What Are The Top 5 VOIP Phone Systems?

A VOIP phone system allows you to make calls over the internet. It is an integral part of how small businesses operate. But what are the top 5 VOIP phone systems? This article will look at the best VOIP phone for small business setups and help you decide which is best for your organisation.

The Top 5 VOIP Phone Systems?

We will look at:

  • RingCentral
  • 8×8
  • Vonage
  • bOnline
  • Nuacom.

This article will explain what makes them great and which business types will benefit from each VOIP system.

VOIP System



Key Features


Between £8 and £29 a month for each user.

Up to 2,000 inbound/ 4,000 outbound domestic.

International not included.

Excellent customer service integrations, easy to scale.


Between £10 to £35 a month for each user.

Unlimited domestic and international (up to 48 countries).

Strong security features, easy to scale, range of integrations.


Between £9 to £16.50 a month for each user.

Up to unlimited domestic.

International not included.

Easy to scale, spam prevention feature.


Between £6 to £14.95 per user.

Up to unlimited domestic.

International not included.

Desk phone compatibility, business fibre broadband and web design.


£14.99 per user per month.

Unlimited domestic minutes.

International not included.

Call queues on all plans, excellent customer service

RingCentral: The Best Customer Support

RingCentral offers great customer service with multiple customer service integrations. It scores highly on customer satisfaction rankings. It also has the widest number of features out of all of the VOIP phone systems on this list.

8×8: The Best International Service

8×8 is great if you are an SME with an international clientele. With unlimited inbound and outbound international calls in over 48 countries, 8×8 is the best VOIP phone system for international calls.

Vonage: The Best Spam-Stopper

Vonage is unique from most other providers in its spam prevention filter. Weed out calls you don’t want with an easy-to-scale and affordable VOIP phone system. Many of the highest-rated providers like 8×8 and RingCentral don’t offer a spam prevention filter to their customers.

bOnline: The Best For New Businesses

bOnline is ideal for new businesses because it also offers a web design and business fibre broadband service. bOnline also has a handy desk phone integration feature and the cheapest packages of all VOIPs on this list

Nuacom: The Best For Customer Satisfaction

Like RingCentral, Nuacom is ranked highly for customer satisfaction. Nuacom’s call queue feature might be the reason for this, as it allows you to manage how many customers you have in the queue and keep them informed of their progress.

The Top 5 VOIP Phone Systems

Each of the VOIP phone systems for small businesses here offer something special to their customers. RingCentral and Nuacom offer great customer support, while bOnline gives fledgling businesses a great start. Choose the best VOIP system for your business today with Business Quotes.

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