Myths About Vending Machines

As consumers, we may not see vending machines often, but when we do, they can be a welcome sight. Whether they evoke vivid memories of the school canteen, or a sense of relief when you finally stumble across one in the maze-like corridors of a hospital, they’re always a veritable treasure trove of goodies, like an oasis in the desert (and they may well even stock Oasis). But while we all may feel like we know vending machines inside out (and if you’ve ever got a part of you stuck in one, you may know the inside of them better than most), there are sure to be some misconceptions about them that we’ve picked up over time.

That’s why we here at Business Quotes have put together this handy article to bust 5 of the most common and erroneous myths about vending machines. Whether you’re looking to add one to your business premises or simply impress your coworkers with some trivia next time you’re waiting for one to dispense your Twix, we’ve got you covered.

Myths About Vending Machines

Myth #1 – Vending Machines Are Easy

Sure, they’re easy enough to operate, we’ll give you that – but operating a vending machine business is a different kettle of fish entirely. If running one of these forms a part of your plan, then you’ll want to make sure you have a clear strategy in mind. Should your venture prove successful, you’ll soon run low on products and need to restock. This could be challenging if your vending machine is located in an obscure or hard-to-reach area, particularly since you’ll be trekking there with several boxes of stock to refill.

It’s important to keep vending machines well stocked since it will make them look much more appealing. What’s less appealing is the image of a tired vending machine owner filling it up in the middle of the night, so they’re not as easy to run as you might think. Even worse than that is the risk that the food and drinks might expire. While this is less likely if you have a successful, high traffic vending machine site, it’s a key consideration for quieter locales. The last thing you want is poorly customers demanding a refund because of a dodgy KitKat.

Myth #2 – Vending Machines Don’t Give Change

Many people cling to the belief that vending machines don’t give change, and while this is likely still true in some cases, it isn’t a rule across the board. Perhaps we’re all collectively still haunted by giving up a hard-earned ten-pound note at the school disco and having no more money for sweets until our favourite teacher takes pity on us. But this is no longer the case – cash carriers rejoice!

Nowadays, vending machines can give change – often, in all currencies for all kinds of weird computations. But let’s be honest, who even uses real money nowadays? In fact, it’s probably more unusual for a vending machine to accept change with the prevalence of contactless payments, so this myth is making us feel a little ancient.

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Myth #3 – Vending Machines Always Break

It seems like some things are always prone to breaking – the ice cream machine at a fast food restaurant, your least favourite colleague’s car when they need a lift to work, hearts – and vending machines. Many of us have likely suffered the sadness of a packet of Cheese & Onion getting snagged on its way out, leaving you hungrier than you’ve ever been and a few quid out of pocket to boot.

But actually, vending machines are generally reliable, and they’re no more likely to break down than anything else. As long as you take the time to maintain them regularly (or arrange for the experts to do this for you), then you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Likely, this myth comes from customers already being at a certain level of crossness when they use a vending machine – in their desperation, if it fails, they’re going to shout louder since they’re hungrier and thirstier. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t happen often.

Myth #4 – Vending Machines Are Unhealthy

Again, this one likely harkens back to many people’s childhoods, where a whole array of classic sweets and snacks were on display behind the glass. But times have changed, and so have people’s eating habits. We don’t want unhealthy snacks (not all the time, anyway), so vending machines have followed suit.

Take a look at most gyms, for example, and you’ll find vending machines stacked full of water, protein bars and shakes. Some offices, too, may have opted for fruits and cereal bars instead of crisps and chocolates. While there is still a place for the classic vending machine and its offerings sometimes, there is increasingly an emphasis on healthy living – and companies are opting for healthier alternatives.

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Myth #5 – This One May Shock You…

This one’s a little more out there, but we’ve found a few traces of this one online. Some people believe that entering a certain code in particular vending machines will give you an electric shock – or maybe even worse. Conveniently, these murky web theorists don’t specify how or why, but the fear is there.

You’ve probably already realised before we go into much more depth that this one is total nonsense. Putting aside the fact that it would be completely against any and all manufacturers’ guidelines to install something like this, there’s also the question of why this would be done. It isn’t funny or clever, and to turn a machine that brings food and drink and joy into a harbinger of pain is a terrible idea. Not to mention it makes zero business sense – giving customers a shock of any kind, let alone a literal one, all but guarantees they won’t return to spend more money with you. Consider our fifth and final myth well and truly busted.

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