Get Lower Postage Rates with a Franking Machine

Emails and faxes may have resulted in a decrease in the amount of letters that needs to be sent, but the old-style postage system is by no means irrelevant. With the rise of eCommerce in the last 10 years the postman has never been busy making sure we get our latest purchases from Amazon and the like. If your business involves sending lots of mail then you’ll be well aware of the the costs involved, but did you know you could get lower postage rates with a franking machine?

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Frank your mail and save money on postage

While franked mail still costs money, it is considerably cheaper than using stamps for most Royal Mail services, including first and second class letters and packages and even Special Delivery. Here are just a few of the figures, to give you an idea of how much money your company could save:

Save 32% on postage with a Franking Machine

A stamp for a first class letter up to 100g is 65p, the same item can be sent franked for 57p or even chepar at 55p if you use Mailmark ® franking Royal mail’s bar code readable franks – 15% cheaper than stamps. For a second class letter up to 100g a stamp costs 56p, but it only costs 38p to use Mailmark® franking – a massive 32% cheaper. It is also cheaper to send parcels and packages franked, and there are even reductions for Royal Mail services like Special Delivery and Signed For mail.

If you are sending out mail in large volumes, the savings that can be made are tremendous, and even if you send out relatively small volumes, a low-capacity, and therefore a cheaper ,machine can still result in postage costs that are significantly lower.

Why is franking cheaper than using stamps?

The Royal Mail is keen to encourage businesses to use franking machines, the result being that item for item, franked mail is cheaper than stamps, and when stamp prices are increased, the corresponding franking increase is less. The reason for this is that it costs the Royal Mail less money to process franked mail, and they don’t have the expense associated with producing and selling stamps. Therefore, the money saved by using franking mail benefits both the company and the Royal Mail.

Other benefits of using a franking machine

There are other ways that that franking machines can save your company money. Because franking machines can weigh each individual item, you can be sure that you only ever pay the precise amount. With stamps, there is a considerable risk of overspending, due to the inexact process of estimating how much you think an item will cost based on its size. Even if you end up under-spending, this only means that the recipient could end up having to pay the difference – by no means an ideal situation for your business. Also, the ease and efficiency of franking machines makes the whole mailing process simpler, helping to cut the costs of man-hours and administration.

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