Comparing Different Merchant Terminal Brands

Have you thought about comparing different merchant terminal brands for your business? If you’re looking for a new way to make money for your business, then you might be able to take money off of your investment by looking at several prices. Merchant terminal brands like Zettle, Stripe and SumUp all have different prices, transaction fees and even contract options. Because of this, it can be harder than you expect to get the best deal.

So, what makes merchant terminal brands good for your business? One thing is a low initial price for the card reader and a lack of rental charges for the system. Another is fixed-term contracts, as you don’t want to be tied into paying fees on a card reader if you’re a start-up or you decide the machine isn’t right for your business. Finally, you want to make sure the transaction fees are low; otherwise, you’ll be giving more money to the providers!

At Business Quotes, though, we understand comparing different merchant terminal brands. It’s why we created our simple, easy-to-use online comparison tool to help you see several prices for new merchant terminal brands in minutes rather than days. You’ll be able to see how the leading brands differ, and you’ll be able to make a better, more well-informed investment for your company. Get in touch with Business Quotes today to find out more!

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Leading Merchant Terminal Brands


Zettle is one of the major merchant terminal brands you could choose for your business. Zettle is owned by PayPal, meaning it’s backed by one of the world’s leading payment platforms, ensuring reliable service. Not only that, Zettle’s merchant terminals are ideal for modern businesses, as they combine a range of features with competitive pricing. And with these features and a dedicated mobile app, Zettle’s readers are easy to use and straightforward to manage.

Zettle’s merchant terminal options do have some drawbacks, though. Zettle is known for its complex pricing structure, which isn’t so easy to get your head around, and the initial £29 retail price is higher than some other brands. And, with a 1.75% transaction fee, you might end up giving more of your takings to the company than you want to. However, Zettle’s merchant terminal offers excellent value in the long run, and there’s no contract either!


Another major player in the merchant terminal market is Stripe, a company that works closely with leading brands like Apple to deliver innovative payment solutions. Stripe prides itself on providing merchant terminal options that work well for all businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises. Stripe has bespoke software and API’s to accept payment and send payouts, too. And, because it integrates seamlessly with their financial services, you can manage your money more closely as well.

Stripe’s merchant terminal can also work well online and link closely with other banking providers. And, with over 135 currencies and payment methods accepted, you can make your business go global without much effort at all. However, Stripe’s pricing isn’t as easy to find as some other providers, and it’s widely assumed that their pricing is on the more expensive side. However, Stripe’s scalability makes it ideal for stimulating growth and expansion if your business is already established.


Finally, SumUp has become a leading merchant terminal brand in record time, as they only started up in 2012. They’ve built a strong reputation for good service in that time, though, while their platform now processes over 100,000 credit card transactions per day. SumUp merchant terminal readers include the Air card reader, which is sleek and stylish and has no contract obligations. And, with transaction fees as low as 1.69%, you’ll be getting market-leading rates!

SumUp accepts a wide range of card types, including MasterCard and VISA, and you can get flexible POS systems through them as well. But, if you need customer support, the service does end after 5pm and isn’t available at all on Sundays. Additionally, SumUp offers a sky-high transaction fee of 2.95%+25p per payment on online sales, meaning it’s better suited to brick-and-mortar businesses. However, if you work old-school, SumUp’s merchant terminal teaches a lot of new tricks.

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Comparing Prices of Different Merchant Terminal Brands

Whether it’s Zettle, Stripe or SumUp, Business Quotes can help compare the prices of different merchant terminal brands. Our easy-to-use price comparison tool takes just minutes to give you the prices you need, meaning you can compare them quickly to save money and find the best possible deal. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about missing an opportunity, as we compare quotes from all the leading merchant terminal brands. For more information, contact our team or call us on 01223 776 104!

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