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If the nature of your company’s work means that you need a colour photocopier rather than a black and white one, then you are faced with a potential problem. As a general rule, machines that provide quality colour prints come at a higher price range than their monochrome counterparts. While it’s true that there is just as much variety in the size and volume capacity in the range of colour photocopiers as there is in the selection of black and white machines, the fact is that colour tends to cost more, both for the machine itself, and the average cost per copy.

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However, there is a way to drastically cut down on the initial expenditure, and fit your business’ photocopying costs into a more manageable monthly budget. Thanks to the various colour photocopier rental schemes on offer, colour photocopier leasing is easier than ever, and armed with the right information and a detailed understanding of what kind of prints you need, and how many you need to make on a monthly basis, there is every chance that you can find a deal that will be to the advantage of your company. By analysing your business’ precise photocopying requirement and then getting multiple quotes from trusted suppliers, the perfect deal on colour photocopier rental can be within your grasp. So, how can you go about getting that deal, and what information do you need?

Volume is Key

Toner cartridges are expensive items in their right, and while it’s worth remembering that these costs can be made more palatable if they are included as part of the leasing agreement, you want to do everything you can to offset the extra expense that colour photocopying adds, when compared with using a black and white machine.


The best way to make sure that your company is not paying too much for a colour photocopier rental is to get a machine that precisely matches your business’ photocopying requirements in terms of volume. There is no point in paying for a machine that has a capacity for incredibly high volumes, if your business only needs to make a few hundred copies a month, and has no particular need for copies to printed at high speed. Colour photocopiers, much like black and white machines, are invariably categorised according to the volume of copies they can process in a minute (ppm). A low volume machine will have a ppm of around 20, mid volume photocopiers are those with 30-50 ppm and 50+ is considered high-volume.

There is also the maximum duty cycle of machine to consider. This is the amount of copies that the machine can reasonably be expected to make in a month without breaking down or experiencing any difficulties. A top of the range high volume machine is likely to have a maximum duty cycle of around 150,000 copies per month. This kind of volume would break a small entry-level machine.

What about the extra features?

Another significant consideration when selecting a colour photocopier rental that will meet your business’ needs is the extra features and capabilities that a machine can include. The quality of the print finish that you need, and the types and sizes of documents that you will need to copy can all have a bearing on the final cost of the machine. Extra features that can drive up the price of machine include additional feeder tray capabilities, collating, stapling, hole punching and binding. The option of making copies on larger paper sizes such as A3 can also impact on the price. If your business is not likely to need such extra features, it pays to look for a machine that doesn’t include them.

Why a colour photocopier rental makes sense

When you have a clear understanding of your business’ photocopying requirements in terms of volume, you can start to compare the prices of various machines. Costs vary, but in general terms, a small desktop photocopier with a low ppm, a modest maximum duty cycle and minimal extra features, could cost as little as £100 to buy outright. To rent, you can get a much better machine, that will come with a maintenance contract as well, for around £20 a month. A large machine, with a high volume ppm and a maximum duty cycle of around 150,000 plus all of the features available might cost anything upwards of £5,000. A leasing agreement for such a machine will likely cost in the region of £120 a month.

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In the case of both small, cheap machines and large, expensive models there are clear advantages to renting rather than making an outright purchase. Low-cost photocopiers can experience faults, and only a maintenance contract, such as the type that tends to be included in a leasing agreement, will ensure that you don’t end up paying excessive amounts on repairs. The same principle applies to high volume machines, for which the price of repairs can run up to very high amounts. The other great thing about renting a colour photocopier is that the agreement is likely to include the option of upgrading the machine as and when your business’ requirements change.

If your business needs a better deal on colour photocopier rentals and you want to save yourself a lot of time we can provide 4 free quotes from the UK’s leading suppliers. Complete the form below and we’ll call you back by next working day to discuss your requirements.

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