Photocopier Rental – Is It Worth It?

If you are setting up a new company, or your business is going through a period of expansion, then you may very well need to consider whether or not to get a photocopier. The advantages of having a photocopier are clear: not only will it give you a convenient and accessible means of obtaining physical copies of important documentation, but a quality machine can also help your business to make huge long term savings by negating the need to outsource your printing. The question then becomes whether it is the right decision for your company to buy a photocopying machine outright or to rent one.

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The advantages of renting a photocopier

Any business that is getting a photocopier for the first time can benefit significantly from renting a first machine rather than taking the plunge and buying one outright. If you are not fully aware of exactly what your company’s photocopying requirements will be, it can be a huge risk to spend big on a new machine that you may not end up using to capacity. It is much wiser therefore to rent a machine at first, and give your business the time it needs to understand exactly what its photocopying requirements will be.

There are plenty of other advantages that a rental photocopier can provide. One significant factor is the maintenance or service agreement that is likely to be included with any rental contract. Not only will this mean that you can be assured of any problems being dealt with swiftly, but you may also be supplied with a replacement machine in the event of any more serious repairs. Another benefit of such an agreement is that it is likely to include the option to upgrade, or even downgrade, to a more suitable machine, or even a better model that will better suit your company’s usage.

These benefits, added to the fact that a rental contract represents no initial outlay so you won’t be forced to take out a loan, plus the likelihood that the amount you spend on the machine will be tax deductible, make the option of renting a machine as opposed to buying one extremely attractive for many small to medium businesses.

Types of photocopier rental contracts

If your business has a sudden short-term need for a photocopier, perhaps because of a particular marketing campaign or for a festival or exhibition, and you will need the machine for less than six months, then it is possible to get a photocopier on a short term hire agreement. Standard rental agreements tend to be longer, usually between six months and five years, and will offer better monthly rates than the shorter ‘hire’ agreements.

The other thing to think about is the kind of machine you will need. The best way to determine which machine will be the best for your business is to assess how many copies you will need to make each month. If you can realistically estimate that you will only need to make less than 500 copies in a month, then it may be better for you to buy a small machine outright. Assuming you don’t need a professional print quality, you can get a portable photocopier for a few hundred pounds that will do a good job at making no more than 500 copies in a month. If your needs are greater than this, then a rental agreement is likely to be better for your business.

Photocopier rental costs

A medium sized machine is one that can produce between 500 and 1000 copies a month, while larger and more expensive machines can handle anything up to around 200,000 copies in a single month. Expect to pay between £50 and £150 a month for a standard machine, but don’t forget that the best way to get the right deal for your business is to get multiple quotes from reputable suppliers. Only by viewing a selection of different offers, will you be able to see the best deals that are out there, and then go on to make an informed decision.

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