Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Getting telephone systems can help small businesses take every opportunity. After all, phone calls seem to be the way most business is done these days. Before the pandemic, several businesses were beginning to move most of their meetings into the virtual space. Now, though, getting telephone systems to navigate that space is all but essential for small businesses.

However, there are a lot of telephone systems for small businesses on the market. Because of this, how do you know which system is right for you? Many factors can determine which system suits your needs, including the type of system, the inclusive minutes you get given, the number of countries covered and, of course, the initial cost. All of these things might play a role in the telephone systems small businesses invest in.

But, if you’re planning on investing in telephone systems for small businesses, you could save money. By choosing Business Quotes to compare prices for these systems, you can find lower quotes and quickly see which systems are best for you. Our price comparison service makes it easy to cut the cost of telephone systems for small businesses. Here are some of the things you might want to consider for your business.

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Types of Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Most telephone systems for small businesses are cloud-based. Cloud-based telephone systems are known as VOIP systems and run digitally, meaning they don’t depend on a mobile network to make calls. Although one major provider, BT, run their telephone systems off of their pre-existing infrastructure, other providers don’t have easy access to this. Because of this, most telephone systems for small businesses run off of the cloud.

In reality, this is probably a good thing as long as you have a reliable WiFi signal. With a strong connection, you’ll be able to have crystal clear reception when you make that important call. Not only that, all of these telephone systems double up as video conferencing tools. As a result, the person on the other end of the line can see you, allowing you to make a quicker connection and build a more dynamic rapport.

Minutes from Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Most telephone systems for small businesses look great on the surface. However, what if some of them limited the number of calls you could make? Unfortunately, some providers cap your minutes, meaning you might end up expiring on them during a critical meeting. But, if you look through the options, you can also find telephone systems providers for small businesses that don’t cap your minutes.

8×8, BT and Mitel all provide unlimited minutes as part of their price plans, while telephone systems like Ring CentralOffice only allow 4,000 minutes per month on even the highest price plans. Many companies, such as HiHi, also don’t publish this data online very publicly, meaning you could end up being surprised by a minutes cap on your telephone system.

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International Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

One of the benefits of telephone systems becoming a larger part of small businesses is their ability to connect with the world. As meetings move online, we can now be truly global, even at a small scale, speaking to companies from all across the planet. However, some telephone systems for small businesses don’t give you this ability. At lower price points, you might only be limited to UK calls.

Once again, 8×8 and BT are the companies with systems most suited to international calls, although both providers only put this feature at higher price points. You might have to request a quote for the feature to work out how much it will cost you with other providers. But, if you work internationally, getting a feature like this could be vital for you. You’ll be able to speak to everybody on Earth and give your business the chance to thrive everywhere.

Cost of Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

But if anything is important when getting telephone systems for small businesses, it’s the cost. However, price points can vary with several providers for certain features, meaning comparing isn’t easy. If you want a cheap system, then Ring CentralOffice could be for you. It’s the cheapest system on the market for the initial cost, but it caps your minutes on even the most expensive plan to 4,000 per month.

Some telephone systems, including those from Enreach and Berry, though, don’t publish their prices. Instead, you may have to go to them directly to request a quote. But Business Quotes has made it easier than ever to find competitive quotes for a wide range of telephone systems for small businesses. And, by searching with us, you could save time as well as money.

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Telephone Systems for Small Businesses Prices

If you would still like to see which phone system for small businesses is right for you, compare prices today with Business Quotes.

You can start your price comparison now or get in touch with our team by calling 01223 776 104 to find out more.

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