How a Telephone System Makes A Big Difference to a Small Business

It is undeniable that we are now living in a telecommunications world. Especially since the pandemic, we have seen a rise in telephone systems across all business sectors. Zoom and Microsoft Teams saw massive growth in usage over the last few years, and businesses that once held all meetings face to face are now choosing to hold video conferences instead. In a way, this improves the efficiency of all business operations. It saves on travel costs and enables multiple meetings to happen in a day within one office simultaneously. However, with the increased usage of digital communication, we have seen a drop in physical, face to face business meetings. As a result, many businesses now have to look towards the future, where most of their customer business will not come from meetings in person but instead will come over the phone.

Furthermore, many employees continue to work from home post lockdown rules. It is increasingly important to have a proper phone system set up to ensure effective communication and maximum efficiency. Employees working from home need proper access to your company’s communications network and need to be able to be contacted easily should a customer or client call for them specifically. In response to this growing trend, we at Business Quotes have compiled a list of reasons why implementing a proper telephone system can improve your small business.

Inbound Efficiency

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All businesses receive a plethora of inbound calls from potential customers, clients and suppliers across the working world today. Coping with the sheer amount of them can be stressful, inefficient and result in poor business impressions on the receiving end. By implementing a high-quality company-wide telephone system, your business can benefit from better management of the inbound calls you’ll be receiving. You’ll be able to see how many calls are in the waiting room and will be able to direct them efficiently across your team so that everyone is answered and heard by somebody within the business. In doing this, you will be able to increase the number of inbound calls you can receive, thus increasing your rate of business across the working day. The majority of the leading telephone system solutions these days also offer in-depth analysis of the metrics of your calls. Statistics such as the average length of calls, call back rate and call drop rate are all integral to understanding how your business is operating today. With these metrics, you can expect higher levels of efficiency across your inbound calls, improving your business performance.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With increased efficiency comes an increase in customer satisfaction calls. Efficiency affects the whole range of elements that make up the customer experience with your business. It’s important to ensure that your customers reach you easily and quickly without long waiting or hold times. Furthermore, should a customer want to speak with someone specific on your team, a dedicated and properly integrated phone system can ensure that they are put into contact with the person they need quickly and effectively. Extension lines that are easily accessible or easily remembered can ensure that your customers can get the info they need when they need it. In addition, if your employees don’t feel overrun or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls, their approach to their conversations with your customers will be one of a much friendlier and helpful tone. Keeping employees happy is an excellent way to keep customers happy, and a properly integrated phone system ensures this.

Exponential Growth

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Finally, one of the most important reasons to integrate a new phone system into your small business is how it encourages growth. The increase in efficiency leads to many more customer interactions across the working week. With these increased interactions comes increased revenue. With increased revenue comes increased brand awareness, and with increased awareness comes an increase in customer interactions, and the cycle continues. Telephone systems are quickly becoming the screws and bolts that hold businesses together. Employees greatly appreciate an easy to understand phone system that helps them deal with customer queries quickly and without frustration. In turn, your customers will benefit from the appreciation your employees hold for the systems that they work with. 

Here at Business Quotes, we gather the most comprehensive and competitive price list for telephone systems for small businesses across the internet. Our up to date information on the best business services, from telephone systems to photocopiers to vending machines, ensure that your business is getting the best deal, whatever it needs. Your business can benefit exponentially from an up to date telephone system. Start a quote with us today to determine how much money you could be saving on your small business telephone system!

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