Touch Screen Tills for Restaurants

What are the best touch screen tills for restaurants? There are plenty of tills on the market these days, meaning you’ve got plenty of choices if you’re planning to open a restaurant. Not only that, if you feel like you need a new till, you could upgrade to a system that offers round-the-clock support, lower transaction fees and smaller prices too.

Touch screen tills allow you to take payment smoothly and seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to take cash and card payments. Known as EPOS systems, they’re also easy to use and can be available with low monthly lease prices. EPOS software has revolutionised retail and hospitality, and new systems have taken it a step further.

So, if you want to take your restaurant a step up, why not compare epos system prices for touch screen tills with Business Quotes! We can help you compare offers from a range of suppliers for some of the leading touch screen tills on the market today. That way, you can save money and time, giving you more opportunities to enhance the way your business works.

touch screen tills for restaurants

The Benefits of Touch Screen Tills

Touch screen tills are easier to use for your staff. With a touch screen, the user experience is intuitive and straightforward, with colleagues pushing the right buttons at a good pace. That way, your business can move more quickly and smoothly, allowing you to take payments quicker. Not only that, many of them are cloud-based, bringing your restaurant into the digital age.

Another benefit of some touch screen tills is that they can be flexible to how you like to work. Many designs have an offline mode, meaning you don’t need internet connectivity at all times, and they also offer compatibility with mobile devices. Nearly all systems now have iOS compatibility for Apple Pay, while some can also work with Google Pay.

Finally, many modern touch screen tills come with accounting software integration. That means your finances can update automatically with every payment you take, doing away with the long hours of sorting out paper bills and invoices. Many work with Xero and QuickBooks, meaning you can take more pressure and workload off yourself and your team.

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The Best Touch Screen Tills

There are many touch screen tills on the market today. But how can you tell which systems are best for your business? For a start, many touch screen tills are designed around the needs of small business owners. So, if you own one restaurant, you could benefit from tills made by Square, Zettle or Nobly.

Square comes with a market-leading 30-day free trial; Zettle is linked with PayPal to give you support from an industry leader, while Nobly offers 24/7 support, with a cost of only £39 per till. However, if you own a larger business, you could consider TouchBistro. Ideal for the restaurant business, it has integrated payments with Barclaycard and only costs £49 per license, meaning multiple till points without additional cost!

However, Lightspeed offers an EPOS system that seems to suit everybody. It works for small businesses and large ones just as well, giving you the flexibility you need to run your business how you want to. It has an offline mode, is compatible with most payment platforms, and has 24/7 support. While it might not be the best option, it’s a good place to start for any restaurant.

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Touch Screen Tills from Business Quotes

Touch screen tills have varying price points. For example, Zettle can start from £29, while Square starts at around £69. But not only do the prices vary, but the way they’re priced is also different. In that example, Zettle’s prices are £29 per iPad, but Square’s price covers the whole location. As a result, the best value for your business depends on how busy your restaurant is.

If you want to take payments in multiple places at once, it’s usually better to find a provider that offers their fees as a license or per location. Companies that do this include Lightspeed, TouchBistro and Square, which are all more suited to larger businesses. That way, you won’t have to worry about rising costs if your business begins to grow either.

But, if you’d like to save money on touch screen tills for restaurants, you could always search for prices with Business Quotes. We can help you save on your next system through our price comparison service. You can get a quote from us for a range of touch screen tills, and you can make a more informed investment for your restaurant with ease.

Touch Screen Tills Prices

If you’d like new touch screen tills for your restaurant, and you love competitive prices, why not get in touch with Business Quotes today!

You can get a quote from us in minutes, and you can get the big picture of what you should be paying for brand-new touch screen tills. We look forward to helping you soon!

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