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Modern photocopier machines and multi-function devices are advanced pieces of technology that have been designed and built to provide a fast, reliable and quality service. That being said, things can and do go wrong, particularly when the machine experiences frequent, high-volume use. Photocopier repairs can run into several hundred pounds as well as a lot of downtime.

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Without constant care and attention, even the most high-powered and energy efficient photocopier machine will cease to perform effectively. These machines also rely on consumables – paper, ink and, in some cases, staples – and these need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, the issue of who will maintain or repair your chosen photocopier should be integral to your purchasing decision from the outset.

It may be that you have decided to buy a machine outright, or alternatively lease a photocopier for a set amount of time. In either case, it is important to consider a service agreement. This is a contract you can make with either the manufacturer or the supplier. Depending on the specific nature of the agreement, it can effectively hand the responsibility of the maintenance and care of your machine to a third party.

There are clear advantages to service contracts, not the least of which is that it means you won’t have to worry in the event of anything going wrong with your machine. It will either be repaired or replaced, and if it needs to be taken away, or is effectively out of order for a prolonged period of time, it is likely that you will be offered a replacement machine in the interim.

Service contracts are not necessarily compulsory, and they can add to the overall expense of a photocopier machine. Consequently, you will need to think carefully about how often you will be using the machine, and how many copies you will need it to make at any one time. This will give you an insight into the kind of agreement you should enter into, or even whether or not it is worth entering a service agreement at all. For more information, see Photocopier Service Contracts.

Looking after your business’ photocopier machine

If you don’t enter a service agreement with a leasing company or manufacturer, the maintenance and repairs of the machine will rest entirely with you. In such cases, it becomes essential to take good care of the machine to ensure that the need for costly photocopier repairs will be minimal. Even if you do have a service agreement, you can save your business time and hassle by taking good care of the machine from the outset, reducing the chances of anything going wrong. So, what can you do to make sure that your company’s photocopiers stay in good working order for as long as possible?

Photocopier machines perform two distinct tasks: they scan an image, and then produce a duplicate. The scanning is done by a laser that reads the image through a plate of glass. The key element here, from a maintenance point of view, is the glass. As long as this plate of glass is kept clean and undamaged, the scanning aspect of the machine’s operations will remain in good working order. A dirty or scratched glass plate will hinder the laser’s ability to read a faithful image. Keep the glass free from dust, and regularly check for any marks or scratches.

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The printing process of the machine is more susceptible to damage and mishap. First of all it’s important to make sure that paper is always placed correctly in the feeder tray. Having paper at an unusual angle can cause blockages which, though easily rectified, can result in long term damage to the machine if they happen too frequently. It is also important to keep the area around the toner cartridges free from dust and well ventilated. There is a risk of the toner cartridges leaking, which can cause a lot of problems inside the machine. As long as the interior components are kept cool enough, and are not clogged up with dust and detritus, then the chances of toner leakage occurring are greatly diminished.  

If any damage or problems affect your photocopier machine, try to get it fixed as soon as possible. Many machines have digital displays that are able to identify the exact part of the machine that is experiencing difficulties. Assuming the issue is something relatively minor like a paper blockage, there is no reason why you should not try to deal with the problem yourself. However, if it is something more serious, like toner leakage or a technical fault with a deep-rooted cause, then you will need to call in an experienced professional.

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