Card Machines for Market Traders

What are the best card machines for market traders? If you’re in a busy market, then you know people only go past you for a few seconds. Not only that, people want to buy stuff in just as long. And, when they see something on their stall that is up their alley, they don’t usually end up getting it if they have to go to a cash machine to pull out some extra money.

Market traders know that moving fast is crucial – it’s why card machines are becoming more important. With a card machine, you can make sure customers can pay comfortably and that you can manage money digitally. Additionally, you can tie new card machines to a merchant account, and you could even open an online shop with some providers. Card machines for market traders, then, open up a world of possibilities.

At Business Quotes, we believe card machines are brilliant for market traders – but only when they get a good deal. It’s why we allow you to compare prices within minutes to see which card machines will be best for you. Not only that, you can see all of the leading systems in one place, allowing you to make the right investment with peace of mind. Read on below to see how three market-leading card machines stack up for market traders.

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Zettle Card Machines for Market Traders

Our first provider for review is Zettle. Zettle is owned by PayPal, a leader in the digital payments space, meaning the Zettle system is backed by a reputable provider. Not only that, Zettle is highly versatile and takes multiple payment types, including debit, credit, Amex and much more. Backed by PayPal’s infrastructure, this means the machine is reliable and flexible.

Zettle also works in connection with a wide variety of systems. You can control the card machine via apps on either iOS and Android, meaning all you’ll need for the system is a phone. And, when you order a Zettle reader as a market trader, you won’t have to pay any costly shipping or setup fees. Getting one is easy, too, with only a short signing up process to go through.

Finally, Zettle offers one of the cheapest card machines for market traders available. In some cases, the system is available for as little as £19, making it a popular choice for small businesses. Not only that, there’s no contract to tie yourself into, and a transaction fee of 1.75% is highly competitive. All of this makes Zettle’s card machines ideal for market traders.

SumUp Card Machines for Market Traders

However, you could also look at card machines for market traders from SumUp. SumUp is seen as the cheapest standalone card machine with a receipt printer in the UK. While the initial price is £149, which seems very expensive compared with the Zettle reader, it has the lowest fixed card rate and has no shipping or setup charges that sting you down the line.

SumUp’s transaction rate is 1.69%, which is lower than Zettle and anybody else. It’s the cheapest fee in the UK, meaning you can take more of each payment you make. And, with this card machine, you can take mobile, chip and pin and contactless payments with ease, and the payment goes through quickly as well. For an even lower price, you could opt for the SumUp Air card machine too!

Finally, SumUp’s card machines can help market traders take their first steps in the online space. SumUp users have access to payment links, email invoices and an online store creator, all for no extra charge. You’ll even have the capacity to set up an online shop, and SumUp will only take a competitive 2.5% cut of all transactions. SumUp, then, is another one of the best card machines for market traders.

Square Card Machines for Market Traders

Finally, we’re going to take a look at Square‘s card machines for market traders. Square are a growing name in this space, and the main reason they get noticed is their great pricing. With an initial cost of just £16, Square’s reader is one of the cheapest out there. Not only that, the system comes with several payment tools that come free of charge.

Square’s system connects easily with your phone and takes payments from the major card providers. It’s also easy to get your bank account set up, and the whole process only takes a few days. And, with a competitive transaction fee of 1.75%, you won’t have to lose too much of your earnings to expensive fees. As a result, you’ll make more of your money with card machines that work brilliantly for market traders.

card machines for market traders prices

Card Machines for Market Traders Prices

Whichever of these card machines for market traders sounds best for you, you can find them with Business Quotes. Not only that, you can compare prices instantly to save time and money on your investment. You can start your quote comparison today to see how much you could save, or call our friendly team on 01223 776 104 to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK? A VOIP system is essential for any business looking to stay connected. Since COVID-19 and many small businesses entering a form of hybrid working, making sure everybody can contact each other is crucial. However, a VOIP system also makes sure you never miss an opportunity to speak to external clients.

So, what makes a VOIP phone system best for small businesses in the UK? Your system needs to have features that make it easy to use for your employees and features that allow for better functionality. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the best VOIP system for small businesses in the UK has strong connectivity and has a contract term you can deal with. And, finally, you’ll want to get the best possible deal.

At Business Quotes, we can quickly help you find the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK. With our simple quote comparison tool, we can help you find prices from leading brands in minutes. Because of this, you can compare quotes for a range of options to find the best deal for your business. We could save you a lot of money on your quote as well!

best voip phone system

Features of VOIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses in the UK

So, what features make the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK? For a start, you’ll want to be able to use it easily. A company like BT, for example, will have a dedicated onboarding manager to get you operational. Additionally, some systems like HiHi come with a tablet device, meaning you can take and make calls easily, even while on the go.

From there, the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK will always be easy to manage. You’ll want a system that is easy to add and remove users from, meaning no operating delays. Not only that, you could opt for a VOIP phone system that is cloud-based, meaning you can all connect to it online. However, this might lead to poor connectivity and integration with main phone lines.

And, when you get a VOIP phone system for your small business, you don’t want to be tied down to a long contract. Especially if you’re a start-up, a contract of one or even two years can be a weight around your neck. As a result, it’s wise to look for VOIP phone system providers that don’t have a lengthy contract. Because of this, you’ll have more flexibility in your business.

best voip phone system for small businesses

Connectivity of Best VOIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses in the UK

Another key reason that can make the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK is the system’s connectivity. With good connectivity, you’ll never miss a call or have any confusion. Firstly, you’ll want a system that can give you as many minutes as possible. While some offer unlimited minutes, providers like RingCentral only offer up to 4,000 per user per month.

You could also benefit from having international call capabilities, ideal if you’re a small business with a global reach. 8×8 is known for providing free international calls to as many as 47 countries, potentially expanding your client and customer base. And, if you require a multiline phone system, you’ll need something that can connect to main landlines. Some systems, including 8×8, are entirely cloud-based and don’t have this function.

Connectivity for the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK also concerns integration. With good integration, your system can work with multiple other systems to improve the way your whole business works. RingCentral is excellent for this, offering connectivity with MS Office, Salesforce and even Dropbox. And, with providers like Lily Comms, you can get bespoke platforms like Lily Collaborate.

best voip phone system for small businesses in the uk

Cost of Best VOIP Phone System for Small Businesses in the UK

Of course, the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK won’t have a big price tag. It’s so important to find the best possible deal, though, and not the cheapest. If you make the right investment in your phone system, you can save money and improve your business operations. However, the wrong investment can be devastating.

Some companies, including 8×8 and RingCentral, offer low monthly fees for their systems. You should consider what these systems offer, though, and whether their features suit your business and are worth the money. Alternatively, some more expensive providers might offer lengthy contracts but offer better functionality for your needs. As a result, the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK is always the one that works for you.

At Business Quotes, we’re committed to helping you find it. We believe finding the best VOIP phone system for small businesses in the UK should be simpler and quicker. When you start your quote comparison, you can find your brilliant deal in minutes. Find out more by calling our friendly team on 01223 776 104 and start your quote today!

What are the best EPOS systems for charities? If you run a charity, getting an EPOS system can help you keep track of everything going on on your premises and further afield. However, many EPOS systems popular with other businesses don’t work as well for charities. It’s because they don’t have some of the crucial features of more specialised systems.

Of course, charities don’t work like traditional businesses – so why should EPOS systems be for charities? Because of this, modern EPOS systems have specialised features for these kinds of businesses. You can get EPOS systems for charities that calculate gift aid, store donor information and specific features to improve revenue. As a result, you can make the most vital impact for whoever your charity is trying to help.

At Business Quotes, we want to make an impact too. It’s why we created our easy quote comparison tool, which allows you to compare prices for a range of EPOS systems for charities. Therefore, we can give your charity a system for a more competitive price, and we offer quotes for leading brands. Here’s a look at what some of the leading EPOS systems for charities can offer your business:

epos systems

ePOS Direct EPOS Systems for Charities

ePOS Direct is one of the leading providers of EPOS systems for charities. It has created an app called Charity, specifically for charities, to manage their business operations. As a result, it can work well for a charity of any size, whether you have a single-site operation or a regional charity or a high-street retailer. Fully compatible with keyboard and touch devices, this system simplifies the sales process for charities. The system develops a single barcode that holds data for both the product and the donor. And, when the item is processed, gift aid is calculated automatically.

Charity Retail Systems EPOS Systems for Charities

Alternatively, Charity Retail Systems has developed an EPOS system for charities specifically. It’s called CHARiot, and is feature-rich while being straightforward. CHARiot prides itself on simple store management, making complex systems easy, connected and automated. With EPOS systems for charities like these, you’ll get a cloud server for head office and an installed system on till points. You’ll also get real-time reports from dashboards that update instantly with sales, profits, gift aid and KPI information. You’ll also get HMRC-recognised auditing tools as standard!

Eproductive EPOS Systems for Charities

You could also take a look at Eproductive‘s range of EPOS systems for charities. Eproductive’s systems are popular, with hundreds installed in the UK, and can help you improve your stock control and sales reporting, all while maximising gift aid revenue. It’s easy to integrate and use and gives you full control of your business. Not only that, you’ll get more from this than most EPOS systems for charities. For example, the system helps with donor engagement and manages training for staff and volunteers. You also have 100% control of gift aid revenue!

CSY EPOS Systems for Charities

CSY are another provider of EPOS Systems for charities. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, CSY has created a system called VectorCharity, which promises to freshen up your business operations. It combines classic EPOS processes with charity-specific features, including gift aid and donor management. Vector can manage point-of-sale, serving customers quickly and responsively. Not only that, the system can manage and recommend order quantities to your suppliers. And, with so many different items in charities, VectorCharity has multiple selling methods for each type.

Cybertill EPOS Systems for Charities

Our final focus is Cybertill’s range of EPOS systems for charities. CharityStore, Cybertill’s bespoke platform, is widely used by several charities in the UK. Over a third of charities are using CharityStore, meaning it is a popular option embraced across the country. It could be because Cybertill’s platform is based on the cloud, meaning all aspects of the system are managed digitally. As a result, charities don’t need to invest in central servers, reducing costs and administration fees. You’ll also save more money as Cybertill offer software updates and data back-ups for free as well.

epos systems for charities prices

EPOS Systems for Charities Prices

All of these EPOS systems for charities could improve the way you manage your operations. However, it’s hard to know which is right for you. Not only that, the prices can vary wildly, making it a tricky decision to make. But, with Business Quotes, you can make the right call by comparing prices in minutes to find the best possible deal on EPOS systems for charities.

If you’d like to see which of the EPOS systems for charities on the market could work for you, start your quote comparison today. You’ll get several quotes quickly, allowing you to compare your options with ease. And, if you’d like to learn more, you can always give our team a call on 01223 776 104. We look forward to helping you!

What are the best EPOS systems for cafes? If you run a cafe, a restaurant, or any eatery, you want to run it quickly and efficiently. As you try and do that, a high-quality EPOS system could prove to be your best friend. EPOS systems for cafes are all-in-one management systems, helping you take orders, manage accounts and gather data and insights into how your business works.

Nowadays, several EPOS systems are coming onto the market designed for cafes. Because of this, you can get EPOS systems that operate as they should for a cafe, providing you with all the data and management tools you need. But which EPOS systems are best for cafes? Is it the most affordable option, the most compatible and feature-rich, or the one with the most support or software?

At Business Quotes, we can help you find out which EPOS systems for cafes are right for you. We can help you compare prices for a wide range of leading options, and you can see what bang you’ll get for your buck. From there, you can make a more well-informed investment, and you can save time and money. Choose Business Quotes and compare EPOS systems for cafes with ease today!

epos systems for cafes costs

EPOS Systems for Cafes Costs

Firstly, the cost of EPOS systems for cafes is usually the big factor in which one you pick. With these EPOS systems, though, you’ll be able to save money at the outset. It’s because the majority of EPOS systems for cafes come with monthly payment fees rather than with an initial one-time fee. Because of this, you’ll save at the start, but finding the right payment fees could save you a lot of money over time.

One of the cheapest EPOS systems on the market for cafes is Zettle Food & Drink. Zettle is backed by PayPal, making it one of the most reliable payment systems on the market, and the EPOS features make it ideal for small cafes with a single till. Zettle Food & Drink is easy to use, and it works offline, so you never miss a trick. And, with a monthly cost of £29, you’ll find you can save money over time with this EPOS system.

epos systems for cafes quotes

EPOS Systems for Cafes Features

Another benefit of EPOS systems for cafes is the features you get. However, some systems offer much more than others. One great example is TouchBistro, which has a feature-rich EPOS system that is perfect for cafes. For example, table plans, customer tabs, advanced split bills and food menus with modifiers available, and you can also connect to Uber Eats and Deliveroo for an additional cost.

Not only that, you could choose Square for Restaurants as your new EPOS system. Square’s EPOS systems work well for cafes of any size, as the payment plan for Square supports unlimited tills in one location. You can also set individual stock levels in the Square system, and it’ll automatically take any products you’re out of stock on off the menu. Square’s system functions on iPad, too, meaning your staff can take it around with them.

epos systems for cafes prices

EPOS Systems for Cafes Support

Another key reason why some EPOS systems are more suited for cafes than others is the support. Not only does this include support from the company itself, but the system’s compatibility with other devices. In terms of the devices you can install EPOS systems on, most systems are iPad only. However, you can get some systems that offer excellent support.

For example, Lightspeed‘s EPOS systems come with 24/7 support, meaning you’ll always be able to check with them if there are any issues. And, with an advanced feature set specialised for cafes and restaurants, you’ll be able to enhance your business in several ways. Support and compatibility are crucial when choosing EPOS systems for cafes. However, what could be even more important is how you choose them.

EPOS Systems for Cafes Quotes

If you’re after quotes for EPOS systems for cafes, it can take a while to find them. Not only that, when you research yourself, you’re never quite sure whether you’re getting the best deal. You might find that you don’t want to pay so much per month or sign up for a 12-month contract that ties you in. However, it can take a lot of time to compare all the options on your own.

So, at Business Quotes, this is where we can step in. We offer a business quote comparison service for EPOS systems for cafes, meaning you can compare leading systems and prices in minutes. You’ll have all of the options at your fingertips, and you can see how each system would be right for your business. And, by comparing prices with us, you could benefit from lower offers that you may not find anywhere else.

Start your comparison today if you’d like to see how much you could save on EPOS systems for cafes with us! And, for further information and advice, you can always call our friendly team on 01123 776 104.

Card machines are becoming more useful every day for small shops. As the world seems to move towards digital payment ever further, having the ability to take card payments could set your small shop apart from the rest. With card machines, you have the flexibility to earn money in various ways, and your customers have the flexibility to give it to you. However, which card machines are best for small shops?

With so many card machines on the market for small shops, it can be hard to know the right system. Some card machines have high transaction fees, meaning you could lose more money with each payment. Some card machines also have lengthy contract obligations, meaning you’re tied into payments well into the future. And, finally, some card machines cost a lot more at the outset than other designs.

So, how do you compare card machines for small shops? With Business Quotes, you can see which card machines are right for you quickly and easily. We offer competitive quotes from a wide range of leading card machine providers, meaning you’ll be able to see what the best deal is in minutes. As a result, you’ll not only save money but get card machines that enhance the small shops you own.

Card machines for small businesses

Card Machine Fees for Small Shops

Most card machines for small shops come with transaction fees. Because of this, the company that sells you your card machine will take a percentage of any payment made through the system. As a result, finding a card machine with a lower transaction fee can make a huge difference in the long run. While the difference won’t seem much with each payment, that small saving could add up to thousands of pounds.

If you want the card machines for small shops with the lowest fees, SumUp is the company to look for. With a transaction fee of 1.69%, you’ll earn more of each payment from them. However, SumUp’s card machines have a much larger initial fee than their competitors of £149. So, if you get one of these card machines, it’s better to have stability in your business to make sure you pay the higher price back.

Another option is to choose a flexible fees provider. More traditional card machine companies like Worldpay and Barclaycard will often change their fees depending on the size of your business. However, these providers usually offer more generous terms as your company becomes larger. As a result, these card machines can often be costly for small shops and only begin to even out as you grow your business.

card machines

Card Machine Contracts for Small Shops

If you’re just starting up, or if your small shop hasn’t been around for a while, then you might want flexible card machines. However, some providers don’t give you the ability to get a card machine and only keep it for as long as you want it. Even if your business were to be disrupted, some card machines would come with lengthy contract obligations. You can sometimes get tied into a 12-month contract, or even longer in some cases.

Zettle by PayPal card machines are popular for small shops because of their lack of a contract. With Zettle, you won’t have to enter any contract, nor do you have to pay any monthly fees. And, while the transaction fees are slightly higher than SumUp’s machines at 1.75%, you’ll only have to pay £59 at worst initially. Because of this, they’re brilliant if you’re just starting up.

card machines for small shops prices

Card Machine Prices for Small Shops

Finally, the card machines you choose for small shops will most likely depend on the price. However, the difference in prices between some providers can be surprisingly big. As we’ve already seen, you can find prices of £149 for some machines, but these can be much lower. And, with Square‘s reader, you could pay as little as £16 to get a brand-new card machine for your small shop.

Another option, though, is not to pay an initial fee at all. Some card machines for small shops are available monthly via rental, although this usually comes with a contract. Dojo is a company that uses this system, and they can offer flexible contracts that rollover on a month-by-month basis. As a result, you can either choose to pay an initial fee and pay smaller fees later or pay nothing and choose larger fees in the long run. Either way, you’ll still enhance your business.

Card Machines for Small Shops from Business Quotes

If you want card machines for your small shops, then Business Quotes can help, too. Rather than comparing prices on websites or doing extensive research, you can find competitive quotes for some of the best card machines for small shops on the market in minutes. It’s easy to start your comparison online, and you can also call our friendly team on 01223 776 104. We look forward to helping you!

EPOS systems are becoming more specialised for hospitality. Nowadays, you can get systems that bring everything you need to run a cafe, restaurant or even a bar into one complete package. EPOS systems, also known as Electronic Point-of-Sale systems, are a way of taking payments digitally and managing finances, too. However, the right system can help your business not only take payments but take a step forward.

Which EPOS systems are right for your hospitality business, though? With so many on the market, it can be difficult to know when you’re getting the best deal. And, while some EPOS systems are designed for hospitality, other systems work well regardless of the business they’re designed for. Contracts, fees and software all play a role in your decision as well.

With Business Quotes, you can get EPOS systems for hospitality more easily. Rather than spend time searching yourself, you can save time by comparing multiple quotes for leading EPOS systems in minutes. From there, you’ll be in control of your investment, and you can have peace of mind in your choice. You’ll get the right price on EPOS systems for your business every time with us!

hospitality epos systems

EPOS Systems for Cafes

EPOS systems are great for cafes in particular, as well as other hospitality businesses. Cafes are usually quite small, meaning that your business needs are different to bigger locations. You’ll need something more nimble for an EPOS system, one that allows you to take payments quickly but also provides insights about what products are selling. For that, there are EPOS systems that 100% fit the bill for cafe hospitality businesses.

EPOS Now is a solid choice, as these systems work portably for hospitality. As a result, staff can take tills with them to tables, meaning easier payment for everybody. Not only that, the software is adaptable to your needs, meaning it can showcase the daily specials or show your staff which dishes are out of stock. Because of this, EPOS Now’s systems make your hospitality business much more efficient, as well as more profitable.

If you have a start-up cafe or work in a smaller space, you could also try Worldpay. Worldpay isn’t specialised in hospitality, but these EPOS systems work brilliantly for smaller, more urban locations. Your system will have a sleek design and compact size that makes them easy to use and move around, and a Bluetooth connection means you won’t have to rely on WiFi for service either.

epos systems hospitality

EPOS Systems for Restaurants

EPOS systems are hugely helpful for hospitality. And, if you have a restaurant, getting the right system speeds everything up. However, speed isn’t the only important thing for great restaurant service – so is the accuracy. And, with the most specialised EPOS systems, you can manage every aspect of your restaurant on the go to free you up to create better customer experiences.

TouchBistro is the gold standard when it comes to EPOS systems for restaurants and the hospitality sector. Specifically designed for eateries, these EPOS systems allow you to control every aspect of your business and your staff. Your staff will be able to upsell, check allergy information and stock on the go. At the same time, these EPOS systems provide detailed insights and analytics to help you make better business decisions.

And, if you have multiple restaurants, you could consider Iiko. Iiko’s EPOS systems are perfectly engineered for multiple locations, making them ideal for food deliveries and multi-site management. You can check inventory across multiple sites on the go and coordinate deliveries. Iiko’s intuitive tools can even help you optimise your floor plan and suggest ways to make the most of the space you have.

EPOS Systems for hospitality quotes

EPOS Systems for Bars & Nightclubs

If you run a bar or a nightclub, you’ll need EPOS systems that manage orders quickly. With so much happening in so little space, your EPOS system also needs to be compact and easy to manage. Additionally, you’ll want a payment system that works for all kinds of payment options, leading to no delays or unforeseen issues with more unruly customers.

For all of this, Zettle by Paypal’s EPOS systems is an ideal solution for bars and nightclubs, as well as wider hospitality. Zettle’s card machines are known to be 25% faster than average, meaning your staff can efficiently move through queues of people. Not only that, Zettle has sophisticated software that allows you to see what products and which employees are selling the most. You can even do stock takes and check finances to see if all of the money is in the right place.

Zettle’s card machine designs are also sleek and compact, meaning they won’t take up room and are easy to move around. Not only that, it integrates with apps like Xero, meaning you can get better insights as to how your business is doing. And, with a low initial price and transaction fees of only 1.75%, it’s a cheaper option too.

EPOS Systems for Hospitality Prices

If you want to learn more about EPOS Systems for hospitality or get your own, choose Business Quotes. We can help you compare prices for a range of leading EPOS systems, meaning you’ll get a great deal for your hospitality business every time.

Start your comparison today or call our friendly team on 01223 776 104 to find out more.

Getting telephone systems can help small businesses take every opportunity. After all, phone calls seem to be the way most business is done these days. Before the pandemic, several businesses were beginning to move most of their meetings into the virtual space. Now, though, getting telephone systems to navigate that space is all but essential for small businesses.

However, there are a lot of telephone systems for small businesses on the market. Because of this, how do you know which system is right for you? Many factors can determine which system suits your needs, including the type of system, the inclusive minutes you get given, the number of countries covered and, of course, the initial cost. All of these things might play a role in the telephone systems small businesses invest in.

But, if you’re planning on investing in telephone systems for small businesses, you could save money. By choosing Business Quotes to compare prices for these systems, you can find lower quotes and quickly see which systems are best for you. Our price comparison service makes it easy to cut the cost of telephone systems for small businesses. Here are some of the things you might want to consider for your business.

telephone systems

Types of Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Most telephone systems for small businesses are cloud-based. VOIP systems run digitally, meaning they don’t depend on a mobile network to make calls. Although one major provider, BT, run their telephone systems off of their pre-existing infrastructure, other providers don’t have easy access to this. Because of this, most telephone systems for small businesses run off of the cloud.

In reality, this is probably a good thing as long as you have a reliable WiFi signal. With a strong connection, you’ll be able to have crystal clear reception when you make that important call. Not only that, all of these telephone systems double up as video conferencing tools. As a result, the person on the other end of the line can see you, allowing you to make a quicker connection and build a more dynamic rapport.

Minutes from Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Most telephone systems for small businesses look great on the surface. However, what if some of them limited the number of calls you could make? Unfortunately, some providers cap your minutes, meaning you might end up expiring on them during a critical meeting. But, if you look through the options, you can also find telephone systems providers for small businesses that don’t cap your minutes.

8×8, BT and Mitel all provide unlimited minutes as part of their price plans, while telephone systems like Ring CentralOffice only allow 4,000 minutes per month on even the highest price plans. Many companies, such as HiHi, also don’t publish this data online very publicly, meaning you could end up being surprised by a minutes cap on your telephone system.

Telephone systems for small businesses cost

International Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

One of the benefits of telephone systems becoming a larger part of small businesses is their ability to connect with the world. As meetings move online, we can now be truly global, even at a small scale, speaking to companies from all across the planet. However, some telephone systems for small businesses don’t give you this ability. At lower price points, you might only be limited to UK calls.

Once again, 8×8 and BT are the companies with systems most suited to international calls, although both providers only put this feature at higher price points. You might have to request a quote for the feature to work out how much it will cost you with other providers. But, if you work internationally, getting a feature like this could be vital for you. You’ll be able to speak to everybody on Earth and give your business the chance to thrive everywhere.

Cost of Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

But if anything is important when getting telephone systems for small businesses, it’s the cost. However, price points can vary with several providers for certain features, meaning comparing isn’t easy. If you want a cheap system, then Ring CentralOffice could be for you. It’s the cheapest system on the market for the initial cost, but it caps your minutes on even the most expensive plan to 4,000 per month.

Some telephone systems, including those from Enreach and Berry, though, don’t publish their prices. Instead, you may have to go to them directly to request a quote. But Business Quotes has made it easier than ever to find competitive quotes for a wide range of telephone systems for small businesses. And, by searching with us, you could save time as well as money.

telephone systems for small businesses prices

Telephone Systems for Small Businesses Prices

If you’d like to see which telephone systems for small businesses are right for you, compare prices today with Business Quotes!

You can start your price comparison now or get in touch with our team by calling 01223 776 104 to find out more.

Which brand of photocopier is best? Answering that question depends on what you’d need one for. If you run a business, then photocopying is often crucial. Even if you only use a little bit of paper or don’t need high-quality printing, a good photocopier can still make your business run a lot faster. So, getting the right one can make a big difference in how your business operates.

However, once you start the search, you’ll realise there’s a lot of brands of photocopiers out there, each one claiming to be your best bet. Many factors can help you sort through which ones could be and which ones certainly aren’t, though. Black and white or colour printing, printing rate and software can all play a role. Also, some photocopier brands are suited to small businesses, and others to larger corporate needs.

With Business Quotes, you can see which brand of photocopier is best quickly and easily. You can compare prices on a range of leading photocopier brands and designs to help you make the best decision for your business. And, with our price comparison tool, you’ll make sure to save as well. Make a better investment with Business Quotes and get the brand of photocopier that is best for you today!

best photocopier brand

Which Brand of Photocopier is Best for Small Businesses?

We’re going to divide our conversation about which brand of photocopier is best into two sections – small business and large business. It’s because the needs for the two are often vastly different. With a small business, economics is key. Not only do you want to produce a lot of copy, and in the time you’d like it made, but you don’t want to spend too much on making it.

A brand of photocopier which is best for economics is often Brother. Brother are known for designing their photocopiers around SMB’s, meaning that they’re ideal for your needs. Not only that, the pricing is very affordable, meaning they’re ideal if you’re just starting up or you want to raise your photocopying to another level. You could also choose Sharp, one of the industry’s most recognisable brands, which specialise in small business photocopying solutions.

However, a small business is usually a growing business. So, which brand of photocopier is best for your business could depend on your ambition. One great brand that can match your ambition even as your business grows is Konica Minolta. Konica Minolta runs all of their printers through their operating platform, Bizhub, and they cater to the needs of small and upwardly mobile businesses brilliantly.

With Bizhub, all of the photocopiers Konica make have similar software. Because of this, your staff won’t have to learn new software if you get new, bigger photocopiers in the future. So, if you run a small business, you have a wide range of competitors all trying to be the answer to ‘which brand of photocopier is best?’. If you have a larger business, though, there’s a whole other range of brands to look through.

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Which Brand of Photocopier is Best for Large Businesses?

If you have a large business, then which brand of photocopier is best for you? Not only will you need copiers that can produce a lot of paper at a high rate, but you’ll also need high-quality and a solid infrastructure. One option is Canon, which is the UK’s most popular brand of photocopier. Canon is known for producing copiers with great attention to detail and definition, making them ideal if your business needs high-quality copies.

However, one brand of photocopier that a lot of large businesses trust is Ricoh. Ricoh is popular because its copiers cater well to corporate needs, and they have a wide range of options to suit anybody. Whether you need a high-capacity production machine or an all-in-one, Ricoh will have a leading design for you. You can even get 3D printers with Ricoh!

And, if you want another trusted brand to look through, you could always choose Xerox. Xerox is one of the biggest companies globally, and the quality of their photocopiers has got them there. Xerox produces superb all-in-one printers, ideal for large businesses and great for small businesses who need to produce many copies. Because of this, they’re a great choice for anybody who needs the full package from their photocopier.

No matter what brand of photocopier is best for you, though, there’s a way to save money on them. With Business Quotes, not only can you compare several brands of photocopier, but you can see how much they’ll cost instantly. As a result, you can see which is the best price in a matter of minutes, and you won’t have to spend time worrying about your investment. Give us a call on 01223 776 104 or start your comparison now to save today!

Portable credit card machines are becoming essential for small businesses today. Nowadays, nearly everybody uses cards as their primary payment option – as cash becomes less popular, businesses that rely on cash are getting left behind. Most consumers want the convenience of choice in how they pay, and many small businesses are now seeking control of how they take their payments.

However, if you don’t have portable credit card machines in your small business, you might not know which to choose. As they’ve become more popular, a plethora of providers have popped up, all of which purport to offer the best possible option. However, there are subtle differences between them all. For example, transaction fees, contracts and the initial payment can all play a role in your decision.

At Business Quotes, we try and make comparing portable credit card machines for small businesses a little easier. We’ll give you the best offers from several leading providers when you search for a new machine through us. From there, you can make your investment knowing you’ve got a great deal and with peace of mind. And, to start you off, we’re going to compare three of the leading portable credit card machines for small businesses now:

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SumUp Portable Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses

SumUp is one of the leading providers of portable credit card machines for small businesses. SumUp’s machines are known for being good for small businesses as they have low transaction fees. At only 1.69%, SumUp will take less off of you with every payment, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in the long run. Not only that, the machine itself has a long-lasting charge.

However, while you’ll pay less over time in fees, you’ll have to pay more for the machine. SumUp’s 3G portable credit card machines come with an initial fee of £99, which is quite steep compared to others on the market. For that price, though, you get a range of services like payment software and the option for an online shop. As a result, SumUp’s cost can be worth it in the long run.

SumUp’s portable credit card machines are also 3G and WiFi compatible, ideal for small businesses who are more off of the beaten track. However, you’ll still need a minimal phone signal to operate the device, something some others don’t need at all. And, finally, SumUp is contract-free! So, if you’re just starting up or don’t want to sign up for a long agreement, SumUp lets you cancel anytime.

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Zettle by PayPal Portable Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses

Zettle is one of the main competitors for portable credit card machines for small businesses. Backed up by PayPal, Zettle gives you the advantage of working with a leading name in payments. As a result, your machine will support a whole range of payment options, including Amex and even Diners Club! Because of this, your customers will be able to pay how they want, and you get the flexibility of working with all of them.

Zettle’s machines have several other benefits, too – these devices are up to 25% faster than average in processing transactions, ideal for busy days. Also, Zettle’s accompanying software and analytics are widely seen as better than SumUp’s, giving you more insights into how to grow your business. And, with a £29 initial device cost, Zettle’s machine is cheaper than SumUp’s too!

However, these portable credit card machines have some drawbacks for some businesses. 1.75% transaction fees mean you lose more money in the long run, and Zettle doesn’t offer the ability to set up an online shop. Additionally, the card machines themselves must be connected to a phone or tablet, meaning they’re less flexible to use. However, for a reliable service with big-name backing, Zettle by PayPal is a good choice.

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Square Portable Card Machines for Small Businesses

Finally, you could choose Square‘s portable credit card machines for small businesses. Square is brilliant for start-ups, with a low initial device cost of £19 and low transaction fees of 1.75%, equal to Zettle. Not only that, Square’s machines are simple and easy-to-use, meaning you can get your business trained and operational on them quickly. As a result, there should be fewer teething problems with their introduction.

With Square’s portable credit card machines for small businesses, there’s no contract either. Once you’ve got the machine, it’s yours to use for however long you want. And, if you ever change what your business sells and need extra apps to facilitate this, Square is the most compatible card machine with third-party apps. However, each one may incur a fee, meaning it could be costly to do.

With Square, you can also benefit from included payment software and the option to open an online shop. As a result, Square’s payment platform is a near-complete package, although it could be the most expensive to run in the long term. If none of these portable credit card machines sounds perfect, then there are several other options on Business Quotes, too. You can compare prices with ease and get a new machine in minutes!

Portable Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses Quotes

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Who are the best EPOS providers for your business? If you need a brand-new EPOS system, finding the right one can streamline the way you take payments and save your business money. Lots of systems are on the market today, but the right one depends on what you need. Your business size, the industry you work in and the budget you have can all play a role in determining the best EPOS system.

By finding the best EPOS providers for your business, though, you can transform the way you work. You’ll be able to manage point-of-sale transactions through traditional till systems, along with mobile and tablet devices for portable use. Additionally, some of the best EPOS providers offer fully customisable systems, meaning the software works for your business. You can even get analytics reports!

If you want to find the best EPOS providers for your business, though, you’ll need to compare them. And, to do that, you should look no further than Business Quotes. We can show you a wide range of EPOS providers and systems, and you can save money on your purchase by finding the best offer through us. As a result, you can take payments for less payment with Business Quotes.

who are the best epos providers

Who are the Best EPOS Providers For Me?

If you’re looking to find the best EPOS providers for your business, working out what your business needs is crucial. By doing that, you can see which EPOS providers are more tailored to you. For example, you might have a small business with one site or a larger one that needs a complete EPOS system. If not, you could only go for a few components rather than the whole package to cut costs.

Another factor that affects who the best EPOS providers are for you is the industry you work in. Your business might be in retail, hospitality or dining, and different EPOS systems work differently for each sector. So, if you need a tailored system for your business, it’s important to look for which companies are offering customisable software or specialise in your industry.

Finally, the budget is perhaps the most important factor to work out who are the best EPOS providers. Many systems have a high-quality design, but they might cost more than you can justify. As a result, finding out the prices of each system and comparing them can help you get the best deal. And, with Business Quotes, doing that can take only minutes.

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Best EPOS Providers

Finding the best EPOS providers depends on the needs of your business. For example, if you have a large company, you might want to go for a full system that works in several sectors. Providers like these include First Data and Zettle, both of which offer a range of card payment options, device compatibility and back-end reporting. However, you could save as a smaller business by choosing certain components of these systems.

From there, the industry you work in can affect the EPOS providers you choose. Companies like EPOS Now, Touchbistro and Iiko are all designed for restaurants specifically, meaning they’re ideal for taking orders and payments in this sector. Many of these EPOS systems are flexible, too, with customisable software you can tailor to your business.

Finally, the budget can be an important consideration. For example, EPOS providers like Lightspeed offer a low fee for their system, although you need to buy separate hardware if you need it. Additionally, many providers offer a base price, but adding features can further increase the cost. As a result, it’s important to know what your business needs to find the best EPOS providers for you.

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Best EPOS Providers from Business Quotes

If you want to find the best EPOS providers for your business, then Business Quotes can help. We can present you with a range of quotes for several EPOS systems, and we offer quotes from all of the best EPOS providers. From there, you can explore your options and your prices to get the best deal for you. By comparing prices, you could get offers you won’t find anywhere else either!

We offer quotes from the best EPOS providers in minutes, meaning working through us is easy. You won’t have to search manually, nor will you have to do extensive research. Instead, we bring all of the best EPOS providers and systems directly to you, meaning you can make a well-informed investment effortlessly. And, with Business Quotes, you’ll always find market-leading prices.

If you’d like to see how much you could save on systems from the best EPOS providers for your business, then get in contact with Business Quotes. You can call our team on 01223 776 104 today to speak to our friendly team, or you can begin your EPOS systems prices comparison on our website today!

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