How Do Franking Machines Work – The Complete Guide

Buying a franking machine is a worthwhile investment. Renting is an option, but you’ll be bound to a contract and likely have a lot of extra costs on top. In the long term, owning one is cheaper.

But once you’ve got a franking machine, how do you use it? And more importantly, how do you avoid spraying crumpled envelopes all over your post room? Luckily, they’re easy to use once you get to grips with them.

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1. Weigh Your Post

Start off by weighing your post. Your franking machine will either have built-in scales or a set of separate ones that can be linked to it. Take the top letter from the pile (there’s no need to weigh all of them if they’re a similar size), place it on the scales and see how heavy it is.

2. Select The Size And Service

Next is choosing what service you want; first, second, or something more elaborate like recorded delivery? The franking machine will have a navigation menu to select your preferred option.

3. Write A Message (Optional)

One benefit of franking machines is that you can put personalised messages onto your outgoing items. They also allow you to save your company logo and print them on the envelopes. They’re a good way to increase brand awareness with no additional cost.


4. Calculate The Postage

This is where weighing an item pays off. The franking machine calculates the precise cost of postage in line with the Royal Mail standards. You’ll pay the exact amount, no more, no less.

5. Insert And Frank Your Post

With the price calculated, the last step is to place the letters on the feeder and press the start button. Your franking machine will then process them, adding the postage amount, date, company logo and barcode to each one in quick succession.


Franked Mail Box Near Me

Once this is complete, all that’s left to do is repeat the process for any other items you’ll be sending that day. Gather everything up, sort it into boxes, and if you have regular post collections, wait for them to turn up. Alternatively, get a staff member to transport them to the local post office.

Using a franking machine is a simple way to process large amounts of mail in a short time. Franking mail is easy to integrate into your daily routine and can save a lot of money in the long run.

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