What Do We Do Here at Business Quotes?

Our fundamental guiding principle here at Business Quotes is making your business run smoother and your job easier. We compile lists of products from various providers to ensure that you get the best price available on the market. Our services don’t cost you a penny, and there is no obligation if you find a quote from us to follow it through and make the purpose. We’re only here to point you in the right direction towards the company that is going to provide you with the product and price that suits you best.

Who are we?

card readers for merchant accounts

Business Quotes is made up of an experienced and informed team who are determined to source the best suppliers and the lowest prices for you and your business! We take our industry knowledge and connections and provide them to you free of charge! Our quotes are completely no obligation and free so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re not wasting time or money on getting to know what’s out there! Business Quotes makes its money from the suppliers every time a quote is followed up, so it is absolutely in our interest to make sure that the companies we are introducing you to are reputable, reliable and affordable. We aim to save you time and money by doing the bulk of the research for you and presenting you with the best options for whatever service it is you’re after. You also stand to make significant savings because we only compile the best prices.

How does it work?

compare vehicle tracking systems

Once you’ve selected the product or service that you would like us to source your quotes for, we’ll ask you to fill in a short online form. The purpose of this is to ascertain as much information as possible about you and your business so we can approach the companies that are going to be best suited to what you’re looking for. Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll contact you over the phone to verify your details and the information you entered. Once verification has been completed, we’ll approach the companies that best fit your needs and ask them to provide us with their best price. Once we have that, we’ll compile and compare the prices and provide you with the four best options considering your needs. Once we’ve given you that information, the rest is up to you! You are under no obligation to follow up with any of the options that we have given you, and you are well within your rights to refuse all of them. The whole process doesn’t cost you anything, so there will be no wasted money or time on chasing unsatisfactory leads. Business Quotes operates on a fair practice, educational and informed basis. We want your business to succeed as much as you do, so we make sure that we provide you with the best opportunity to do so.

What else do we do?

Compare photocopier suppliers

We compare prices for a variety of products and services. Whether your office needs a vending machine or a photocopier, we have the industry contacts and industry awareness that will find you the best bang for your buck. Similarly, we compare vehicle tracking and EPOS systems prices for businesses that operate out on the road or indirect sales companies such as retail or hospitality. We also look at merchant accounts and payment devices, so if, for example, you’re looking for cheap card readers, we can help.

Recently with the increase in energy prices we have helped small businesses to compare business energy. We offer something for everyone and have a wealth of experience across all of these industries. If you want to see all of the products and services that we provide, please visit our business services page to see a full list of the items you could save on with Business Quotes.

We also provide business advice to all of our customers on our blog. In the blog, you can find a large selection of different articles on a variety of topics. We mostly cover how specific products can improve your business and compare the leading options available on the market. We use our extensive knowledge and industry experience to explain exactly how these key products work and how they add to the smooth running of a young business. Similarly, we also directly compare the best options on the market currently, so even if you’re not looking to get a quote today, you can at least leave the website having learned something about the products that you’re interested in. 

All the services we provide here at Business Quotes are completely free for you. We make our money from the companies that we connect you with. We make sure that those companies are of reputable standing. No matter if you’re looking for a new vehicle tracking system for your food delivery service or an epos system that can handle the complex needs of your vintage clothing store, we have the connections, know-how and relevant information to provide you with the price that will suit you best!

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