EPOS Systems for Hospitality

EPOS systems are becoming more specialised for hospitality. Nowadays, you can get systems that bring everything you need to run a cafe, restaurant or even a bar into one complete package. EPOS systems, also known as Electronic Point-of-Sale systems, are a way of taking payments digitally and managing finances, too. However, the right system can help your business not only take payments but take a step forward.

Which EPOS systems are right for your hospitality business, though? With so many on the market, it can be difficult to know when you’re getting the best deal. And, while some EPOS systems are designed for hospitality, other systems work well regardless of the business they’re designed for. Contracts, fees and software all play a role in your decision as well.

With Business Quotes, you can get EPOS systems for hospitality more easily. Rather than spend time searching yourself, you can save time by comparing multiple quotes for leading EPOS systems in minutes. From there, you’ll be in control of your investment, and you can have peace of mind in your choice. You’ll get the right price on EPOS systems for your business every time with us!

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EPOS Systems for Cafes

EPOS systems are great for cafes in particular, as well as other hospitality businesses. Cafes are usually quite small, meaning that your business needs are different to bigger locations. You’ll need something more nimble for an EPOS system, one that allows you to take payments quickly but also provides insights about what products are selling. For that, there are EPOS systems that 100% fit the bill for cafe hospitality businesses.

EPOS Now is a solid choice, as these systems work portably for hospitality. As a result, staff can take tills with them to tables, meaning easier payment for everybody. Not only that, the software is adaptable to your needs, meaning it can showcase the daily specials or show your staff which dishes are out of stock. Because of this, EPOS Now’s systems make your hospitality business much more efficient, as well as more profitable.

If you have a start-up cafe or work in a smaller space, you could also try Worldpay. Worldpay isn’t specialised in hospitality, but these EPOS systems work brilliantly for smaller, more urban locations. Your system will have a sleek design and compact size that makes them easy to use and move around, and a Bluetooth connection means you won’t have to rely on WiFi for service either.

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EPOS Systems for Restaurants

EPOS systems are hugely helpful for hospitality. And, if you have a restaurant, getting the right system speeds everything up. However, speed isn’t the only important thing for great restaurant service – so is the accuracy. And, with the most specialised EPOS systems, you can manage every aspect of your restaurant on the go to free you up to create better customer experiences.

TouchBistro is the gold standard when it comes to EPOS systems for restaurants and the hospitality sector. Specifically designed for eateries, these EPOS systems allow you to control every aspect of your business and your staff. Your staff will be able to upsell, check allergy information and stock on the go. At the same time, these EPOS systems provide detailed insights and analytics to help you make better business decisions.

And, if you have multiple restaurants, you could consider Iiko. Iiko’s EPOS systems are perfectly engineered for multiple locations, making them ideal for food deliveries and multi-site management. You can check inventory across multiple sites on the go and coordinate deliveries. Iiko’s intuitive tools can even help you optimise your floor plan and suggest ways to make the most of the space you have.

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EPOS Systems for Bars & Nightclubs

EPOS systems for bars or nightclubs manage orders quickly. With so much happening in so little space, your EPOS system also needs to be compact and easy to manage. Additionally, you’ll want a payment system that works for all kinds of payment options, leading to no delays or unforeseen issues with more unruly customers.

For all of this, Zettle by Paypal’s EPOS systems is an ideal solution for bars and nightclubs, as well as wider hospitality. Zettle’s card machines are known to be 25% faster than average, meaning your staff can efficiently move through queues of people. Not only that, Zettle has sophisticated software that allows you to see what products and which employees are selling the most. You can even do stock takes and check finances to see if all of the money is in the right place.

Zettle’s card machine designs are also sleek and compact, meaning they won’t take up room and are easy to move around. Not only that, it integrates with apps like Xero, meaning you can get better insights as to how your business is doing. And, with a low initial price and transaction fees of only 1.75%, it’s a cheaper option too.

EPOS Systems for Hospitality Prices

If you want to learn more about EPOS Systems for hospitality or get your own, choose Business Quotes. We can help you compare prices for a range of leading EPOS systems, meaning you’ll get a great deal for your hospitality business every time.

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