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Epos For Bars

While standalone cash registers are still used in many bars and pubs, they don’t offer anywhere near as many facilities as the average EPOS for system does. If you run a small bar with just one till, you might think you don’t need a system like this. However, whether you’ve got one till or ten, you might be surprised at the benefits an EPOS for bars can offer.

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Less back office work to do

One of the chief advantages of an EPOS system for small businesses (also known as a till system for small businesses) is its ability to cut down on your paperwork. Many bar owners, which are more often than not considered small businesses, like to be serving customers and making sure everything is working well on the floor. If you have to spend most of your time behind the scenes, you won’t know what is (or isn’t) happening front of house. An EPOS system allows you to do just that.

Cater for your own bar’s requirements

No two bars are designed the same. Some may have a single and small bar that only requires one till point. Others may have three or four till points spread along a bar that has been created in a U shape. Whatever you need, an EPOS system designed for your business can provide it. The right number of tills decreases waiting times for customers too, making it more likely they’ll return to order more.

Know when you need more stock

Stock control is one of those activities no one particularly seems to like. With an EPOS system this area is much easier to manage. Everything is recorded on the system as it is sold, whether it means drinks or bar food. As such the system will automatically alert you if the amount of any item falls below a certain level.

This alone is a huge help to anyone running a bar. It means you can ensure you don’t over-order stock with a sell by or use by date. It also means you stand far less chance of running out of anything. You just need to check the system to see what needs to be ordered and when. Since you will undoubtedly have a limited amount of space in which to store your stock, this alone is a useful feature to have.

Special offers and deals can easily be incorporated into the system

Two drinks for the price of one, happy hour deals and even meal deals in bigger bars – these are all deals anyone with experience in the bar industry will be familiar with. An EPOS system allows you to implement any deals you like in advance, programming the system to ensure all tills recognise the new prices at the right time. This allows you to manage your stock, provide the discounted items at the right price and still know when you need to order in more to cover the amount sold.

As you can see, with the right system in place you can look forward to maximising the profitability of your bar every single day without fail.

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