machine Rates

There are a number of different PDQ machine providers who will offer different rates depending on the needs of your business. Here at Business Quotes, we are proud to compare PDQ machine rates across a number of providers, helping you get the best price that is most appropriate to you. Contact us today for a PDQ machine rate tailored to you.

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Step 9

Do you already have a Card Machine?

PDQ Machine Providers.

There are a few different providers in the UK who will offer a variety of different devices and rates.

Ingenico – This is one of the biggest providers of PDQ machines in the UK. They lead the retail industry throughout the country and are recognised by most big retail companies and businesses.

Verifone – Verifone are not quite as large as Ingenico, but still incredibly successful and growing every year. They offer a range of different terminals that are perfect for all business types.

Spire – Originally known as Hypercom, Spire are another provider of PDQ machines in the UK and throughout Europe. Just like Ingenico and Verifone, this PDQ machine provider has countertop, portable and mobile models, making it a great option for a multitude of businesses.

PDQ Machine Rates 2021

Here at Business Quotes, we offer comprehensive PDQ machine rates and quotes for all types of small and larger businesses. Our team can help you compare quotes from a number of different PDQ machine providers, making it easy to find a PDQ machine rate that is tailored to you.

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Why should you compare vehicle tracking systems? With the right system, you can do more than just track vehicles. If you run a courier service, starting up a delivery operation or sending people out on jobs, then vehicle tracking can help in multiple ways. That’s because modern systems can tell you not only where vehicles are, but their speeds, fuel consumption and routes.

With real-time data on your side, you can work out ways to use less fuel, reduce idling driver times, and make your whole operation as effective, and cost-effective, as possible. No matter the size of your business, there’s a vehicle tracking system on the market that can help you become more profitable.

vehicle tracking systems

Why Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems?

But, to maximise your profits, it’s important to compare which vehicle tracking systems offer the best deal for your business. Some companies offer services that work well if you have a large fleet, while others are better for smaller operations. Not only that, but the length of the contract and the equipment they use can be a factor.

All of these things drive up the cost of vehicle tracking systems. But, with Business Quotes, you can compare vehicle tracking systems to drive the price down. Not only that, but you can find a system that makes a bigger difference for your business. You could find that it reduces delivery times, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces overheads too.

compare best vehicle tracking systems

Comparing The Best Vehicle Tracking Systems


Movolytics is a great vehicle tracking system for first-time users. That’s because you get free installation and unlimited training. Not only that, though, but you can make the most of real-time data. With patented technology to offer better fuel reporting and a driver scoring system that calculates a rating from more than 150 behaviours, you’ll have more control than ever before.


Quartix, though, could be a more affordable option. It offers three services at different price points, and they come with short contracts. Because of this, you don’t have to commit to years of fees straight away. Not only that, but you can see how well your drivers perform from day one. You’ll get detailed daily logs, as well as reporting of harmful materials to meet FORS standards.

RAM Tracking

You could save more money in the long run with the RAM Tracking system. RAM is the only provider to report on cost-saving specifically, helping you streamline your business. It can also help you manage a small fleet brilliantly, as it focuses on only the key features. You’ll even get crash report data should anything go awry during a delivery.


Samsara’s vehicle tracking system helps you keep your business moving. If plans change, you can alert drivers to a new route within as little as 30 seconds. You’ll also get intelligent routing functions that use real-time data to optimise each journey, and extensive driver messaging to keep your team in the loop. That way, you can react to the fast-paced world in a fast-paced way.

UK Fuels – Kinesis Telematics

If fuel is important to you, then the UK Fuels vehicle tracking service could be very helpful. It specialises in working out your fuel costs, and it fully integrates fuel card data within the system. It also provides each of your drivers a score for economical driving, helping you figure out where you can save the most. And, with transparent charges, you’ll also know how much you pay for it.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a trusted name for vehicle tracking systems. The Verizon service is comprehensive, offering a range of features, and comes from a reputable supplier. While it can be more costly, it’s great value if you have a larger fleet. With its services including diagnostic alerts, custom reports and a dedicated smartphone app, you’ll always know what’s happening.

Vodafone Fleet Telematics

Go global with the Vodafone Fleet Telematics vehicle tracking system. With full integration into Vodafone’s global telecommunications network, you can move your fleet across the world with no additional roaming charges. Packages are modular too, meaning you can pay only for the services you want. Although, with real-time telemetry, driver data and eFNOL, there’s a lot to pick from.

compare vehicle tracking systems prices

Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems with Business Quotes

You could compare a lot of vehicle tracking systems to find the right one. Due to this, doing it on your own can take time. But, when you compare vehicle tracking systems with Business Quotes, you can find the best deal in seconds. We offer a range of quotes from the leading systems on the market, including many listed above.

As a result, you’ll be able to compare more than just price. You can consider the length of their contracts, the quality of their service, and the features they have. From there, you can make a more informed decision on the vehicle tracking system that works best for you. That way, you’ll save money today to save even more in the long run.

Compare Vehicle Tracking Systems Prices

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