Card Machines for Market Traders

What are the best card machines for market traders? If you’re in a busy market, then you know people only go past you for a few seconds. Not only that, people want to buy stuff in just as long. And, when they see something on their stall that is up their alley, they don’t usually end up getting it if they have to go to a cash machine to pull out some extra money.

Market traders know that moving fast is crucial – it’s why card machines are becoming more important. With a card machine, you can make sure customers can pay comfortably and that you can manage money digitally. Additionally, you can tie new card machines to a merchant account, and you could even open an online shop with some providers. Card machines for market traders, then, open up a world of possibilities.

At Business Quotes, we believe card machines are brilliant for market traders – but only when they get a good deal. It’s why we allow you to compare card machine prices within minutes to see which card machines will be best for you. Not only that, you can see all of the leading systems in one place, allowing you to make the right investment with peace of mind. Read on below to see how three market-leading card machines stack up for market traders.

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Zettle Card Machines for Market Traders

Our first provider for review is Zettle. Zettle is owned by PayPal, a leader in the digital payments space, meaning the Zettle system is backed by a reputable provider. Not only that, Zettle is highly versatile and takes multiple payment types, including debit, credit, Amex and much more. Backed by PayPal’s infrastructure, this means the machine is reliable and flexible.

Zettle also works in connection with a wide variety of systems. You can control the card machine via apps on either iOS and Android, meaning all you’ll need for the system is a phone. And, when you order a Zettle reader as a market trader, you won’t have to pay any costly shipping or setup fees. Getting one is easy, too, with only a short signing up process to go through.

Finally, Zettle offers one of the cheapest card machines for market traders available. In some cases, the system is available for as little as £19, making it a popular choice for small businesses. Not only that, there’s no contract to tie yourself into, and a transaction fee of 1.75% is highly competitive. All of this makes Zettle’s card machines ideal for market traders.

SumUp Card Machines for Market Traders

However, you could also look at card machines for market traders from SumUp. SumUp is seen as the cheapest standalone card machine with a receipt printer in the UK. While the initial price is £149, which seems very expensive compared with the Zettle reader, it has the lowest fixed card rate and has no shipping or setup charges that sting you down the line.

SumUp’s transaction rate is 1.69%, which is lower than Zettle and anybody else. It’s the cheapest fee in the UK, meaning you can take more of each payment you make. And, with this card machine, you can take mobile, chip and pin and contactless payments with ease, and the payment goes through quickly as well. For an even lower price, you could opt for the SumUp Air card machine too!

Finally, SumUp’s card machines can help market traders take their first steps in the online space. SumUp users have access to payment links, email invoices and an online store creator, all for no extra charge. You’ll even have the capacity to set up an online shop, and SumUp will only take a competitive 2.5% cut of all transactions. SumUp, then, is another one of the best card machines for market traders.

Square Card Machines for Market Traders

Finally, we’re going to take a look at Square‘s card machines for market traders. Square are a growing name in this space, and the main reason they get noticed is their great pricing. With an initial cost of just £16, Square’s reader is one of the cheapest out there. Not only that, the system comes with several payment tools that come free of charge.

Square’s system connects easily with your phone and takes payments from the major card providers. It’s also easy to get your bank account set up, and the whole process only takes a few days. And, with a competitive transaction fee of 1.75%, you won’t have to lose too much of your earnings to expensive fees. As a result, you’ll make more of your money with card machines that work brilliantly for market traders.

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Card Machines for Market Traders Prices

Whichever of these card machines for market traders sounds best for you, you can find them with Business Quotes. Not only that, you can compare prices instantly to save time and money on your investment. You can start your quote comparison today to see how much you could save, or call our friendly team on 01223 776 104 to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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