Tips For A Great Ecommerce Website

Businesses are all about making things easy for customers – whether it’s finding the information they want or placing an order quickly and easily, accessibility is key. For ecommerce, this is even more important. If customers can’t checkout, they’ll simply click off and go elsewhere, likely to never return.

In a world that’s increasingly online and the high street is not what it once was, online is everything. That’s why we here at Business Quotes have put together what we believe are the most important tips for an ecommerce website to help your digital business succeed.

If you’re looking for advice and information about starting up an ecommerce business in all kinds of verticals, we welcome you to complete our simple online form to get in touch with the experts. We have put together our hand-picked tips for a great ecommerce website that will drive a similarly great business.

It’s Simple, Really

Keep it simple. People don’t like to think too much. Sometimes it hurts. If you keep your ecommerce website nice and easy to navigate, it’s sure to be more successful. If your customer has to jump through hoops just to find what they’re looking for or make a purchase, they’ll likely just give up. And who can blame them?

You don’t have to have the flashiest website around for it to be the best. For your ecommerce website, the main goal is to achieve conversions – you don’t need a busy website around that goal, which would confuse customers. Simple, streamlined and effective is the way to go so you can guide your users down the right path.


Strong, Unique Branding

Brand power is powerful. From the biggest international companies to small, local start-ups, there is a lot to be said for a distinctive brand identity. Choose a logo and tagline that sums up who you are and what you do. If your branding is going to be the first thing people see, it may well be the only thing, so make sure it does what it needs to.

You may want to speak to a branding consultant for some advice and recommendations, or you might even consider a complete brand refresh and overhaul. If you have older marketing materials that don’t match your business’ current values, then there’s no use putting them out there. You want the best branding to represent you. Don’t miss out on your chance to make a good first impression.

Don’t Be Annoying

Popups. Broken links. Text that’s too small or too flashy to read. Many of us can agree on what makes a bad website (although what makes a good one is another story altogether). When you’re designing your ecommerce website, yes, you want to think about how you can give customers the most information and get the most sales – but don’t do this at the expense of user experience.

If potential customers get annoyed, they’ll click away and never come back, so don’t lose them. If you do decide to implement a popup or something that might feel a bit annoying, then monitor your website closely – keep an eye on bounce rates and user details to see if they drop-off. Keep annoying factors to a minimum and win more sales.


Striking Colours & Images

We shop with our eyes. Before we read a single word on a website, we’ve probably already made a decision about whether we like something or not from the imagery alone. This goes for the colours on a website and the photography of the products themselves. As such, a focus on visual differentiators and eyecatching aesthetics is the key to winning more business.

Additionally, since you’re operating an ecommerce website, it’s perfectly understandable that users will want to see what they’re buying. Invest in clear, high quality photography that shows off your inventory. Offering a lot of options? Perhaps some CGI renders can show the whole collection to display the array of choice. Make sure your site shows off everything you can do clearly and attractively.

One thing to remember though is to avoid screen clutter. It’s very easy to give in to temptation and place a chatbot, a pop-up, a call to action, a quoting engine and more on your homepage, but this can backfire. Yes, you’ll want your customers to have all their options available at the click of a button, but don’t overwhelm them. Try to streamline your website homepage or they won’t know where to look or click.

Great Ecommerce Website from Business Quotes

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Reach more customers and achieve more sales to hit your business targets with a great ecommerce website courtesy of Business Quotes. By following the above tips and speaking with the experts, you’ll be on the road to success online. Designing an ecommerce website isn’t always straightforward, but get it right and it can make a huge difference.

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