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Have You Compared EPOS System Prices In The Last 12 Months?

Compare EPOS Systems

EPOS is an abbreviation for the term ‘Electronic Point of Sale’. It refers to a piece of technology that handles customer orders more efficiently than older, outdated till systems. An EPOS till system is completely capable of carrying out all the same operations as a regular till system with additional functionality. When you compare EPOS system prices today to what they cost a few years ago, they have reduced dramatically with the introduction of cloud based systems. There are many to choose from, so it makes sense to compare EPOS systems carefully. 

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If you are considering adding an EPOS system to your business, it is wise to thoroughly compare EPOS systems that are available to make the best decision for your company. No two EPOS till systems are the same and there will be certain offerings that could be more suited to your business than others. Many EPOS tills can be tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses, making it important to compare EPOS systems in the market to find the best one for yours.

Comparing EPOS Systems for Your Business Needs

When you compare EPOS systems, one of your main considerations will be the price. It is right to assume that a more expensive system can handle more complex transactions and functions than a cheaper system. However, it is completely down to your business needs and what you require that will determine your costs. 

Compare EPOS System Prices

Another consideration when you compare EPOS systems is whether you require touch screen terminals or whether your company would want handheld devices that payment can be taken with. 

Furthermore, you can also consider hardware and software. This will very much depend on the nature of your business. For example, a grocery store may what weighing scales as part of their EPOS system for weight produce. Printers for receipts and card or PDQ machines are another example of external hardware. 

Software can be largely customised to suit your business and will vary depending on the products you offer and need to put through your till system. For example, a bar or restaurant is going to offer different products to a clothing store.

Compare EPOS Systems: Rental Costs vs Purchase Costs

You can choose to either purchase or rent EPOS till systems for your business. When you compare EPOS systems, this is a key consideration.

Purchasing an EPOS system up front is going to cost more initially. A single EPOS terminal can cost around £1,000 before installing software. However, it will generally be more cost effective in the long run. 

Rental is also a good option for any business that isn’t looking to purchase an EPOS system or part with a large amount of money in one go. 

Compare EPOS System Providers 

There are a few EPOS providers to consider when you compare EPOS systems. 

compare epos systems, Compare EPOS Systems

Payment Sense

Payment Sense is a business that provides card processing and ecommerce services to all sorts of businesses. They can also provide more information on EPOS till systems and point out that an integrated system can cut down the chances of losing revenue through mistakes or theft. They are a great all-in-one solution.


EPOS Now declare themselves as the ‘point of sale specialists’. They primarily focus on EPOS systems as well as appropriate software and hardware. EPOS Now can help you make the most of whatever system you opt for.

They are a great option for business owners considering a till system for the first time. They deal with many large businesses such as Subway, Best Western and Starbucks. 

Seller Deck

Seller Deck is another provider to consider when you compare EPOS systems. They also offer ecommerce solutions and a range of other business services. The key difference with Seller Deck when you compare EPOS systems such as those above is that they offer ecommerce services as well. This means that you can create a stunning website for your business and integrate your EPOS System. 

Compare EPOS System Prices 

After you compare EPOS systems and get a better idea of the system most suited to your business, it is important to consider EPOS system prices. Here at Business Quotes, we are dedicated to providing business owners with comprehensive price comparisons and quotes based on their exact specifications. 

Simply use our free online quote tool to compare prices, find the best EPOS systems UK and make the right decision for your business. It takes less than one minute!

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