Breaking Down the Choices for Mobile Card Machines in 2022

It’s hard to deny these days that we are quickly moving towards a cashless world. Card payments are truly starting to take over from cash, especially since the pandemic, to remove situations where bacteria or the virus can spread. As a result, owning a small business that only deals in cash can be extremely difficult in the modern environment. As a result, it is important to be fully aware of the options that are out there for small businesses and what each one brings to the table in terms of mobile card machines. You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to part with their cash for your services, no matter your business. Therefore, having an informed knowledge of what is available on the market currently is extremely important when getting started. To help you with your market exploration, Business Quotes has come up with the list of the mobile card machine providers that we think are best for those just starting businesses.

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First up is SumUp. SumUp sells three-card machines that each perform slightly differently. The SumUp air is the cheapest of the three and is best for low traffic businesses. The card reader needs to be connected to a phone/tablet app from which it is controlled. The middle option is the SumUp Solo, which is a stand-alone terminal that can be connected to WiFi or uses its built-in 4G. It is a clever bit of kit. The look is very professional and slick in its size, perfect for small cafes or restaurants. The third and most expensive option from SumUp is the SumUp 3G & Printer. It is a much thicker and bulkier option than the other two. This option features a receipt printer and can be connected to the WiFi or use its built-in 3G. For businesses that want to provide printed card receipts right from the machine, there are few better prices on the market currently than what SumUp offers. That is SumUp’s greatest strength as a brand. The value for money offered from these mobile card machines is perfect for small startup businesses such as small seating cafes or bakeries. However, businesses looking to expand quickly and increase their revenue and traffic will find that the SumUp features very little integration potential. As a result, we recommend SumUp for only the smallest of companies that will be looking at lower traffic and lower revenues than others.


Next up on the list is Square. Square sells two main mobile card machines. The first is probably the smallest on the market in the Square Reader. The Square Reader is a small plastic, white, square-shaped device that requires a Bluetooth connection to a tablet or phone with which an app is used to control it. The lack of functionality on the little square requires that customers use the app to input their pins. However, that doesn’t seem to be an issue from our research. Most customers these days use contactless anyway for their transactions which is the primary feature of the Square Reader. Square also sells the Square Terminal, which doubles up as the app device you would use with the Square Reader. The Terminal features a touch screen and swipe, pin and chip and contactless functionality. The Terminal connects directly to your WiFi network, negating any need for a Bluetooth connection. The Square system features one of the highest amounts of Point of Sale features built-in as a mobile card reader. It is incredibly easy to integrate your product library with the Terminal and the app features for the Reader. As a result, we recommend Square products for those medium-sized businesses as an upgrade from the SumUp products. It is especially good for businesses with easily defined product libraries and a medium level of traffic so that cashiers can quickly input the products into the POS and have the calculated cost ready for the customer.


The final option on the list is the Zettle by PayPal. Zettle sells two card machines. The first is the UK market leading terminal in the Zettle Reader 2. The Zettle Reader 2 comes in black and white and has a retro calculator look to it. Quite a modern feature, this mobile card machine is the leading option for many small businesses across the UK because of its simple functionality, which combines contactless and chip and pins along with an exceptionally low price. It requires a connection via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet that houses the Zettle app that processes the payment onto your system. The app features all of the important POS features a small business will need, making it a strong all-around option for a wide variety of businesses. The Zettle Terminal is the second and more expensive option. Like the Square Terminal, the Zettle Terminal features all of the app functionality built into the mobile card reader, disregarding the need for Bluetooth connections across multiple devices. The terminal is touch screen but isn’t quite as bulky as the Square Terminal and rocks in at around the same price. The Zettle’s speed and efficiency are a massive plus for prospective small businesses. However, this comes at the cost of complexity, so businesses with complicated inventories and product ranges may find this POS system lacking.

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It depends on what you’re looking for for your business regarding mobile card readers. If you’re a very small business and not expecting a lot of traffic throughout the day, the simple features of the SumUp range are perfect. They also provide the lowest transaction fee at 1.69%. The best all-around choice is likely the Zettle. It is the leading terminal of choice for small businesses across the country for a good reason. The good price range, sleek design and easy to use functionality make it a healthy option for any business. However, if you have something slightly more complex regarding product ranges and inventory, the POS system of the Square products will likely be the best choice for you. These aren’t the only mobile card readers out there, however! There is much more to choose from than just these three, and here at Business Quotes, we compare prices from across the market to ensure that you get the best option for your business. Start your mobile card reader quote today and find out how much money you can save with Business Quotes. 

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