EPOS Systems for Convenience Stores

If you run a convenience store, you might wonder if you really need an EPOS system. After all, the traditional shop till is still working, so why shell out for an additional piece of expensive equipment? Managing a small business is expensive and an EPOS system can seem frivolous and unnecessary, especially in a climate where shops have to sell their freezers because of the running costs. 

Here at Business Quotes, we understand the logic behind this argument, but we’re not convinced. EPOS systems are a worthwhile investment, regardless of your business size. That said, they’re not all created equal and certain types are better suited to specific industries than others. Here’s what to think about when searching for the ideal EPOS system for your convenience store.

How EPOS Systems Benefit Convenience Stores

One of the main advantages of EPOS systems is that they allow you to process transactions quickly. You’ve probably noticed that you’re taking more card payments than ever while traditional cash transactions are dwindling. Older shop tills were designed with cash in mind and aren’t equipped to handle a constant flow of card payments. This can lead to queues, frustrated customers and increased stress.


An EPOS system with an integrated card machine doesn’t have this problem. They can process card payments quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can upgrade the software to keep up to date with societal changes. Nowadays, people are paying with smartphones and watches, so who can say what the next development will be? We’ll probably never see payments being made by retinal scanning, but we’re not ruling it out. A big advantage of EPOS systems is that they can adapt to an ever-changing world.

EPOS systems also come with various bells and whistles to help run your business more efficiently. Most include an inventory management system that auto-adjusts every time you make a sale. You won’t need to wander around the shop counting items on the shelves daily; the EPOS will keep track of them for you.

This also means you can easily identify which items are flying off the shelves and which are just being thrown away after reaching their sell-by dates. And as it’s done through a barcode scanner, there’s less chance of human error or data duplication. Keeping track of your stock can be a time-consuming (and occasionally irritating) experience, but an EPOS system simplifies it.

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What To Look For In A Convenience Store EPOS System

If you run a convenience store, there are two things you need to remember when shopping for an EPOS system; the price and the level of support. 

The first is a no-brainer. You want a machine suitable for your business, but that doesn’t cost so much that it becomes counterproductive to run. For example, Square EPOS systems start at £49 a month and have transaction fees of 1.75% and 2.5%. You’ll see similar pricing levels on their competitors, and while those percentages might seem low, they do add up. Therefore, it’s worth examining your cash flow and expenses and setting yourself a limit on acceptable fees before you start shopping. The cheapest EPOS system isn’t necessarily the best choice, so be prepared to weigh the costs against the potential benefits. 

Secondly, the support level can be a lifesaver. There’s no such thing as a perfect EPOS system; sooner or later, you will need some help with it. Luckily, most providers have a dedicated support helpline, so if you suddenly find you can’t take payments from a certain type of credit card, they’ll be able to fix it remotely. 

Support isn’t just about repairs. The demands on your business are likely to change over time, and a decent EPOS provider will work with you to adapt. Having someone on hand to help with hiccups in the system is good, but if they can also recommend new software or apps to help streamline your business, that’s invaluable. 

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Here at Business Quotes, we have years of experience helping businesses find the right equipment. We can consider all manner of factors to help you choose the correct EPOS system for your convenience store. Why not get started by giving our unique online price comparison tool a go? It’ll get you quotes for EPOS systems quickly and easily. Give it a try today, and let’s see what we can find.

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