Compare Photocopiers for Small Businesses

You can compare photocopiers for small businesses with Business Quotes. If your business needs to make photocopies, getting the right copier can help you do it without incurring high prices. However, how do you know which is the right photocopier for you? There are several machine types out there, along with unique types such as black and white, colour and even A3 photocopiers.

Additionally, your needs for a photocopier might be very different to another company. You may only need to make copies from time to time, but other companies might need to make several exact copies of things like blueprints and technical drawings. Due to all this, choosing the right photocopiers for any small business is a vital decision. And, with so many options on the market, that’s a hard task to do on your own.

That’s why Business Quotes is here to help. We have an innovative price comparison tool that allows you to compare photocopiers for small businesses and get an idea of the prices you should be paying. From there, you can see all the options and make the right decision for your company. That way, you’ll be in control of photocopying for good when you choose your next copier through us.

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Types of Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Black and White Photocopiers

Many small businesses won’t need to do photocopying all that much. However, when you do, you’ll want something cost-effective and easy to maintain. Black and white photocopiers suit the bill for small businesses, as they’re the cheapest option both initially and in the long run. You won’t have to spend money on expensive colour ink, and you’ll still get the crisp copy quality you need if you don’t need to make colour copies.

One of the best providers of black and white photocopiers for small businesses is Canon. Canon can offer black and white photocopiers with printing speeds of up to 27PPM, meaning you can make as many as you need without the long wait times. Not only that, the black and white toner cartridge can cost as little as 2p per mono page, meaning it’s cost-effective as well. And, with LCD colour touch screens across their range, they’re just as easy to use.

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Colour Photocopiers

Alternatively, colour photocopiers are ideal for small businesses who need to make more exact copies. Whether it’s art, flyers, posters, banners, you name it – colour is key. Most photocopiers have a colour option, but one of the main issues with colour photocopiers is cost. Not only do you have to pay more initially for your copier, but you’ll have to spend a lot more money maintaining your stock of colour inks.

As a result, one of the best providers of colour photocopiers for small businesses is HP. HP is known for its high-quality, crisp photocopiers, and many of its designs can offer scanning, printing, and faxing. HP offer wireless printing across their range for ease of access, and they offer a service where the printer can automatically send for ink when you start running low. Although the toner and initial cost are more expensive, you make it up with the quality of the copies you create.

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A3 Photocopiers

Finally, your small business may need a photocopier that can handle something larger. Because of this, you might want to take a look at getting a specialist A3 photocopier. Copiers like this can print larger paper formats, giving you more flexibility in what you can print. Picking out one of these photocopiers for your small business is ideal if you print out blueprints, technical drawings or other things that require a maximised detailed image.

One of the best providers of A3 photocopiers for small businesses is Brother. Brother has always been on the side of businesses, which is why their photocopier range has the capacity for A3 printing. The deep tray can take 250 sheets, and they produce 15 prints a minute for high-quality copies without high wait times. Additionally, the ink is surprisingly cheap to refill in both black and white and colour, making it a cost-effective choice.

Compare Photocopiers for Small Businesses Prices

If you want to compare photocopiers for small businesses like those, though, it can still be tricky. Not only are there several types of copiers, along with several providers, but they also all have a wide range of models. Because of this, it can get very complicated to keep notes of all the potential photocopiers your business could invest in. So, with Business Quotes, we’ve made sure you can take a look at the whole picture without getting overwhelmed.

Our handy price comparison tool makes it easy to compare photocopiers for small businesses. Enter your details, and we can offer quotes for a wide selection of photocopier types. From there, you can compare the prices you get to make the best possible investment for your company. So, if you need photocopiers, start your price comparison today with Business Quotes!

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