Card Machines for Small Shops

Card machines are becoming more useful every day for small shops. As the world seems to move towards digital payment ever further, having the ability to take card payments could set your small shop apart from the rest. With card machines, you have the flexibility to earn money in various ways, and your customers have the flexibility to give it to you. However, which card machines are best for small shops?

With so many card machines on the market for small shops, it can be hard to know the right system. Some card machines have high transaction fees, meaning you could lose more money with each payment. Some card machines also have lengthy contract obligations, meaning you’re tied into payments well into the future. And, finally, some card machines cost a lot more at the outset than other designs.

So, how do you compare card machines for small shops? With Business Quotes, you can see which card machines are right for you quickly and easily. We offer competitive quotes from a wide range of leading card machine providers, meaning you’ll be able to see what the best deal is in minutes. As a result, you’ll not only save money but get card machines that enhance the small shops you own.

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Card Machine Fees for Small Shops

Most card machines for small shops come with transaction fees. Because of this, the company that sells you your card machine will take a percentage of any payment made through the system. As a result, finding a card machine with a lower transaction fee can make a huge difference in the long run. While the difference won’t seem much with each payment, that small saving could add up to thousands of pounds.

If you want the card machines for small shops with the lowest fees, SumUp is the company to look for. With a transaction fee of 1.69%, you’ll earn more of each payment from them. However, SumUp’s card machines have a much larger initial fee than their competitors of £149. So, if you get one of these card machines, it’s better to have stability in your business to make sure you pay the higher price back.

Another option is to choose a flexible fees provider. More traditional card machine companies like Worldpay and Barclaycard will often change their fees depending on the size of your business. However, these providers usually offer more generous terms as your company becomes larger. As a result, these card machines can often be costly for small shops and only begin to even out as you grow your business.

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Card Machine Contracts for Small Shops

If you’re just starting up, or if your small shop hasn’t been around for a while, then you might want flexible card machines. However, some providers don’t give you the ability to get a card machine and only keep it for as long as you want it. Even if your business were to be disrupted, some card machines would come with lengthy contract obligations. You can sometimes get tied into a 12-month contract, or even longer in some cases.

Zettle by PayPal card machines are popular for small shops because of their lack of a contract. With Zettle, you won’t have to enter any contract, nor do you have to pay any monthly fees. And, while the transaction fees are slightly higher than SumUp’s machines at 1.75%, you’ll only have to pay £59 at worst initially. Because of this, they’re brilliant if you’re just starting up.

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Card Machine Prices for Small Shops

Finally, the card machines you choose for small shops will most likely depend on the price. However, the difference in prices between some providers can be surprisingly big. As we’ve already seen, you can find prices of £149 for some machines, but these can be much lower. And, with Square‘s reader, you could pay as little as £16 to get a brand-new card machine for your small shop.

Another option, though, is not to pay an initial fee at all. Some card machines for small shops are available monthly via rental, although this usually comes with a contract. Dojo is a company that uses this system, and they can offer flexible contracts that rollover on a month-by-month basis. As a result, you can either choose to pay an initial fee and pay smaller fees later or pay nothing and choose larger fees in the long run. Either way, you’ll still enhance your business.

Card Machines for Small Shops from Business Quotes

If you want card machines for your small shops, then Business Quotes can help, too. Rather than comparing prices on websites or doing extensive research, you can find competitive quotes for some of the best card machines for small shops on the market in minutes. It’s easy to start your comparison online, and you can also call our friendly team on 01223 776 104. We look forward to helping you!

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