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Have You Compared Franking Machine Prices In The Last 12 Months?

Every business, regardless of how small or big experiences a number of challenges. Take for instance, managing their postal expenses and process especially for the modern business that sends out mail frequently in both large and medium quantities. This could mean huge expenses and reduced profits. Well, do not worry as there is a solution – franking machines.

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Today, these automatic machines with the ability to reset fax, telephone or modem are the preferred method for cutting down on postage costs across the globe. Franking systems will not only cut a company’s mailing expenses by up to 34% but are also quick and easy to use. They present a cost- effective, secure, and efficient way of paying postage.

stamp franking

What is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine is simply a device that allows for feeding as well as stamping of mail with their precise postal mark, expressing the charges according to the mail’s weight and destination. This machine is usually pre-programmed with credit to enable it make the right payments and is usually linked to the business account of its owner.
Invented by Norwegian Engle Frankmussler in 1884, thus their “Frank” name, the first franking machines, as compared to the current machines which use the latest digital technology, had a crank.

Rising Costs of Stamps

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The current price of a first class stamp is 95p and 68p for a second class stamp. First class stamps for large letters weighing up to 100g cost £1.45 and the second class stamps for larger letters are £1.05. These prices are correct in December 2022 but have continued to rise through 2023 and into 2024.

With the current economic situation it is a reason for you to consider using a franking machine.

Costs of Franking vs Stamps

With regards to the amount of mail generated by a company or the types of posts being sent, the savings by a franking machine can be huge. The franking mail prices apply across the array of royal mail services and not just the first and second class letters.

stamped or franked mail

Basically, the price of a franked standard first class letter is only 84p but it costs 95p when stamped. If for example, in calculation, your company sends out approximately 300 first class letters every month, the expenses on stamps is able to cover the costs of renting a franking machine. Nonetheless, the savings may not be constant across the board; the larger and heavier the mail, the more the savings and vice versa. This works to the advantage of a company that tends to send a lot of parcels and packets per week. A 250g letter for example sent first class saves 35p when franked while a parcel weighing 1000g saves 50p. This actually might seem like some small cash that you can overlook, but it is actually a significant amount when you are sending out hundreds and thousands of mails at a go.

The savings apply to all classes; first and second class as well as special deliveries and international services with the exclusion of surface mail.

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Why Choose Franking Over Stamps

In the past two years, franked mail has received great discounts from Royal Mail since they find it much easier and cheaper to process franked items as compared to issuing of stamps and handling stamped mails. This has greatly encouraged the use of franking machines with the Royal Mail discounts doubling in the past two years. This, even for small companies that send out small mail volumes means that renting or buying a franking machine cuts down on their postal costs.

Besides, franked mail gives your clients as well as partners a professional image of your company. Also, it presents you with the opportunity to advertise your business; your new services, offers and promotions, and with the machines that allow for text messaging, you can be able to change your messages on a daily basis.

An acquisition of franking mail machine by a company will certainly provide huge improvements to the general management of the business’ mailing process as well as enable you to get the correct message to your clients in the cheapest and quickest means possible. With a variety of machines to select from, there is something for every business.
As compared to stamp services, franking will also save your business or company time and money. It will also save you the cost of either over stamping or under stamping. Looking at under stamping for instance, in the past Royal Mail would charge the sender an extra fee of their mail/mails were under stamped. However, that has all changed as even if your mail(s) are under stamped, Royal Mail will still deliver the mail to the recipient and have them pick the item from their offices, charging them handling fees and the difference in stamp costs that you hadn’t cleared. Not only will this lead to embarrassment, but it can actually cost you customers.

Finally, franking machines also come in handy when it comes to tax return time as they report on postage posts so you can claim full expenses on your tax return.

Stamped vs Franked Mail

As stamp prices continue to rise, business owners are consistently looking at alternatives and franked mail is an excellent option. Franking machines are increasingly popular for businesses for the many advantages they offer over stamps and in their own right.

The risks involved with using stamps are just too much for any sensible company to ignore. Get your company franking machine(s) and start enjoying the mentioned benefits.

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