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Have You Compared EPOS System Prices In The Last 12 Months?

If you want to buy an EPOS system for your business, make sure you go to one of the main UK EPOS providers. There are several of them in the UK and they are all worth looking into before you make your choice.
Let’s look into three of the biggest names in the business now.

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Payment Sense


You may be familiar with Payment Sense as a business that provides card processing and e-commerce services to a wide selection of businesses. They also have a dedicated EPOS section on their website, which reveals more about how they can help you in this way.

They are keen to point out they offer an integrated system that cuts down on the odds of losing any revenue to mistakes or theft. They provide touch screen systems along with the latest in chip and pin machines. These are capable of accepting contactless payments as well as all the usual payment methods.

And since Payment Sense is able to provide merchant accounts and card processing services as well, they offer an all in one solution that could really benefit your business. They will also provide specific information on how an EPOS system could work for a particular type of business, such as a restaurant or a clothing store.

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They call themselves the ‘point of sale specialists’ and their website certainly seems to back this up. They focus purely on the world of EPOS systems, providing systems, software, hardware of various types and accessories to help you make the most of whatever system you have.

As such they can assist you if you are considering getting a system like this for the first time. They can also help you buy the accessories and other items you may need if you already have a system in place and you are looking to expand it in some way. They also deal with a lot of big name businesses such as Subway, Best Western and Starbucks, so you can have confidence in looking into their service in more detail. Finally they provide software that is tailored to appeal to specific types of businesses, making it even easier to get started on the right foot when you try EPOS Now.
They also provide a service section to their website. This includes a series of standard services as well as technical support, hardware maintenance information and installation of an EPOS system when you first decide to have one.

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Seller Deck is another company dealing in EPOS systems and tills, although they also offer ecommerce software for those who require it, not to mention a range of services designed to appeal to online businesses. They offer plenty of reasons why you might want to upgrade to an EPOS system, to help you figure out whether it would be right for you.

The key difference between SellerDeck and the other businesses mentioned above is that SellerDeck offers ecommerce services as well. This means you can buy their ecommerce software to help you create a stunning website, before integrating your new EPOS system from SellerDeck with it. It is this integration that is one of the stand-out features the company offers. If you don’t yet have your own website you can do everything in one fell swoop here.

As well as providing EPOS systems they also provide support once you have yours installed. You can purchase extended cover for any software you buy, and there is also the option to spread the cost of your EPOS system over twelve months.


It’s good to know you have a choice of companies to approach when you are considering using an EPOS system. It is vital to compare the companies to see which one will most closely match your needs. You may be tempted to choose based on what other businesses you know are using, but this may not always be the smartest decision. Your business will have its own individual needs and requirements, and they may be very different from those of other businesses.

In any event, you can be sure of finding the best EPOS system – complete with software and hardware – if you shop around for the best supplier and deals.

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