Cheap Franking Machines – Is Cheaper Always Better?

Deciding which franking machine to buy isn’t always straightforward. There’s a surprisingly large variety to choose from, with prices running from £200 for second-hand models to over £5000 for the more top-of-the-range versions. And that’s without factoring the cost of replacement ink cartridges into the budget. 

You may be tempted to save money and go for a cheaper option. But is that a good idea? Let’s look at what factors to consider.


1. How Much Post Do You Need To Send?

The first question to ask is how much post you’re going to send. Whether sending mountains of letters or only a couple, you need to choose the right franking machine for the job.

Franking machines are categorised by volume; low-volume machines are intended for up to 100 letters a day, mid-volume machines up to 250, and high-volume are designed for more than that.

For smaller businesses with low outgoing mail, a cheaper franking machine might be the more sensible choice. There’s not much reason to spend thousands of pounds on a cutting-edge, high-volume machine if it only needs to frank thirty letters on a Friday and gathers dust for the rest of the week.

At the other end of the spectrum, don’t be tempted to go for a cheaper option if you want it to process a high workload. You’ll have to replace worn-out parts and reprint mangled letters, not to mention the extra time spent trying to remove a jam.

2. How Heavy Are The Items You’re Sending?

Aside from the volume of post, you’ll also need to factor in how much it weighs. Paper gets surprisingly heavy once you start packing it together. Try lifting five packets of printer paper over your head at once if you need convincing. If you’re sending lots of heavier items, you’ll want a larger franking machine that can handle the weight. Delaying the post because you’ve accidentally snapped off part of the feeder mechanism is never good.

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3. Do You Need Any Extras?

It’s also worth taking into account whether you need any additional features. For instance, you might have a business with multiple departments. Would it be beneficial to see how much post they’re all sending? You could ask them to note how many letters they’re generating, but this will be prone to human error. However, if you buy a franking machine with a login function, each team will be able to log their post separately, and you’ll be able to access the data easily. 

You might also want customised ink stamps on your post. Letters with customised logos printed on them look very professional and memorable too. They’re an effective way of promoting your brand, but this function isn’t available on all devices.

When shopping for a franking machine, you’re going to see a lot of add-ons like these. Some can appear very tempting, but inevitably, they increase the sale price. So before you shell out for a range of expensive extras, ask yourself: are they essential, or are they a luxury?

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Choosing The Right Franking Machine

These are all things to think about when looking at franking machine prices, and there is no definitive answer as to which is best. The best franking machine is the one that does what your business needs it to.

By assessing your company’s specific mailing requirements and viewing the deals available, you should find a franking solution that will provide significant savings in the long term. Only by viewing multiple quotes on the cost of franking machines will you be able to find the best deals on offer. Here at Business Quotes we can help you compare prices and make the right choice. Click on the banner below and see what we can do.

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