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Photocopier machines have a comparatively long history in the workplace. The usefulness of a machine that is able to duplicate papers and reproduce important documents has been recognised by companies all over the world for many years. These days, the possibilities of digital technology allow for machines with many more capabilities than the single-use functionality of traditional photocopiers. A modern digital photocopier machine is one that incorporates a number of key office functions in one stand-alone machine. Also known as multi-function devices (MFDs), these machines are able to connect to a computer system, allowing them to print and scan, as well as make copies, and many also incorporate an ability to scan and send faxes. So what advantages do such machines have over single-function photocopier machines, and why should you consider getting one for your company?

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The benefits of Multi-function Devices

What makes digital multi-function devices so attractive to office managers is their ability to save both money and space. A machine that incorporates the four distinct and important functions of copying, printing, scanning and faxing, means that the costs of four machines can be consolidated into a single expense that is noticeably less than the sum of four separate devices. Digital photocopier machine prices tend to be significantly lower than you would need to spend on a copier, a printer, a scanner and fax machine. Likewise, having only a single machine instead of four different ones means that a great deal of space in the office is saved. Any reduction in the amount of hardware cluttering up a busy workplace is welcome, which explains why more and more small to medium companies insist on MFDs when it comes to getting a new photocopier for the office.

There are other advantages to getting an MFD rather than four different machines. Comprehensive document management in one easy-to-use machine, and the ability to transfer data between functions (scanning then copying a document, for example), makes them appealing to small and large businesses alike. There is also the benefit of having only one machine that needs to be refilled with paper and ink cartridges, helping office managers to better track usage of consumables, and stay on top of supplies and budgeting. Furthermore, should there be a problem or malfunction, only one machine needs to fixed, reducing expenditure on maintenance and repairs. Many modern MFDs include a wireless capability, which means that they can be connected to any number of PCs, laptops and tablet devices, with no need for cables all over the place, giving them an accessibility and usefulness that traditional machines can’t compete with.

Which digital photocopier machine is right for your business?

In recognition of the practical benefits of MFDs and digital photocopiers, the range of machines on the market is extensive, with all of the major manufacturers offering a broad selection of machines. This means that it is now easier than ever to find the machine that will suit the needs and budget of all types of business. By getting multiple quotes from trusted suppliers, it is possible to source the perfect machine, at the best possible price, making MFDs an even more accessible option for office managers and small business owners. Here are just a few of the best machines on the market.

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Canon iSENSYS MF6180dw


Rated by many experts as the leading machine in its price range, this small and versatile device typically costs around £350 to buy outright, and has many positive qualities to recommend it. This black and white photocopier also includes a printer, scanner and fax, despite taking up as little space as possible. If you are interested in finding out more information about Canon generally please go tot he page about the Canon photocopier.

Brother MFC-J880DW

This clever machine is small, stylish and incredibly convenient. Thanks to a Near Field Communication (NFC) capability it can connect to nearby computers without even having a Wi-Fi connection. NFC is the same system that is used with contactless payments via mobiles, and it uses a short-range transmission. Naturally, for anything slightly further away, this device from Brother can also connect to other machines via Wi-Fi wireless connection. A scanner and fax machine, as well as a printer and copier, this small machine tends to retail for around £170.

Ricoh MP 3053AD

Much larger than the previous two machines, and capable of more heavy-duty photocopying, the MP 3053AD from Ricoh is a serious piece of office equipment that comes with all the handy capabilities of a typical multi-function device. Offering high speeds, user friendliness and energy efficiency, as well as a host of advanced capabilities, this device has plenty to recommend it to office managers and small business owners.

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