Best Franking Machine Suppliers in the UK

Who are the best franking machine suppliers in the UK? If your business sends any official post or mail, then getting it franked can have a range of benefits for your company. Franked mail is sent more quickly, and it comes with an official mark from your business to give it a true seal of approval. However, the suppliers you can buy franking machines from in the UK are limited.

Only 26 franking machine suppliers in the UK are authorised by Royal Mail to operate. Because of this, you have to select one of these companies for your business if you want a franking machine. These 26 suppliers include 22 independent suppliers, along with 4 manufacturers. By choosing a franking machine manufacturer, you’ll be able to work with a company that offers the complete package.

However, finding the best franking machine suppliers in the UK can be tricky. Many companies make it difficult to get accurate prices, and you can’t be sure which offers the best deal. With Business Quotes, though, you can get quotes from the best franking machine suppliers in the UK in minutes. That way, you can compare franking machine prices to find the right deal for you.

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Best Franking Machine Suppliers in the UK

Pitney Bowes

The first franking machine supplier you might want to look at is Pitney Bowes. While Pitney Bowes aren’t from the UK, this American company is authorised to manufacture and supply franking machines by Royal Mail. These franking machines include Mailmark technology, meaning you can get up-to-date franking machines that won’t become obsolete in a few years.

Pitney Bowes offer a wide range of options, from their basic DM60 to the more advanced SendPro P series. And, with rental contracts starting from £17.99p/m, Pitney Bowes can help you start franking your mail for less. You can also work with them on several other of your postage needs, such as folding and inserting, address management, and mail and parcel sorting.


While they might be one of the smallest, Frama has built a reputation as one of the best franking machine suppliers in the UK. They’re a Swiss company that offers the exclusive OneTouch function for each Royal Mail product, meaning post will have never been easier to manage. Additionally, Frama’s machines can offer automated postal tariff updates, meaning you can stay in control of postal prices.

Frama’s range of franking machines includes everything you would need for any size of business. A small company might want to consider their lower volume Matrix F12, while the high-volume F82 is perfect for companies that rely on sending official mail. Whichever franking machine you need, Frama is a company that can deliver it for your business.

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FP Mailing

FP Mailing, or Francotyp-Postalia, is a German company authorised to manufacture and supply franking machines in the UK. FP Mailing allows you to make postage more digital, with 24/7 downloads over WiFi available for any of your mail. Not only that, their range of models comes in several different colours, meaning it can become a standout feature of your office.

FP Mailing’s machines use Mailmark technology, and they can also offer postal scales and several unique software solutions for your company. And, with a full range of franking machines from basic PostBase Mini models to high-end PostBase one options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s no wonder FP Mailing are among the best franking machine suppliers in the UK.


Neopost is the final authorised manufacturer and supplier of franking machines in the UK. Neopost was founded in the UK but is now based in France, where it works on creating modern franking machines to suit any business. All of Neopost’s models now support Mailmark technology, meaning they’re quicker and cheaper to use and send post. They won’t become outdated to leave your business searching for another machine.

Neopost’s range of innovative franking machines includes the basic IS-280c, all the way up to the IS-6000. No matter the franking needs of your company, Neopost is sure to have a machine for you. You can also re-credit each machine online at any time, with 24/7/365 service. You also get a large range of complementary services such as envelope printers!

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Independent Suppliers

Alternatively, you could try and find one of the best independent franking machine suppliers in the UK. These companies will offer branded franking machines from the four manufacturers above, but they might offer lower prices. Companies like this are often authorised to maintain and inspect franking machines, meaning many will have a maintenance service.

Independent franking machine suppliers are among the best in the UK for more personalised service. You can often speak to these businesses and get a franking machine that’s more tailored to you, as well as additional services that can include shredders and bomb scanners. So, if you’re looking for the best franking machine suppliers in the UK, you can’t rule out the independent companies either.

Who are the Best Franking Machine Suppliers in the UK?

To find the best franking machine suppliers in the UK, though, you need Business Quotes. Whether you’re buying franking machines for smaller businesses or a multinational conglomerate, we can help. With our price comparison tool, you can explore franking machines to find the best design that suits your business and your budget. Start your price comparison today to find out how much you could save!

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