A Guide to the Latest UK EPOS Systems


In the fast-paced world of retail and hospitality, having an efficient and reliable Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is crucial for businesses aiming to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. This guide explores the latest trends and offerings in the UK EPOS market, shedding light on the main brands, system comparisons, prices, and suppliers.

Introduction to EPOS Systems

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems have become the backbone of modern businesses, revolutionising the way transactions are conducted. As the demand for seamless and integrated solutions continues to rise, businesses in the UK are turning to cutting-edge EPOS systems to stay ahead of the competition.

EPOS System Prices

Understanding the cost implications of implementing an EPOS system is a key factor for businesses. Various factors contribute to EPOS system prices, including the software, hardware, and additional features. While some systems may come with a higher upfront cost, businesses should consider the long-term benefits and return on investment.

EPOS System Comparison

Several leading EPOS brands dominate the UK market, each offering unique features and functionalities. Comparing these systems is essential for businesses to find the one that aligns with their specific needs. Notable brands include EPOS Now, SellerDeck , and PaymentSense .A comprehensive comparison can help businesses make informed decisions based on factors such as user interface, customization options, and scalability.

EPOS Software

The heart of any EPOS system lies in its software. Robust and intuitive EPOS software is crucial for efficient transaction processing, inventory management, and data analytics. Leading EPOS software providers in the UK focus on user-friendly interfaces, real-time reporting, and customization options tailored to the needs of different businesses.

EPOS Hardware

In tandem with software, the hardware component of EPOS systems plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations. From touchscreen terminals to barcode scanners and receipt printers, the hardware must be durable, reliable, and compatible with the software. Exploring the hardware specifications of different EPOS systems is essential to guarantee a seamless integration into the existing business infrastructure.

EPOS Suppliers

Choosing the right EPOS supplier is as crucial as selecting the system itself. Reliable suppliers ensure timely installations, provide ongoing support, and offer training for businesses to maximise the benefits of their EPOS systems. Researching customer reviews and testimonials can help businesses identify reputable suppliers with a track record of delivering quality service.

Main UK EPOS Brands/Companies/Systems

1. Payment Sense:

   A versatile service provider, Payment Sense specialises in card processing and ecommerce services for a wide range of businesses. Their expertise extends to EPOS till systems, emphasising the benefits of integrated solutions to minimise revenue loss. Payment Sense emerges as a comprehensive all-in-one solution for businesses seeking seamless payment processing.

2. EPOS Now:

   Positioned as the ‘point of sale specialists,’ EPOS Now focuses on EPOS systems, software, and hardware solutions. Whether you are a seasoned business or considering a till system for the first time, EPOS Now provides expertise to optimise your chosen system. With a client portfolio that includes Subway, Best Western, and Starbucks, they are a reputable choice for businesses of varying scales.

3. Seller Deck:

 Seller Deck is a noteworthy EPOS system provider offering e-commerce solutions and a range of business services. What sets SellerDeck apart is its integration of e-commerce services, allowing businesses to create captivating websites seamlessly linked with their EPOS systems. This dual functionality positions Seller Deck as a compelling option for businesses seeking both online and in-store solution

Choosing the right EPOS system is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of a business. By delving into the diverse offerings of leading UK EPOS brands, businesses can find the system that best suits their requirements. Considering factors such as prices, system comparison, software, hardware, and reputable suppliers ensures a comprehensive approach to EPOS implementation. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape by embracing the latest advancements in EPOS technology tailored to the unique needs of your business

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