Comparing the Best Commercial Photocopiers for Small Business in 2022

Photocopiers continue to be essential pieces of equipment to ensure the smooth running of any business. Even as we enter into a further and further digital age, our photocopiers are still necessary for reports, company-wide messages and other key printed ideas. Prices generally range from anywhere between £500 to £10,000. It is a significant investment for any business, no matter the size, to invest in a photocopier, but it can prove vital. This is especially true of small businesses for whom the investment would be a large percentage of their outgoing costs for that month. To save you the headache and aid in the general knowledge around business photocopiers going into the second quarter of 2022, we at Business Quotes have compiled a shortlist of the best small business photocopiers for you to invest in and take your business to the next step.

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Xerox C315

First up is the Xerox C315 Colour Multifunctional Printer. An excellent multifunctional copier for small businesses with the lowest price on this list at around £340. The machine is quite small and is only recommended to have an output of 6000 pages a month, so businesses looking to expand their size quickly should not approach, as they will quickly outgrow this option. The machine sits comfortably in any office with its exceptionally small size, easily sitting on a desk in an office. The printer provides copy functionality as well as fax, printing and scanning. As with all Xerox machines, this option is reliable and trustworthy and will last for as long as you need it to. However, the exceptionally small size makes it a poor investment for a business that wants to copy many pages over the month. Overworking it will cause it to break before its time, resulting in a further investment needed. However, small businesses that don’t require lots of printing or copying will find a perfectly functional and exceptionally versatile printer for one of the lowest costs on the market. 

Ricoh Aficio

Jumping up the price list somewhat, we have the Ricoh Aficio MP 2000. Coming in at around £1000, this printer is the step up for the business that wants to have room to grow or see themselves needing to do a lot of printing and copying. Much larger than the Xerox, this copier can hold up to 1600 sheets of paper and print around 20 ppm. Perfect for the slightly larger office or the small business that needs to do a lot of copying throughout the day. The Ricoh also boasts the excellent functionality of printing on A3 and A4 and card thickness should you need it to. For ease of use, you won’t find much better than the Ricoh Afico MP 2000. However, a huge drawback of this printer is that it only prints in black and white, meaning that it will likely go out of date rather quickly as colour printers begin to dominate the market. However, for a business that does not require colour printing, this option is excellent for the price it offers. 

Xerox VersaLink

Next up is the second Xerox machine on the list, the VersaLink C505. Priced around £1500, this copier upgrades the Ricoh with colour printing and modern technological functionalities. Somewhat smaller in physical size than the Ricoh, the VersaLink is a much more modern machine, able to print at 43ppm and has a duty cycle of 120,000 pages a month, making it 20x the printer that the earlier Xerox was at only 5x the price. Absolutely the most contemporary option so far, this printer can print in colour and is perfect for the small business looking to utilise their design team’s full capabilities and handle the regular printing required by admin and reporting. However, the major flaw of this printer at this price range is that it does not print on A3 nor does it on card, two major features of the much cheaper Ricoh. However, its modern functionalities make it a strong choice for small businesses looking to invest in a colour printer that can handle colour printing.

Canon iR3025Ne

Small Business Printer Quotes from Business Quotes

These three printers are the perfect starting points for any small business. The smallest of the three, the Xerox C315, is perfect for the startup that doesn’t imagine that it will need to do much printing throughout the day but would still like to print in colour should it be necessary. The Ricoh Aficio is a reliable contender that has been proven on the market for some time as an affordable option for small businesses looking to do a lot of printing and copying but doesn’t need the functionality of colour printing. The ability to print on A3 and card at this price point is a huge plus. Finally, VersaLink is essentially the premium version of the C315. Able to handle much higher printing quantities than its much smaller sibling, the VersaLink is perfect for the modern small business that needs the colour functionality and needs to do a lot of copying. 

These aren’t the only printers available currently on the market, however! Here at Business Quotes, we compile an extensive and comprehensive list of the best prices around the internet for your business services. Whether for copiers, vending machines, mobile card readers or vehicle tracking systems, we have the best comparisons available. Start your quote with us today and find out how much more you could save with a quote from Business Quotes.

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