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Any small business in the market for a new black and white photocopier machine needs to have a clear understanding of exactly what their requirements are before making a final decision on which model to purchase or lease. Naturally, volume is a key factor: the amount of copies you need to make will play a large role in influencing the size and power of machine that is required. A low volume black and white machine is one that can process 35 pages per minute (ppm) or fewer. A mid-range volume photocopier will have a ppm rating of around 50; a high-volume machine is one that can process between 60 and 100 pages in a minute, whereas anything capable of handling 100-plus ppm is suitable for professional print. But volume isn’t the only factor in deciding which machine will be the right one for your business. Another very important consideration is the type of copy that your business needs to make. Do you need full colour capabilities or will a black and white photocopier be sufficient. A design firm or a research and development department may very likely require high-quality prints, of various sizes – from the small A5 size to A3, which is four times bigger.

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However, a great many businesses have very different requirements in terms of the types and quality of the copies they need to make. A business which makes copies solely for record-keeping purposes, or for the distribution of documents that are only ever intended for internal use, has little need for a professional level of print quality. It won’t even necessarily need to make colour photocopies.

Black and White photocopiers

If the only things which are ever being copied are documents and memos, and if these pages are required in comparatively small numbers, then a monochrome photocopier will have all of the functions and capabilities that that business will need. And the good news is that this means the average cost of the machine, whether it is being bought outright or leased, will be considerably cheaper. Furthermore, due to the fact that only one type of cartridge needs to be installed (black), the overall running costs of a monochrome photocopier are significantly cheaper than their full-colour counterparts, and the cost per page ratio is also considerably reduced.

In short, a business that has only modest photocopying requirements can save a lot of money by choosing a machine that only does what is needed. In recognition of this fact, all of the major manufacturers produce black and white photocopiers – giving small businesses the chance to spend only so much as is necessary. Here are just a few of the leading black and white photocopiers from a selection of the leading photocopier brands.

Canon iR3025Ne

Canon iR3025Ne

This is a value-for-money black and white photocopier that nevertheless provides exceptional black and white print quality. One of the best things about this machine is that 93% of its components are pre-existing in other machines, which makes this a highly sustainable model that boasts a 86.3% reduction in the carbon emissions from the original model. A comparatively slow output (25 ppm) means that this model is best suited to companies that don’t have to produce large quantities of copies in a short time frame.

Xerox Work Centre 3225

This is a multi-function black and white photocopier that is also a printer and a scanner. A low-ish print speed (28 ppm) and a standard paper capacity, mean that this machine is ideally suited for small businesses and home-based companies. The initial print time is a speedy 8.5 seconds with a 10 second copy time, so that first copy comes out relatively quickly. There are also a number of other handy functions, including two-sided output as standard and an automatic document feeder.

Ricoh MP 2501SP

With an impressive print quality of 600 dpi and a print speed of up to 25 pages per minute, this machine is all about high-performance. As well as a copier, it is also a printer, fax machine and scanner, and comes with all the standard capabilities of a multi-function device.

Brother MFC-L2720DW

Capable of processing pages from A6 up to A4, this machine is small in stature but large in possibilities. At the lower end of the price scale, the Brother MFC-7840W has a paper tray that can hold up to 250 sheets and can process up to 30 pages per minute. Compact, fast and easy to use, this is a good standard of entry-level black and white photocopiers.

Sharp MX-M266N

The MX-M266N from Sharp is a digital multifunction machine which can reach speeds of up to 26 pages per minute. It features a full colour 7 inch LCD control panel and a 100-sheet document feeder (RSPF).

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