Royal Mail Franking Machines for Small Businesses

Royal Mail approves several franking machines for small businesses in the UK. If you don’t already frank your mail, then it might be time to. Franking machines allow you to process mail at far faster speeds, and it allows you to pay for postage more flexibly. Franking your mail also gives all your letters and envelopes a professional finish, adding to the quality of your business.

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Have You Compared Franking Machine Prices In The Last 12 Months?

However, there isn’t only one franking machine you can select. While Royal Mail approves several franking machines for small businesses, there isn’t a recommended version that they approve over another. Due to this, getting one of these machines can be a hassle on your own, especially if you want to compare designs and prices by yourself.

But, with Business Quotes, getting Royal Mail franking machines for small businesses is simple and straightforward. We can help you get multiple quotes for a range of approved designs, and you can compare these offers straight away. As a result, you could save money on your next business investment, and you won’t have to pay through the nose for professional postage.

royal mail franking machines for small businesses

Mailmark Royal Mail Franking Machines

One key thing to look out for when buying franking machines for small businesses is what kind of design they are. In previous years, standard franking machines have been the go-to option for small businesses. But, with changing times and technology, Royal Mail is beginning to shift its processes. From 2023, they’ll only accept mail that you frank with a Mailmark franking system.

Mailmark machines are a much more advanced option, and they make for an excellent investment for small businesses. You’ll be able to make pre-payment and upload credit to the system when you need it, making it a flexible option. Not only that, Mailmark systems create a machine-readable 2D barcode that only the most sophisticated designs can capture. Mailmark franking machines, then, make postage more efficient too.

By getting one of these franking machines, you could transform how any of your small businesses handle mail. You’ll be able to send as much or as little mail as you want to, with no maximum or minimum postage limits. And, with franking machines, you can feature your business’s logo on the envelope. As a result, you’ll impress with a stylish, professional look on your post.

royal mail franking machines for small businesses

Royal Mail Franking Machine Providers

If you want to invest in Royal Mail franking machines, you don’t get one from Royal Mail themselves. Instead, you’ll need to find a franking provider which Royal Mail has approved. Options such as the DM50, MyMail machine and the IS-240, though, all have different designs which could affect how you use them for your business.

For a start, the DM50 design comes from Pitney Bowes, a leading supplier. It’s a compact, entry-level machine with several innovative features to make sending mail more accurate. A 2.5kg built-in scale is inside the system, meaning you won’t overpay for your mail ever again. Not only that, the DM50 franking machine can frank up to 20 letters per second, and with detailed designs like your logo. As a result, professional mail has never been quicker.

However, there are other options too. MyMail, a franking machine from Francotyp-Postalia, is tailored to small businesses, with a modern design and the option of 3 advertising slogans and 10 pre-programmed settings. And, with Neopost’s IS-240 model, you’ll get a design with low ink warnings, smart meter compatibility, and a hiring price as low as £17 per month.

royal mail franking machines prices

Royal Mail Franking Machines with Business Quotes

With so many Royal Mail-approved franking machines out there, though, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a good deal. It’s especially true when you search for them on your own. You’ll have to compare prices from a range of suppliers, which can be tricky and time-consuming. As a result, you have less time to focus on streamlining and connecting your business.

But that’s where Business Quotes can help. Rather than spend hours searching for franking machine costs from approved Royal Mail suppliers, you can get quotes for all the leading options in minutes. Not only that, you can compare them online, meaning you can evaluate which option is best for you quickly and easily.

Also, you can make sure you get trusted franking machines. We make sure several of our quotes come from approved Royal Mail suppliers, meaning you make an investment you can trust. Not only that, you could get lower prices than advertised when you compare our quotes! As a result, you can save money for your next business investment and make savings on your mail!

Royal Mail Franking Machines Prices

If you’d like to find out how much you could save on Royal Mail franking machines for small businesses, get in touch with Business Quotes today!

It’s easy to get a quote online from us and start comparing options from a range of franking providers!

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