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Have You Compared Franking Machine Prices In The Last 12 Months?

With franking machines, it is much easier to consolidate your mail while giving your business a more professional image. Besides cutting your postage costs by up to 32%, franking machines grant you control of your spending since they give you the choice to pay for your postage credit when you need it.

From big corporations to small, medium sized businesses and even the self-employed, everyone can and will benefit from using the right franking machine. As a matter of fact, even for the businesses that send up to 5 parcels or letters a day could profit from the reduced postage costs. Once you have made the decision to use franking machines, the next question is, (perhaps alongside how much is a franking machine?) where do you get them?

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Well, Royal Mail does not directly supply the machines; instead, you can get them from an authorised supplier. Getting the right supplier can be tricky as there are many who claim to be the best. Before deciding to settle on any one of the available options, you have to consider first whether you are buying or renting the machine.
While there are many suppliers of franking machines globally, every supplier or manufacturer in the UK must be approved by Royal Mail. Today, there are four companies that have been authorised to manufacture and sell the machines in the UK.

1. Pitney Bowes Ltd


Pitney Bowes are traditionally known as the leading client communications and franking machine supplier. Besides franking machines, the company also supplies other products and services including office supplies, filing systems, storage media and labels, all at competitive prices.

Establishing a relationship with Pitney Bowes will work to your advantage since they are easy to work with, and this is true for both new and already established customers. Thanks to their wide customer base especially in the UK, you can be able to negotiate lower prices with their franking machine suppliers.

Pitney Bowes offer quality franking machines at affordable prices. Their customer care service is responsive, friendly, and very helpful. More so, Pitney Bowes is one among the only 4 manufacturers that have been authorised by the Royal Mail to sell their products in the UK.

5 Trident Place, Mosquito Way
AL10 9UJ

Pitney Bowes Franking Machine

2. Neopost


Neopost is UK’s second largest manufacturer and supplier of franking machines. Compared to other UK companies, Neopost offers more models both for sale and rent. They offer low, mid, and high volume franking machines at customer friendly prices.

Considering that they are the largest franking machine suppliers and manufactures in the UK, renting or leasing a franking machine from Neopost is easy and you can do this either by contacting the company directly or by using an authorised supplier. In most cases, you will be granted 30 free days to ascertain that the machine you chose is right for your company.

Nonetheless, purchasing the machine is not as easy as renting since the company is keen to sell as compared to renting.

Overall, it is important for you to know that Neopost is one among only 4 manufacturers in the UK that are authorised by Royal Mail to supply franking machines.

South Street

Neopost Franking Machine

3. FP Mailing


Francotyp Postalia Ltd is another Royal Mail authorised supplier of franking machines and has been in existence since 1923. Simply known as FP for over 2 decades, they have always had leading innovations even manufacturing the first digital, the first automatic, first inkjet, first electronic and in recent times, the first ever multi-carrier franking machine.

They have a wide range of mailing equipment and postage software to suit your postal requirements. Understanding the importance of customer servicing, FP Mailing have an established customer team which is based in the UK, equipped with a team of highly qualified engineers devoted to assist customers with questions, service calls, as well as breakdowns.

74 Questor
Lakeside House
Powdermill Lane

FP Mailing Machine

4. Frama


Frama Ltd got into the market in 1990 and operates nationally with a staff base of over 40 personnel and a network of devoted maintainers and distributors who serve over 11,000 clients. They are the first manufactures to receive approval for a wide range of new tech franking machines.

Frama is also among the only 4 Royal Mail authorised manufacturers and suppliers of franking machines.

High Street
15 Limes Court
EN11 8EP

Frama Franking Machine

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