Card Readers for Merchant Accounts

What card readers are best to get for merchant accounts? If you run a small business, you might be looking for both a new card reader and a merchant account to manage the money your card reader brings in. However, you don’t have to do both of these things separately – instead, you can get devices attached to merchant accounts. As a result, your payment system will all be linked, helping you keep closer control over your business finances.

You can find several providers that offer card readers for merchant accounts. Companies like WorldPay, PayPal, and Square all offer merchant accounts for businesses and portable card readers linked to them for easy payment processing. However, it can be hard to know what the best option is for your business with so many providers. Not only that, several factors can affect your decision, including contract lengths, initial pricing and transaction fees.

At Business Quotes, though, we help your business compare prices on card readers for merchant accounts. Because of this, we can help you find the best possible deal for your company and the one that will end up being the best investment in the long run. Our easy-to-use online form compares quotes from all the major card reader providers, meaning you’ll get the bigger picture on prices. From there, you can make a more confident, informed investment.

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Card Readers for Merchant Accounts


So, what are the major card readers you could get for merchant accounts? One of the biggest names in merchant accounts and card readers is WorldPay, which is probably the best provider in terms of scalability. WorldPay provides card readers for merchant accounts to businesses of any size and scope, and they provide across sectors. And, with the backing of their market-leading merchant accounts, they’re a reliable company to do business with.

For that trust, though, you do have to pay more for WorldPay’s card readers. Although you can get flexible price plans, you’ll have to pay a £15 monthly minimum fee for the card reader, along with pay-as-you-go charges and a transaction fee that could rise to 2.75%. Additionally, there’s an 18-month contract you have to sign up for, meaning WorldPay might not be the best call for a start-up. If you run an established business, though, WorldPay’s full range of services are ideal if you’re looking to grow.


Another major provider of merchant accounts is PayPal – however, they can also offer card readers through their Zettle brand. PayPal is an all-in-one provider, meaning you can get a new merchant account, payment gateway and even virtual terminal services from one company alone. PayPal also works well if you have an international business or do a lot of your selling online. It’s because PayPal accepts payments in multiple currencies and is designed for online transactions.

PayPal integrates well with online businesses but isn’t ideal if you’re a brick-and-mortar company. It processes transactions slowly, with money taking as much as a business week to reach you, and the preferential rates you get only apply to PayPal transactions. And, with a deliberately complex pricing structure, you might end up spending more money on these card readers for merchant accounts than you may realise. If you’re a start-up, though, PayPal gives you the tools you need to build a stable financial base.


Square are a relative newcomer to the market but offer high-quality card readers for merchant accounts. Square has invested in payment processors that have attached merchant account services, meaning you can integrate your sales system with your finances under one provider. Square integrates well with third-party applications and POS equipment, too, meaning you get more choice for how you design your payment system. And by partnering with WooCommerce, Square offers payment gateway services for WordPress sites.

However, Square has some limitations. Although transaction fees are low, payment gateway services are limited to Square’s online platform. As a result, you won’t be able to use another platform to manage your money, meaning you have less flexibility within your business to manage your finances. However, Square’s systems are convenient for retailers, and they’re smart and sleek enough to make them useful for small businesses.

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Compare Card Readers for Merchant Accounts

If you’re looking to compare card readers for merchant accounts, then Business Quotes can help. We offer a simple, easy-to-use price comparison tool that allows you to weigh up different merchant account providers to find the best possible quote. And, rather than search for prices yourself, you can get all the quotes you’ll ever need in minutes to make an easier decision. For more information, contact our friendly team today or give us a call on 01223 776 104!

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